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Barks at Heidi

2/5/2009 4:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

All Heidi Klum wanted was to help her hubby Seal strap their kids in their car seats -- but what she got was a nasty order to "Get in the car!"

Heidi & Seal: Click to watch
He could have just been trying to get her away from the paps, but it came across a little rude to us. So we gotta ask ...


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I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Seal = 1
High Pitch = 0
on this one, as much as I hate to say it.

2049 days ago


I agree with the masses. I don't think Seal was being rude at all. The pap was asking Heidi repeatedly about "MILF" I mean, if some dude was saying that to your wife, wouldn't you want to get her out of there too?

And how tasteless of your pap to ask that. I mean, come on! But I guess any sense of decency goes out the window to get that perfect shot, or to get someone riled up so you can write crap about their reaction, right? *rolls eyes*

2049 days ago


i like tmz for the most part, but asking people questions like that is the equivlent of bull baiting. that was a medievel sport of turning killer dogs loose on penned bulls for those of you who don't know. it's been banned for a hundred years.

they should seek a restraining order for sexual harassment.

2049 days ago


I don't think that Seal was being rude to her at all - you can tell he was just annoyed that the stupid pap was asking such a rude question IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILD!!! What kind of idiot asks Heidi Klum to 'translate MILF into German' in front of her husband and child.

TMZ paps need to grow brains - STAT!

2049 days ago

Bajan Woman    

Who is this pathetic pap? Is he one of yours TMZ? This guy is embarrassing and he must be so annoying to the stars.

2049 days ago


He was just looking out for her best interest and getting the job done of strapping the kids in which is a pain LOL! Not to mention while having the paps all over you at the same time! I feel bad, they frustrate him so much!! No wonder he went the wrong way trying to escape! shame shame!

2049 days ago


The pap is obviously gay, but if he was to ask how do you say DILF in German, I'm sure he would have cracked a smile on Seal's face. Maybe cracked his own face on Seal's fist. That wouldve been fun to see

2049 days ago


"get in the car beeoch" "what?" " i said get in the car beeoch!" 1992 oj simpson to nicole brown simpson. is this where the klum-gorbychaff faced one is headed ?

2049 days ago


TmZ are the idiots, they twist every story to make the star look like the idiot, I guarantee Seal {who HATES the Paps} was telling Heidi to get in the car so the Camera didn't have anything to Film. Fawk'n Pap Smears think they are mainstream media and have a right to film people doing anything and everything. Let alone asking idiotic questions like "How do you say Milf in German" and then turn Seals reaction into some twisted story implying he's verbally abusive....

2049 days ago


Seal said it in a nice way, like 'Get in the car, don't worry, I'll take of it. Just get yourself away from these arseholes'. That pap was SO rude. No wonder celebs hate paps.

2049 days ago

michael gallon    

girls need to get a grip on "yelling". Seal did not yell. I have been acquised of yelling. Just because a women does not like what is being said does not mean they are being "yelled" at. This gets old! Women get over it. Sometimes someone needs a little help about what they should do. Male or female, get over it women!!!

2049 days ago


My God! WHO was that ANNOYING camera person acting like a benevolent JERK and hounding that couple?!! What a grating voice!?? Is this camera person a woman or a man? If a man: GET TESTOSTERONE SHOTS NOW!!! The femenine hormones are winning!

2049 days ago

Proud American    

I think he was reacting to the paps and as a mother she was doing what mothers do take care of their children. Constantly being watch and taped can be annoying. We are watching them.

2049 days ago


No take on Seal, but the guy on the camera is a PAP SMEAR! What a creep!

2049 days ago


If avoiding the paparazzi, one gets into the car as quickly as possible and shut the door, attention-grabbing celebs linger and pretend like they don't want to be bothered but do, Seal wasn't playing that game, get in the car, let me do what I have to do and we can get the hell outta here. Heidi hanging around outside was just going to make the paps become more obnoxious, I mean what was she gonna do, lean over and help him strap the child in?

2049 days ago
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