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Chris Brown and Rihanna -- Before the Arrest

2/9/2009 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The L.A. Times has identified Rihanna as the alleged victim, citing LAPD sources familiar with the case.

Hours before he was arrested for making criminal threats, Chris Brown attended Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party with a smiling, unblemished Rihanna.

Rihanna & Chris Brown


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Bite Me !    

What's a looser!!
First, lock him up and then sue his A$$

2048 days ago


Personally no one should be passing judgement on anyone. There are a few things that stand out no matter where you read these stories. Ok to start off, the cops wont identify the female victim. Some other sites say it is Rhianna, and that she is inthe hospital, yet when her reps are c alled she is well and doing fine. the second thing that doesnt add us is when the cops arrived Chris was no where to be found. How do we know he was even really there? how do we know this isnt just some ploy to smear his name. ITS HOLLYWOOD PEOPLE. DRAMA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! Also, all the articles say that Chris turned himself in and was arrested, now please remind me but how do we not know that he wasnt just cooperating with police, of course if he is being considered a suspect when he goes in he is going to be booked. REMEMBER INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Anyways, just wanted to being up a few things that seemed strange about the whole situation. If he did it then he did it. But until this I dont think anyone should be passing judgement on anyone.

2048 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

#10 She's dumb enough. She will be back with him pronto! What happens when you don't go to college. Lack of education is a huge negative to start life without. Nuff said!

2048 days ago


Young ladies: Ditch your abusers. They don't change. You're just wasting your time and putting yourself at risk. And you certainly don't want to have children with your abuser. Leave them and find someone who thinks you're wonderful!

2048 days ago

Ike and Tina - Reunited and it feels so good!!!    

I just knew people were going to start referencing those pics many of which show Rihanna beaming and hugging on Chris and him frowning. No one will be showing the pics of him smiling. They had an argument that turned physical. No need to read more into it than that. It's bad enough as is.

2048 days ago


ILL fitting dress. Money can't buy class when you are inbred. He is a good guy, she is an idiot, obviously.

2048 days ago

Bite Me !    

Hahaha, you got PUNK!

2048 days ago


Just because Rihanna looks happy doesnt mean she isnt bitching to him with a smile on her face. Girls like her, know not to cause a damn scene or draw attention to an unhappy situation. Lets wait and get all the facts before we jump all over Chris.

2048 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Chris Brown? Any relation to Bobby Brown?? hahaha.

It's in the genes.

2048 days ago

Bite Me !    

He Cheated and got caught turn it into violent...

2048 days ago


I don't know him, but good for him! Women today are too uppity. She was obviously trying to make him mad by wearing that dress. Mouthy women need to be put in their place. Black women aspecially are mouthy.

2048 days ago

M in Maryland    

To # 26. "Black on black violence. Is it any surprise?"

You are an idiot and racist. Violence is not limited to race, or wealth, so take your hating azz somewhere and read a book to get your dumb azz educated!

2048 days ago


If this whole thing is true, I hope she presses charges and dumps this dude, there are too many beautiful women being victims to domestic violence in the U.S and I hope she isn't another one "accepting" it. It would be a sad message to all her young female fans. Bobby and Whitney all over again...oh blehhhh

2048 days ago


What an A%$ HOLE!!!!!! I wont be buying nore listening to his Crap anymore, Loser Women Beater!

2048 days ago

Bite Me !    

TMZ you should read Fox News,
Rihanna, had suffered some kind of injury—described by some as possibly a broken nose and/or jaw.,2933,489885,00.html

2048 days ago
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