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Kids? What Kids?!

2/8/2009 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears refused to travel anywhere unless her kids could go with her ... K-Fed doesn't have that problem.

Dude got down in Vegas this weekend where the only baby on his mind was the one in the teeny, tiny booty shorts.


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2081 days ago


Amazing to me the people who still can't figure out that Kevin is not "blowing off steam", this is who he is. He parties without any public scrutiny. He doesn't do hands on child care. He doesn't do housework. He doesn't cook. He hangs out. I don't think he abuses or neglects the kids, by any means. I am sure he loves them. But he is no super dad, and you are woefully deluded if you have fallen for the publicity blitz that attempted to portray Kevin as a "great parent". He's probably slightly below average compared to most fathers. He and Britney are at a 50/50 time split with the kids now, too. Were you aware of that?

You Britney trashers were wrong. I know it. Her breakdown was about Kevin cheating on her and chemical imbalances. It caused her to fall apart. It had nothing to do with being a druggie, or an unloving parent. As time goes by, remember this, because you will be proven wrong.

2081 days ago



Was that post satire, or a testimony to the double-digit IQs of Kevin Federline fans? (Such as we've seen with Lauren Loker.)

2081 days ago


Ursula, I doubt that you're an authority on either Kevin or Britney. Britney's no saint just like I don't think anyone's deluded enough to believe Kevin is either. It's as though some on you want Kevin to be miserable and unhappy because you assume that Britney is or because she's under conservatorship and he's not. Just because the man goes out, doesn't mean that he's a poor father. How do you know Kevin doesn't cook or is not a hands on parent, Ursula? Remember at one time, Britney's monitor was critical of Britney's parenting abilities. Britney may not be as stable as many oy you think she is. She's still attracted to people, ie, Sam and Adnan, who don't appear to have her best interest at heart. Britney's been texting and talking with the both of them according to the filings of the conservators. I wouldn't put it past her to have encouraged and plotted with Sam to undermine the conservatorship. I think the conservators should let her go and see what happens.

2081 days ago


People need to leave him alone for once. He is the one that stepped up and takes care of his kids. How do you know the boys aren't with their mom? Is he supposed to sit at home and not have a life? I don't see anything wrong with what he doing.

2081 days ago


Look, K-Fed is K-Fed, but no one can argue that he didn't step up to the plate for his boys. Every parent deserves a break. At least we know that the kids are okay. Give him a break.

2081 days ago


This headline and the comments make it seem like Britney's a more caring and attentive parent because she allegedly refused to tour unless the children could also accompany her. It implies that because Kevin traveled to Las Vegas without the children he's less devoted than Britney. IMO that BS. I'm sure the children are being well-cared for by either Britney and her supervisors or someone else. Kevin's not under conservatorship, so he can have fun if he wants. Would it have been better if he'd taken the kids to the club with him? Would you Britney-worshippers be happy if he became a hermit. Remember, Britney didn't have to be obligated to tour. That was a choice she and her conservators made. I'm glad Kevin's attorney stepped to make sure he isn't being undermined by those looking out for Britney's interest.

2081 days ago


same old same same old: USE CONDOMS

2081 days ago


How is Kevin paying for this? With his child support of course. I have a problem with anyone using child support to pay for their needs!

2081 days ago


Britney lovers will hate Kevin period. They would even love her and buy tickets if she lip synced while screwing a dog.

2081 days ago


I am happy to see that the kids have a stable mother figure in Victoria. She's pretty, athletic, and she probably is smart for sure, smarter than Britney!!!!!

2081 days ago


This was going on the whole time but TMZ was to busy trying to ruin Britney and help Kevin's cause to win the kids and money.

Shar Jackson admitted Kevin does drugs but TMZ never mentions it yet reported Brit was doing drugs despite her clean tests.

Kevin's bodyguards were driving with the boys with out seat belts, there was video of it but TMZ stays quiet.

There is video of the boys in the back of the truck and it is going so fast they almost lose control and crash through the gate. TMZ keeps that quiet.

Kevin's credit card statements show Kevin was buying alcohol when the boys were with him despite the judge ordering no drinking. TMZ had no interest in covering that.

Instead TMZ bragged every time they heard the judge and Kaplin were using the anti Brit stories in court.

2081 days ago


Yeah Right,

I actually read the report, and the monitor noted that Britney was exhibiting symptoms of severe depression and mood instability, and questioned the effect this had on the children. See, that's something that is transitory and controllable. Not really wanting to ever be married- something Kevin has admitted to- and not ever wanting to be a full time parent- another thing Kevin has admitted to- and not doing anything domestic- something that is a matter of court record, as well, is not the same as a temporary emotional break down. That's a character flaw.

Kevin also wastes his money, living way above his means. That's a matter of court record, too.

2081 days ago


Ursula, where did you read these admissions by Kevin? It seems that your girl, Britney, is the one with the most serious character flaws, which is the reason Kevin was given custody of the kids and she is under conservatorship. Britney had it all and blew it. I'm not a so called fan of either Britney or Kevin to be quite honest. Neither is perfect, but I think it's wrong to blame him, Sam, or Adnan for her problems. I read the monitor's report as well as it also suggested that Britney's very selfish and didn't even interact well with the kids at times. Britney reminds me of some of the female inmates at the prison where I work. Some of them just had children because they refused to either use birth control themselves or insist that the man use it. They use their children to manipulate and control others ie, punish the father, hurt someone else who has actually been parenting the child but has angered her, justify criminal behavior, etc.

2081 days ago


What is that hot girl, doing with him????...then of course, there has to be something wrong with her, to get involved with such a srewed up situation !.....Special K-Fed needs to do a commercial for nutraSystems !,,,My name is K-Fed and I lost 50 lbs,,,if I can do it, you can too ",,,

2081 days ago
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