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Chris Brown Turns Himself In

2/8/2009 11:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownTMZ can confirm that Chris Brown just entered an LAPD station, where he turned himself in to police.

Chris is being investigated by the LAPD for an alleged domestic violence felony battery that occurred early this morning near Hancock Park in L.A. Police officials said earlier today they may arrest Brown when they find him. Well, now they know where he is.

According to the female victim -- who cops refuse to identify -- she and Chris got into an argument which turned violent. Cops say when they arrived at the scene, Brown had split, but the woman had "visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker."

Brown and his girlfriend Rihanna were together earlier last night, attending Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party -- and both canceled their scheduled performances at tonight's event.

Brown is currently being interviewed by detectives.

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Annette Coney    

Well I say to the whole thing is that it would of never happien if she didn't put her hands on him and when you hite someone expect to get hite back no matter who you is. Its all in life and Chris Brown is a very nice person and if you push that person to a point where they is tried then yeah you will get jump on. But I thank its best that they go there seperate ways and that for the best. Then it want be no drama between them you know I been read a lot of stuff about the two of them every body have a different side but one story says that she jump on him cause he and text from another chick. All she had to do is ask who was that then it was up to him to tell her. But if he was man enough then he would of told her but that not the case it didn't happien like that. I am sorry that happien to her but next time she will keep her hands to her self. AND EVEN THOUGH THAT HAPPIEN I STILL STAND BY CHRIS AND LET HIM KNOW I LOVE HIM AND I SAY A PRAYER FOR HIM:) SMILE

1978 days ago


i lovee chris brown he is sooo sexy but what he did was really wrong i hope this isnt the end of his career tho,,, and why are you bringing obama up???? whatever i wish the best for chris and rihanna.... Chris brown is sexxxyyyy and i hope everything comes out okkkaayyy

1978 days ago


I understand it wasn't right for him to hit a women BUT I think this involves not having someone to show and tell him how to respect and treat a women he was maybe a child growing up without his father figure or watever. I kno it wasn't right but he'll make up for it.. I am one of his biggrst fans and am shocked but something had to influence this behavior. ILOVE U CHRIS and hope everything works out for you and rihanna. Best of luck to both of u!!!

1978 days ago


dis just proves GIRLS don't judge looks on erything, but he deserve to get beat not arrested i hope some ppl in jail like rihanna so they can do the same and worst he used to be one of my favs (no homo) now he's less then nothing

1978 days ago


wow...never saw this one coming...CHRIS WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROB!? if u have anger take it out on a pillow not a girl!! she maybe the last one you'll ever get after your whole lil drama scene that you just so had to flee from!! STAND UP AND BE A MAN! turn urself in, aplogize, admit you were wrong and straighten up! Be a man! take whatever you gotta take! Just cuz ur a pop star doesn't mean ur never going to have a scratch on your face!! look at pink!! she WRITES SONGS ABOUT HER LOVE MISHAPS! she doesnt take it out on the ex-bf or husbands! she WRITES ABOUT THEM!! you are one screwed up kid and i am sooooo not ur #1 fan anymore! i HATE YOU!!

1978 days ago


chris brown is still SEXY!!
and rhianna's ugly anyways!!!
i still LOVE chris brown and
who cares he's still gonna make bank!

1976 days ago


Was it really Paris Hilton that text or called Rihanna's boyfriend in the middle of the night for a roll in the hey? I hope not, but guys.......................................find your own man! Get married to the one you really love ! Obama IS or should be a role model for men. Men need to STOP trying to be players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1976 days ago

Lover girl Erin    

Come on people!!! This kinda stuff happens everyday, to ordinary couples, but do you hear anyone making a big deal about it? NO!! So why are we making a big deal of them? They ain't better than any other couple that goes through this. And she claims that this wasn't the first time he hit her, then why did she stay with him? She stupid, cuz you best beleive if he hit me once, we would have BEEN done. There is NOT enough love in the world to take abuse from a guy.
And to all those people who says that the public won't forgive him for what he did to her, your dead wrong! Look at Michael Jackson. Okay, he molested a little boy for crying out loud, and they forgave him. So don't give me that BS!
I will admit that he was dead wrong 4 putting his hands on her. It should have never came to that extent. But it's already been done, and there's nothing we can do about it. so we shouldn't put our opinoins in, if we don't even know the whole story?

1976 days ago


jus da otha dai yall were on chris brown before this eva happened tlkkin bout how cute he was nd stuff nd now this happened yall hete hym dats sum afke stuff right hea mistakes hapen wouldnt yhu b mad if dat hapened 2 yhu i nk yhu would nd i kn hittin women r wrong but she should of told hym in da first place newho so idk y its both of there faults neways i still like chris brown no matta wat happenes nd i dont like wat he did but mayb she had sum common sense knocked into her 4 once nd i still like chris brown no mata people say so yea stop bein fakers

1975 days ago


He is a piece of no good crap and needs to be a registered women beater. Straight Up!!

1529 days ago
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