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Obamas "Stunned" by Etta Slam

2/6/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Etta JamesBeyonce might be mum on Etta James' wacko verbal slap, but Barack and Michelle Obama, apparently, were taken more than a little aback.

A White House insider tells the Chicago Sun-Times the First Couple was "stunned" by James' remarks. "It never crossed anyone's mind that there was anything inappropriate about Beyonce singing that song," admitted the source. Worse yet, "I'm sure some of the younger people involved didn't even know she is alive!"

Etta said yesterday it was all a big joke. Hilarious.


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She is hot    

We now have a black president, congratulations, and those out there that say he is half white, half black-- really, who cares--- he is the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT---- guess what people--- There are NO MORE EXCUSES for racism and you CANT achieve because of color of skin!! The ceiling has been broken, I cant stand this president and as Hillary says " Dissent is PATRIOTIC" --- So I will be as PATRIOTIC as I can!! He has been in office for less than 3 WEEKS and is already a laughing stock!! How much corruption his administration will be FULL of because he is nothing but a Chicago thug. Hey, he cant even vet his nominations well enough to get them in office!! Any of ya'll see his speech last night? Mr. Obama was embarrassingly arrogant, partisan, and preaching lilke he was campaigning again!! He does not act like a leader or president. If this "stimulus bill" passes then his Approval Ratings will sink faster than the TITANIC!!

2052 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Where is the video of Etta's tirade? I'm surprised no one has it on youtube. Only that will indicate if she was joking or not.. get that TMZ! Pull the vid

2052 days ago

d to the izzle    

It's not your song, Etta!!! Glenn Miller recorded it LONG before you did, wumun!!!!!!

2052 days ago


Beyonce should have apologized. Why don't you guys stop kissing her a$$. She should have called Etta and sought her blessing. She is a moron...all of the controversy because one idiot could not make a phone call. Etta's point is being bogged down by her crass behavior but the point is still valid. Etta lived through a time when blacks could not perform at certain venues, where segregation and discrimination was more direct and in your face. She kicked open doors for ungrateful a$$ Beyonce and she deserves an apology.

2052 days ago

Proud American    

Etta James just should her true colors. She should be honored to have a new generation honor her with a new life. I am sure she tried to pass by the way she looks with the bad blond weave, Although, she did not have blue or green contact lens. Phony woman.

2052 days ago



There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING racist about that statement in any way, shape, form or fashion.

The fact that you have attempted to pain Jay-Z as a Black racist, proves you're not only the real racist, but also an idiot.

2052 days ago


Etta James should shut her pie hole. If it wasn't for Beyonce bringing Ms. James story to light we all would have said Etta WHO? Most people thought she had died many years ago. Granted, Ms. James is a great singer, a legend but to purposely bash someone who has spoken highly of you is a direct slap in the face and shows pure utter jealousy. Although I am young, I was brought up on the music of Etta, Ella, Count, Thaddeus and many other greats. What Ms. James said was awlful and now I have no respect for her at all. Of course, Beyonce will never stoop low to say anything out of line about Ms. James because she was not raise as a hypocrite.

Ms Etta: go back into your hole and just be happy Beyonce portrayed you well in the movie and please so some restraint when you open your mouth. Remember there are young people who look up to you because it was people like you who paved the way for so many African American musicans/artist and just ordinary people in the world who struggled in this country just to be recognize as human beings. This story saddens me dearly.

2052 days ago


I think that Etta was one of the pioneers and that allowed people like Beyonce to follow. No one will ever own that song like Etta does, and SHAME on the Obamas. It's like getting Beyonce to sing "Respect" instead of Aretha Franklin. I hope they find some way to make up up to Etta, who deserved far better treatment than that.

2052 days ago


All musicians know whose better so don't fret Etta. Beyonce vibrato is way to fast and she doesn't understand blues and jazz phrasing at all. It's like she's white or something when it comes to trying to sign a bluesy, jazzy song. Give it up Beyonce and go back to your stupid R&B.

2052 days ago


She should be apologizing. No one even realized she was alive. I thought she was dead and I am not that young. The Obamas ought to be appalled. Of course, remember this woman NEVER had any class about her even in her earlier more prosperous or not days.

2052 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Barack Obama is NOT a leader of black people or any other minority group, Obama , apparently , has the same Socialist Uniform thought as Barney Frank or Durbin (he is their Leader , Only)

2052 days ago

Mrs. Grossman    

would somebody PLEASE tell me why they keep calling tihs man BLACK? He's half WHITE!

2052 days ago


Etta noone but noone can ever sing it like you, so why didnt you sing it for the Pres, I was so disappointed you didnt.

2052 days ago


STACY, # 29, I guess she didn't sing because she wasn't invited to.

2052 days ago


I don't care what the Obamas think of Etta vs. Beyonce, and neither should anyone else. We are in the middle of an economic recession and a WAR. How the president has anytime to even think about such inane things is beyond me.

2052 days ago
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