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Fan Spits On WWE Star

WWE Star Hits Back

2/8/2009 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It wasn't scripted -- WWE superstar Chris Jericho was involved in a crazy, expletive-filled mini-brawl with fans yesterday ... and one of the people involved was a woman.

Chris Jericho fan spit detained.
It all went down after a WWE event at the Save-On Foods Memorial Centre in Victoria, BC -- an angry crowd began heckling Chris Jericho as he was driving out of the parking lot. When Jericho stared down a female fan, that's when things got violent...

In the video, it appears she spit on the wrestler -- Jericho flipped out and the woman was knocked to the ground. At that point, one of the dudes in the crowd rushes in to attack Chris.

Jericho managed to shove that guy away -- and others who got close. During the melee, Chris can be heard screaming at security to "do your f***ing job." Finally, security tackled one of the men to the ground and Chris was able to get in his ride and take off.

Cops in Victoria -- who are currently investigating the incident -- called it a "minor event."

UPDATE: Two people who were allegedly involved in the incident were arrested and later released without being charged, according to the Times Colonist.

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ok commment number 8 is a idot! Christ Jericho is a realitively small guy hes not on roids you moron! Sercurity did not do there job untill Chris started screaming for them to!

1994 days ago


Oh my god you can clearly see the women hit chris Jehrico why the hell was security there they werent doing there job!

1994 days ago


What a dumb woman! And uhh yes, us "Canadians" know how to mix it up, we don't let people just walk all over us. Im happy for Chris Jericoh. That bitch and those guys got what they desereved. Winnipeg for ever!

1994 days ago


You can clearly see Jericho just defending himself.
The bitch spat on him and when Jericho was trying to get into the car, she jumped him from behind. Where Jericho like most people turned around and just punched her. I wonder if he even knew it was a girl he punched,

Anyway, Jericho isnt to blame here. There is a line the fans should not cross and they crossed it.

1994 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

God I wish he had killed that B!TCH... Canadian TRASH

1994 days ago


I read an eyewitness detailed account of it. The guy said the altercation started when one of the friends of this woman jumped at his car at a stop sign and the slamed the door on Jericho as he tried to get out. When the guys buddy jumped in it and Chris went at him too that was when the woman got involved. Again she was with the guys that went at Jericho. The account also says security mostly stood and watched. I think overall the witness guessed about 50 people gathered around the car. He also stated that one of the two guys slammed Jericho's head into his car as he tried to walk away. Sounded like somebody took their heckling abit too far from the witness account I read.

1994 days ago


Comment number 9 is stupid. Yes, Jericho plays a heel on TV but that was a REAL situation where stupid mark fans aren't able to respect a man's privacy, and Chris reacted like anyone would. So don't try to act like you know anything about the industry you MARK!

1994 days ago


What a dumb bitch. The guy has a right to defend himself and security wasn't doing a damn thing.

1994 days ago


TMZ, thank you for fixing the mistake of what city it took place in.

1994 days ago

Lob Servateur    

Stop seeing Chris Jericho "The Wrestler" and see a human being on the verge of being mugged by those morons; I would have done the same thing if I felt my life was in danger. As for the brilliant person who wrote "ROID RAGE", please get educated.

1994 days ago


now im a woman and i dont think woman should be gettin their a*s beat by men but that chick asked for it . she shoved em once he walked way she shoved em another time she got layed out .. she deservedit . girls stick to much by " you should never hit a woman" u should when shes being retarded

1994 days ago


Portage and Main 15 below.

I heard that line in some obscure Randy Bachman song recently----him and Neil YOung kept repeating it, having no idea what it meant I looked it up..turns out its an intersection in downtown Winnipeg that is reportedly to be the coldest intersection of any large city in North America.

Nothing to do with this wrestler nonsense, but an interesting tid bit I learned about Canada. So now you know---if you ever hear Portage and Main, in any reference, its a cold place.

1994 days ago


Once again TMZ has the story wrong. Chris Jericho was trying to leave the venue site but a mob of idiot fans wouldn't let him through. Jericho opened his car door and a fan shut it back in his face while security stood by and did nothing. That is how this started, not by a female fan staring him down and spitting on him like TMZ is mis-reporting. And when he did end up hitting a girl is was only after she slammed his head into the side of the car as he was trying to get back in. Tell me, how pissed off would you be if a man or woman did that to you? Wouldn't you retaliate? In my eyes, the fans are at fault and they should all be taken out to a field and shot.
This story was reported on by many other sites with more accurate information yesterday. I would never trust any information off this site in regards to any wrestling story. Get the story straight before you report false information TMZ.

1994 days ago


i saw a completely different video of this and .. the fans were chasing his car.. he stopped at a red light.. a fan forced his door open & even though to me, that was a little crazy & if i were him i wouda stayed in my car, he was nice enough to get out to take some pics & sign some autographs for them & then HE was attacked by a guy first.. he punched the guy then the girl was shoved into him or something & he hit her as a reflex.. he couldnt even see it was a girl when he punched her so. whoever he hit, completely deserved it bc he was trying to do a decent thing for his fans.

1994 days ago

Carrys F.    

tmz should really hire cameramen with some experience or talent. This video is terrible. I couldn't tell what was going on and who was who. How could the writer of this story???

1994 days ago
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