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Jessica Melts Down in Michigan

2/6/2009 2:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson stunk it up on stage again – and it didn't have anything to do with high-waisted jeans.

According to fans, including the Grand Rapids Press, Jessica had a minor meltdown on stage, unable to finish songs and forgetting the lyrics to her single "Come On Over." She apologized to the crowd, and even told the audience during her last song she felt like walking off stage.

One theory for the shaky show was the absence of BF Tony Romo.


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Mitchell Parker    

Oh, and $100 bucks to anyone who can decipher what BOOT'Lip said in comment #10.

2086 days ago


she found out it was true about tony cheating. i kinda feel for her and i'm not a fan.

2086 days ago


I think people should back off and leave her alone.

No IMHO she can't sing but she's a beautiful young lady under the scrutiny of everyone. When famous people stumble, it's all caught on tape somewhere unlike the rest of us who can screw up and move on without the world making fun of us or putting us all over every magazine etc. They can't even have a bad day without someone snapping a pic or vid of them. We all have times when we just want to stay in bed, cover up our heads and not face the world and then when we have to we screw everything up. However, most of us don't have to have it all snapped on tape or pics forever. How would you like to have everything YOU do or say immortalized in pics or tape? I sure wouldn't.

I wouldn't want my own daughter having to deal with all of that stuff.

I just hope we're not looking at another Brittney here.

People should back off about her weight. At least she's not bird-legged Ann Coulter!

I wish her well and hope whatever's bothering her gets fixed soon.

And I seriously doubt it's the missing BF. Giver her SOME credit and give her a break

2086 days ago


TMZs only theory is that Tony Romo wasn't there? I have a new theory for you, she has no talent!

2086 days ago


In Dallas we hear about Jessica and Tony until we all could puke. No one cares about either one of them...two no talent, overrated celebrities. Go away and stay away!

2086 days ago


Get off her a!!..........................Jessica, get the hell out of LA and come home to Texas!

2086 days ago


HA! She's blaming Tony for not being able to sing? Here's a newsflash Jess- YOU CAN'T SING(or act, or dance, or make complete sentences). Get your fat ass on the treadmill and quit blaming others for your lack of talent. All you have is your looks so you might want to at least stay in shape. Duh.

2086 days ago


P R E G N A N T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2086 days ago


She is such a tool.

2086 days ago

Dr. Adams    

I've said it time and time again....Jessica has no talent, "NONE"....the meltdown just proves what i've said all along....People...stop wasting your hard earned...or maybe not so hard earned money on this skank, "she's just not worth the price of admission!!!!!!!

2086 days ago

Carrys F.    

I don't understand how celebrities can just act like that with no repercussions. I mean, she's getting paid big bucks - fat or not - to sing and people came to see her sing. She should SUCK UP whatever personal problems she's having and sing the damn songs. It's not like she has to sing more than an hour to make her millions. That just makes me sooooo mad to hear about these kinds of meltdowns. I've had my share of personal problems, but I do my work without complaint and believe me, I'm not bringing in the big bucks like Jessica. GROW UP LITTLE GIRL AND SUCK IT UP!! YOU"RE A PROFESSIONAL!!

2086 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Kathy S
If the skank wanted people to back off , then she should get the hell out of the limelight, stop wasting peoples money and time.........with that said....'You should stop trying to defend the skank !!!!!!!!

2086 days ago


Jessica is finally getting payback for all the crap she put her ex Nick Lachey through. She thought she could be so much more famous without him and her ego is through the roof, just to cater to her diva would drive anyman insane. She's always thought herself as alot better than she is. She should of sort out couseling with Nick (he loved her deeply and wanted to work things out) but she thought she was alot better. They say Karma is a bitch and that's what she's getting. I'm so glad Nick got away from the selfish skank!!!!

2086 days ago

Carrys F.    

Kathy S. Get over it. She put herself in a position to be a celebrity - warts and all. People will NEVER leave celebrities alone. And they never have. It is just so silly to have people post things like "leave her alone" because that's just not a reality. But, celebrities CHOOSE their post. And believe me, the first ones to call their PR people to call the paps to let them know where they can be followed are the first to cry POOR ME when they fall on their faces. They bring alot of it on themselves. There are plenty of celebrities who don't seek out the media attention. Jessica did and has and has to face the consequences that it won't be love all the time. Reality.

2086 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Perhaps the little no talent TART should see Wayne Brady....Maybe he could help her remember the lyrics !!!LOL

2086 days ago
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