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Bale Apologizes

'I Acted Like a Punk'

2/6/2009 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale just finished publicly begging for forgiveness for that F-bomb filled, on-set explosion, saying he took it "way too far" and he only did it because he "cares too much" about the movie.

Christian Bale
Bale called in to to L.A.'s "Kevin & Bean" morning radio show on KROQ and spilled his guts on the incident apologizing like crazy and explaining how things were never going to get violent with the guy he verbally attacked because the dude is a huge "ex friggin' football player ... not little orphan Annie!"

Oh, and he really wants you to see his next movie.

Christian Bale


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What a jerk    

This is guy is an actor? What a jerk, enough is enough. I will never go to a movie that he is in. He made his point grow up; and get over it.

2086 days ago


I'd still do him in a New York minute, he's a hot piece of ass!

2086 days ago


Why should the guy apologize? Like none of you ever went off on someone...must be a bunch of angels posting here,
By the way, Christian is still hot and talented, and he can have his way with me anytime!

2086 days ago


Bravo to him for owning up. All the people saying "I still don't forgive him" are retarded.. He's human like everyone else commenting, we all lose our tempers, and do stupid things. I don't think he has committed and unforgivable act.. its stupid how people are acting like he has

2086 days ago


Fan for LIFE!!!

2086 days ago

nice tmz nice    

I liked Christian Bale since Little Women, but his tirade was uncalled for and no matter what he or others do sugar coat it, he scared the crap out of me. Sure we all make mistakes, but we do not go on for 15 minutes or longer yelling at the top of our lungs at a co-worker. His actions are like the kids who shot up their school because they we wackos. Yes Christian I know think you are a wacko. Normally Aquarius men are kind and gentle but you either need drugs, go to anger management classes or both.

If a professional psychiatrist was there that day, they would tell you that when you have a hard time (as you said is what happened to you) separated fact from fiction, that you have some mental issues. Do us all a favor and get some prozac or something.

They used to complain about Val Kilmer being difficult to work with on movie sets, what do you call Christian Bale's actions?

2086 days ago


Christian Bale had no reason to apology to anyone other than the guy he was venting on and perhaps whomever else was involved. Just because some busy body posted his business online doesn't mean he has to apologize to the entire f-in world. Bale is obviously a hot-head and is the type of actor that gets into role and has a hard time 'checking out' of it- if yanno what I mean. I give the guy props for even coming out to say he's sorry and whatnot, when really, he didn't even have to bother.

2086 days ago


A total douche, that is putting it very lightly. I feel really bad because I really liked him- however he seriously needs anger management, maybe some relaxation techniques, maybe learn how to meditate, something, ASAP!!
I feel sorry for his wife- I am sure she puts up with the abuse and no one can tell me that he doesn't verbally abuse his wife, I wonder if he has a T-U-M-O-R! LOL

2086 days ago

Proud American    

I don't care if he's the star or not, you don't treat people the way he treated this man. This man probably could have kicked his butt, but he would've been out of a job, & not be able to find work in his field, all because Bale is a bitch!
When he was accused of assulting his mother & sister, everyone jumped to his defense, accusing them of wanting money. Well, now we know better! He can't control himself!

2086 days ago


He's Done! Too late.........

2086 days ago


Bale : F**kin Dead -- Ledger : Alive!!

2086 days ago


I have more Respect for Bale than ever. He's the man, a total bad ass.

Ps. His mom and sister were extorting him for money, and saying horrible things about his wife, according to reports... i'd shove them to.

2086 days ago

Mike S    

Hey I love it! I should bring Bale to talk to my boss. I hope this "scene" makes it to the bloopers scenes after the credits have rolled by at the end of the movie. I'll buy a ticket just to see that.

2086 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

His apology is about sincere as Etta James apology that her tirade to Beyonce was a "joke". Though Beyonce does suck, haha! His apology occurs NOW and not last July when it occurred? WTF??

Ok, whatever..

2086 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

OHHH SNAP!!! Just when T4 is coming out May 22/09 he apologizes now. 2 late douche bag!!

2086 days ago
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