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Fan Spits On WWE Star

WWE Star Hits Back

2/8/2009 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It wasn't scripted -- WWE superstar Chris Jericho was involved in a crazy, expletive-filled mini-brawl with fans yesterday ... and one of the people involved was a woman.

Chris Jericho fan spit detained.
It all went down after a WWE event at the Save-On Foods Memorial Centre in Victoria, BC -- an angry crowd began heckling Chris Jericho as he was driving out of the parking lot. When Jericho stared down a female fan, that's when things got violent...

In the video, it appears she spit on the wrestler -- Jericho flipped out and the woman was knocked to the ground. At that point, one of the dudes in the crowd rushes in to attack Chris.

Jericho managed to shove that guy away -- and others who got close. During the melee, Chris can be heard screaming at security to "do your f***ing job." Finally, security tackled one of the men to the ground and Chris was able to get in his ride and take off.

Cops in Victoria -- who are currently investigating the incident -- called it a "minor event."

UPDATE: Two people who were allegedly involved in the incident were arrested and later released without being charged, according to the Times Colonist.

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Jeep Fu    

Chris should've put that bitch in the Walls of Jericho!
If anyone spit on me I would've ran them over with my Jeep...
Not to mention who the eff tries to get into a fight with a wrestler? Just because these guys are trained not to do damage with their attacks doesn't mean they can't do damage. Jericho could've messed up every last person in that parking lot.

Morons need to learn that who Jericho is in the ring is different than who he is out of the ring.
I'm sure if he went to a "face" persona these guys would love him to death when only one week before they were hating him.

2081 days ago


can i get a picture with you, can i spit on you, can i shove you, can i provoke you into retaliating and then sue you???

people are so stupid and disrespectful.

2081 days ago


I read the entire eye witness account and this woman spit on him and he pie faced her first - pushing her back. She again attacked him swinging. Two men also attacked him with punches while security stood there. I know Chris and he isn't one to explode or act violently but these people were just swarming him and punching him,. I don't even know if he realized it was a women he punched (She isn't hurt). They say wrestlers are fake? Chris is 5;10" and he fought off a lot of people alone while the idiot security guards watched. If anyone should be investigated, it's them. They really should have done their f**king jobs.

2081 days ago


RE #32: This was compiled from two fan videos, TMZ weren't at the scene.

2081 days ago


Chris is the man!!! she got what she deserved, he is a regular guy just like us.

2081 days ago

Brie you're Bella    

Jericho has reason.

4 against 1. He was scary, and i can absolutely understand his reaction.

2081 days ago


that heifer got what she deserved and she needs to do something about her nappy greasy hair ugh! its so disgusting that jericho should have swung at her again lol...and for those who say that wrestling is fake and think they can take on a wrestler think again because jericho just knocked her, her boyfriend, and security THE HELL OUT!!!

BTW im embarrassed as a cena fan that she was wearing a cena shirt
those are the dumb cena marks that give us cena fans that actually know about wrestling a bad name

2081 days ago


Roid Rage.........Roid Rage.....Roid Rage. Man i wish i was there, if that was my girlfriend he punched, Jericho
would be a dead man,

2081 days ago


49 your a loser probably couldn't kick your own ass let alone Chris Jericho. He's not on roids you jack ass, just because he's dedicated to keeping in good shape and you probably are a shape like round and flabby. Man or women you mob somebody like that and spit on them then expect your ass to be kicked. People need to realize that wrestling is FAKE, it's for our entertainment. It's could a rope opera for a reason people.

2081 days ago


Anyone ripping Canada on here needs a reality check. Chris Jericho is a Canadian wrestler who has a huge fan base in Canada. The clowns who attacked him don't accurately represent my hometown of Victoria in anyway. Unfortunately, there are people who take wrestling way too seriously.

2081 days ago


Who the hell does that dumb c*nt think she is? Shoving him and then spitting on him, she got what she deserved. Stupid c*nt will probablly go to the hospital and say he injured her badly so she can file a lawsuit against him.

2081 days ago


Number 8, Kara, you're a moron who should do some research before she speaks. Jericho is 5'10" and not muscular. He's more average than anything. As for the incident, Jericho did the right thing. They were the one's harassing him. Stopping his vehicle, kicking the door and spitting on him? It's 2009, who knows what that skank has. If I were in his position, I would have felt my life was in danger. With some drunk canadians trying to attack me. He was right to fight back and the Saveonfoods Centre security sucks. They just stood there. Do your job is right.

2081 days ago


Stupid people: When Chris Jericho the wrestler is walking to the ring, boo him because it's part of the show, When Chris Jericho the man is trying to leave his job, either thank him for a good show or leave him alone. There's a difference between heckling at the show and heckling in the parking lot. Clearly these idiots took it too far, and got what they deserved.

2081 days ago


sorry 49 meant 46 some of the posts seem to have been removed because when i wrote this i was post 50

2081 days ago


lol this is funny chris jericho hahahah when he pushes one of the security guards lol and his face in the beginning of the vid ahahahahahahahaaaahahah cant mess with them wrestlers

2081 days ago
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