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Bale Apologizes

'I Acted Like a Punk'

2/6/2009 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale just finished publicly begging for forgiveness for that F-bomb filled, on-set explosion, saying he took it "way too far" and he only did it because he "cares too much" about the movie.

Christian Bale
Bale called in to to L.A.'s "Kevin & Bean" morning radio show on KROQ and spilled his guts on the incident apologizing like crazy and explaining how things were never going to get violent with the guy he verbally attacked because the dude is a huge "ex friggin' football player ... not little orphan Annie!"

Oh, and he really wants you to see his next movie.

Christian Bale


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"oh my god, i always liked him but no for me he is dead. those famous actors think they are the whole movie, but the techs are much more important!!"
how stup.d can someone be? the tech f. it up. that´s it. this is no kindergarten. this is a multimillion dollar project. no space for f. up. if he wants to mess around and play he can shoot f. homevideos.
"politicians who think they´re something better don´t have the right to go crazy on the people who clean their toilets, just because they sold crack to little children. they are important to society!!!"
damn stup.d.
"that apologizes on radio shows whats important to him. the listeners, not the guy he offended"
you think you know what he talked with the guy afterwards?
sure it wasn´t nice, but he overreacted and apologized. to mark him an a-hole and start sympathize with all the oppressed people can´t be that clever.

2044 days ago

D. J. Horak    

And Mr. Bale complains about a lack of professionalism? He barely understand the meaning of the word and I doubt can spell it. HIs behavior was not 'punk'. It was something out of a drunken early-morning street scene in a State Street bar. He launches into a physhotic rant on a cinematographer and for some reason the man stands there and takes it? He tells the director of the picture to shut up and he's still on the set. And woriking? Bale has a degree of talent, but he is no Deniro. Or even a Brando. His 'performance in Dark Knight was stiff to the point of wooden, his 'acting' straight out of the Steven Seagal and Keanu reeves school, permitting only three facial expressions per picture. This is normal for him. Like so many 'big-namers', he's been listening to his own P.R. and now needs a lift-truck to haul around his ego. Adam West did it better, and he didn't need body armor to do it. At least then they got the costume right. Why Bale is touted as God's gift to the cinematic arts is beyond me. Why a director would stand there sucking his thumb while his 'A' list so-called actor tears one of his staff a new one also is beyond me. If he'd tried a stunt like this with Ford, or Coppola, or Scorcese - or one of the old-timers like Vidor - 'A' list of no, he'd have been sitting in his trailer. Why they didn't find a competant actor, with actual proven talent - even another loose cannon like Russel Crowe, who's very adept with words and telephones - is also beyond my ken. There is a rumor that the D.C. leaked this tape. I hope so. what he should have done was walk off while Bale was searching for new and original expletives and file immediate grievances with both Sag and his own union. And our director, who is completely lacking in the most basic elements of his profession - the ability to control his set. Yes, the D.C. made a mistake. Unlike Bale, he is not God on Earth. People make mistakes. And this is just a sci-fi sequel of a sequel of a sequal, of a reasonably good film with huge hooles in the plot, not Citizen Kane or Gone With The Wind. In twenty years, it might get a mention in a film anthology, but no-one will be hoarding prints like gold. Or even remember Bale as anything more than an immature, petulant, spoiled child with the emotional control of a teo year old and the talent of a ham and cheese on rye. He might consider acting classes. Or thorazine. He needs it.

2043 days ago

Michael in S.F.    

We are all human, but as mad as I can get with someone, there is a level of professionalism that Bale lost. This is unacceptable behavior on a set, talent gets away with it strictly because the public demands to see these people and the studios and producers do everything they can to keep them in the picture.

On the split side of all this, I feel this falls onto the director's shoulders. As a director it is your job to stay with the talent and guide your DP on occasion. The director should have had a handle on his DP, his set and his talent. Bale said he'd done it once before so the director should have seen this. This is a breakdown on set on several levels. The DP, the talent, and the director.

2038 days ago


OK, he went off. Some people just need to be gone off on if they keep making the same mistake over and over again. By that guy ruining the shot he not only affected the actors, but he also affected the rest of the crew, the studio, etc. by costing them money.

If it was such a big deal it would have taken longer than 8 months for this to get out.

As for Bale, I would say his passion got the better of him.

I enjoy his movies, and am looking forward to this movie.

2038 days ago


Why are people getting so mad and angry for this? Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY have had a bad day. I know myself that if i was talking, and suddenly a guy came into the conversation and ruined it, or whatever. I vould get really angry. I also feel bad for the guy ho got yelled at, and everybody makes mistakes. No, Bale had no rights to say such things to this poor guy, and he overreacted. And it's not something that Bale have done before. Am i the only one that sees it like that? And also, he APOLOGIZED. Aren't you happy? I think it was a good movie and it was woth to see it.

1398 days ago

Christian Roux    

Please contact my about the Bay City audition. I can't hold of you. Chris.

1213 days ago


Now 300% More Effective

1104 days ago

Nash Frogman    

He lost it with me when he did that on the Terminator set. You never ever dress a man down in public. You aint the commander, the director is. He assumed too much authority and threatened to walk the set if he didnt get his way. In my eyes, he is still a Limey *****. I would still deck his ass on principle.

1006 days ago
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