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Kids? What Kids?!

2/8/2009 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears refused to travel anywhere unless her kids could go with her ... K-Fed doesn't have that problem.

Dude got down in Vegas this weekend where the only baby on his mind was the one in the teeny, tiny booty shorts.


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Knock It Off    

K-Fed is comming out with a new rap CD. It's going to be called DUH.

2079 days ago


As a man, I have absolutely no respect for this male golddigger. Sure he has the kids, their his ticket. He doesn't work, he doesn't contribute to society, he's a leach. Defend him if you like, but in doing so, you tell abit about yourself. Sure divorced people go out on weekends, leave their kids at home protected, but this guy seems to be a walking party. If it isn't the image he desires, you could have fooled me.

2079 days ago


So he parties in Vegas, big frickin' deal.

Why is it that an ex-WIFE who doesn't work but collects big alimony & child support from a rich dude/celebrity doesn't catch near as much flack as an ex-HUSBAND who does the same thing?

It's unfair, is a double standard, and WRONG to chastise the guy because he's collecting the big bucks from a big celebrity. How many women out there have done the same thing?

He deserves every penny he gets.

2079 days ago


Kfed, hypocrite. Blonde girl he dates, huge and carries herself in a manly sort of way.

2079 days ago

This is devastating.....    

First, Who ever said britney's tour is not selling tickets so it will be canceled is out of their friggen mind. Her tour sold out!! WHere in the hell have you been? Also, If kevin was working i would not mind him going out occasionally, getting custody of his kids & etc..but he is not working so he should not get custody of his kids , he is living off his ex wife so it clear that he can not support them, he is showing his kids it is ok to leave your pregnant girl friend for another women ( even though brit is just as much at dault he should have backed down, but why do that she is loaded). HE should not be partying if he does not have the money to party ( which he obviously doesnot or he would not keep uping his child support/ or requesting more she should pay him money but not what she is paying him). He should have to get a job instead of running around with different women impregnating them. ALso he doesnot need a nanny if he is not working, take care of the kids you self k-dud!! I also never see him with any of his kids they are always with a body guard or nanny & as a matter of fact we never see his first 2 children. There not worth anything since there money is not a money maker so why spend time with them right? People make him out to be the father of the year & though i give him credit for stepping up when britney was down he does not deserve all the credit he has been giving. If those kids mother (britney) did not have any money he probably would not care. He has been a sleeze since britney first went with him. I do not know what she saw in him. The sad things is that she though he loved her but he knew what he was doing he was using her. He could marry her & get her money, have kids with her so he would be tied to her for ever. He hurt britney no matter what any one says. He is setting a good example for his kids..they should be proud. I also heard that britney go 50/50 back so she should technically not have to pay him anything any more. I think they should do a audit on the child support & where it is going etc. And the person who said kevin had a bigger career then britney must be smoking something because he is not nor will he ever be more successful then britney, his one cd flopped & he was nothing until he met britney & she made him a some body. He will also NEVER be a doctor bec ause he doesnot have the brains to be a doctor & why work when he can continue to live off his ex until his kids turn 18. I also think britney really loves her kids & i do not think she ever stopped loving her kids but she had mental issues, she was not acting that way on purpose & she was not in her right mind because people in their right minds do not act they way she acted she had real problems & she was not acting that way on purpose. I do not think she had bipolar but more post partum, the whole split with kevin & letting people take advantage of her did her in. To the person who said britney talks to her old flames ( sam lufti & adnan ghalib ) is a load of crap, she got a friggen restraining order against them have you not been reading the posts about her on tmz. I also do not think kevin should have to accompany her on the trip for her tour with her kids. She also should not have to pay him meaning kevin to take her own kids with her. He is a friggen joke i can not empashize it enough. I am so happy britney is getting her life back & getting her kids back because not matter what any one says she loves those kids & would not say she wants them to go on tour for publicity & she most definetly was not saying she would cancel the tour if her kids could not go as a excuse for her failing tour because as i said at the beginning of my post Her tour SOLD people get your facts straight. Agree or disagree with what i say but what i said makes since & even though kevin is entitled to go out he is taking advantage of the system & if you really look at him or how he has been acting you will see my point and agree.

2075 days ago
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