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Jessica Melts Down in Michigan

2/6/2009 2:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson stunk it up on stage again – and it didn't have anything to do with high-waisted jeans.

According to fans, including the Grand Rapids Press, Jessica had a minor meltdown on stage, unable to finish songs and forgetting the lyrics to her single "Come On Over." She apologized to the crowd, and even told the audience during her last song she felt like walking off stage.

One theory for the shaky show was the absence of BF Tony Romo.


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She is a total mess ! Can't sing, act or talk ! Let Tony get back on track and set him free !!

2022 days ago


Karma's a b*tch. Left Nick because youd daddy convinced you that you were too big for him.

Team Lachey !!!!!

2022 days ago


Enough already--you and your family have embarressed yourself too much already--just give it up already!!!
You cant sing and you cant act and you cant dress--and now your weight is up---
why continue embarressing yourself.
Not to be rude--but come on---even your sister the lip syncher knows when to take a break.
--go into hiding and practice on your vocabulary, your memorization, your voice and lose some weight and maybe in a few years the public won't be so burnt out on you---before too long if you keep this up--people will really hate like they do britney and paris....
so stop--i beg!!!

2022 days ago


She "CHICKENED OUT" because she can't carry a "TUNA" !!!

2022 days ago


She does not belong on a stage. She has no professionalism whatsoever. I would be really ticked if I were the Rascal Flatt's. This isn't the the first time she had a meltdown on stage. Time to find another career Jessica. You also might want to look for another boyfriend while you're at it. Romo is such a loser on AND off the field.

2022 days ago


This is the only idiot (notice I didn't say person, because that's giving her too much credit) that I actually love to see fail...and no, I'm not jealous. What is there to be jealous of?! If she contributed to society in some, any, a smidge way, it would be a different story, but the fact she just doesn't disappear, forever, makes me enjoy rooting against her. My only hope is that one day I'll be reading about how she fell off the stage, instead of walked off it, hahaha.

2022 days ago

Christi B.    

Jessica came in the bar I work at in Dallas Monday night. She looked great, actually...but apparently after I left for the night, she was puking in the bathroom complete with mom holding back her hair. Two of our other guests walked in to find the stall door open, and Jessica puking. Maybe she needs to stop drinking so much...

2022 days ago

Jessica in Grand Rapids, MI    

I was at this concert and I think it is horrible that everyone is making such a big deal about this. So the girl had a bad day, dont we all? With everything that has happened to her in the past couple weeks I dont blame her for "breaking down." I would too if everyone was talking about how fat I got and about how my boyfriend cheated on me. Give the girl a break and lets give her some space!!! She is obviously at a rough spot in life and instead of tearing her down, we should be supporting her! I thought you were wonderful Jessica!!!

2022 days ago


She is the only person in the world who makes me envy Helen Keller.

2022 days ago


She doesn't spend nearly enough time in rehearsal. Most bands spend at least a month or two rehearsing before they go on the road. That way they know it cold and can deal with situations that aren't ideal. She just drops in and starts belting. I wonder if she''s ever taken voice, music or acting lessons. So many people just want the money and the fame without ever doing the work. Real musicians play every day, whether they are getting paid or not. I think she is a beautiful girl and a nice person, but if she really wants a career in show business she needs to quit the side projects and practice, practice, practice.

2022 days ago


Go Rave Gryl! The only real success JS has had was when she was married to Nick Lachey! I saw go away and take Paris, Lindsey and Kim K with you - they're not celebrities, they're attention whores who can't stand not being in the spotlight. JS's daddy has a creepy, unnatural attachment to the girl - eeewwww

2022 days ago


Oops, for the spell checkers out there, before you have a stroke, I meant "I say go away" not "I saw" - typo.

2022 days ago


I think she is an absolute idiot and always have. How stupid does someone have to be to forget lyrics to their own songs. That being said, in response to #47, I wouldn't lump Lindsay Lohan. Jessica is completely useless (can't sign or act). At least Lohan can act.

2022 days ago


I think Jessica might be pregnant.... I got forgetful, weepy and so tired in the first few months.... That or we're on the brink of a Britney type meltdown/breakdown. I do feel sorry for her but she made a career on her vapid stare and looks. Without talent you can't renage on the body part of the equation.

2022 days ago


#47 well said and #57 if she's throwing up - and gaining weight.. preggers. I'll bet Romo left her and she's knocked up~

2022 days ago
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