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Simpson's Excuse -- I Had an Off Night

2/6/2009 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson is already explaining her reportedly bizarre, calamity-filled, lyric-forgetting performance in Michigan last night -- chalking the whole thing up to an "off night."

Her rep tells TMZ, "Jessica had an off night. She's a perfectionist and wanted to start some songs over. She always wants to give the best performance for her fans."

Jess' recent wave of bad press continued this morning when a Grand Rapids Press editor who attended the show claimed the singer forgot her lyrics, struggled with her ear monitors, mumbled through songs, fought back tears and asked her band to re-start a song.

At one point in the show, Simpson mouthed the words "I'm sorry" to the crowd.

FYI -- no apology has been issued for the years of the other shows she's done.


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Dr. Adams    

Kane is back, and this time, the self-proclaimed Prophet is the center of attention. The supreme leader of the Brotherhood concentrates on his new schemes, mostly related to the LEGION and Tacitus and protecting Jessica Simpson, but little does this self-proclaimed Prophet realize he's fighting a losing battle, because Bad Bill Bo Baggins will hand him his own azz stuffed in a paper cup.
Find someone else to P---k with, Kane...I'm way out of your league...sonny-boy

2031 days ago


I think she forgot she never had any talent!
Run Romo Run!!!
Joe get a JOB and support yourself!

2031 days ago


Hey,the lryic's for these boots were made for walking are really hard to remember...she wont survive hollywood week.

2031 days ago


How do you make love to a fat girl? Roll her in flour and look for the wet spot.

Jessica is so fat, she has to use a matress for a maxi pad.

Jessica Simpson is in shape..round is a shape.

If you want to look thin, hang around Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpsons favorite food is seconds.

2031 days ago


what a tart NEXT!

2031 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Who is this Kane? sounds like some kind of fool....or tool....whichever!

2031 days ago


I think I love you, Bad Bill Bo Baggins! Very intelligent AND macho! MUAH!

2031 days ago


She's going to be a bigger train wreck than Brittany.

2031 days ago


some of you hateful posters, It would be interesting if we could line you all up and weigh you guys in and then put you on the cover of every magazine and post some pretty nasty pictures of your rear ends and other unflattering spots, of course there is comfort and power as you sit behind a monitor typing hate. of course some will answer back and say yeah yeah but i am not fat or whatever but how do we know this?? you could be triple her wt. and type crap just to be able to lash back at what's probably hurled your way...
Isay she looks fine, it's her business and if you aren't buying a ticket and watching her sing why do you care what she sounds like or looks like..grow up haters

2031 days ago

Dr. Adams    

I beg to differ, seems like you are the one thats riled are the one that said you would wipp my ass, I just took it to another level, one that you could not handle. I might be a hill-billy, but I'll outsmart your dumb ass any day.....Boy.
Dont bother to reply, because i wont.

2031 days ago

Bex must be fat, too. Put the fork down, hon.

2031 days ago


guys this has nothing to do with weight
there are some amazing overweight singers out there
this is a case of another BLONDETTE with fake boobs and fake lips who has been marketed to death
and has no talent
as you approaches her thirties - there will be another blonde around the corner to take her place
it is a vicious Hollywood cycle
taking untalented plastic idiots and making them stars
Jessica is one of them
there are countless others in the wings waiting to take her place
fat or not fat
and for middle America she is not fat
she is just short waisted and doesn't have any legs- so it makes her look squat!

bottom line- can't sing , can't act!

2031 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Why, thank you...(Deep Elvis voice) "Thank you very, much, LuLu
let me know if that Kane idiot bothers you....we'll take him down a few more knotches.

2031 days ago


I saw her in Lexington, Kentucky last Friday and she forgot the words to her song then too! She had to start over twice! I was embarrassed for her. She needs to give it up if she can't even remember a few songs for an opening act.

2031 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

GOOD work TMZ you and other crap mags like you almost did it. You just about have her pushed over the edge. Hey maybe you will get lucky and this one will commit suicide before her parents step in. Just think if that happins oh my oh my 17 -18 posts about it a day for weeks. Your almost there , keep going.

2031 days ago
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