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Chris Brown Could Do

9 Years in Prison

2/9/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nine Years in PrisonSo why, you ask, was Chris Brown booked for making criminal threats rather than domestic abuse, given the victim -- we're told Rihanna -- had "visible injuries"?

Law enforcement sources tell us they typically book a suspect for the most serious crime they can be charged with -- it's then up to the D.A. to file any additional charges.

Given there were allegedly visible injuries, the crime of making criminal threats is punishable by up to nine years in prison. Domestic abuse is four years.


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Tiffany Dunbar    

me I would say push his butt behind bars yes Chris probably did it in self defence but what I think is that no one in Jesus's shame deserves to be beaten like that way that Chris did Rihanna.

2037 days ago


It works this way. Chris Brown will beat her several more times before he kills her. Then 'Brown gets a book deal and is declared by Puff Daddy to be a pillar in the Black Community. Black Women unite behind Chris Brown. Snoop declares him "Man of the Year".Chris Brown stops singing and starts rapping about how da Hoes have ruined his style. At 69 he gets stopped in his Rolls for a DUI charge. He is convicted for 9 years. His white girl friend has a breakdown due to income loss and no one gives a hoot....

2037 days ago


You had to pick the pic of the thug black man with the "scary toothpick" in his mouth. Ohhhhhhhhh what out for the guy cleaning his teeth. shame. I find this so funny how you take the most un professional pic and use that for the negative story about this young man. I am not condoning what has been done here. I have two younger sisters and if someone did that to either one of them.......ohhhhh asskicking. But I also know that as a young black man we do catch a lot of BS from the LAW. Let us know the whole story before we judge. You know that whole Idea of innocent until PROVEN guilty! I mean GUILTY until provn Innocent!

2037 days ago


Look Chris Brown would not be getting this much publicity If he was not so cute.What about the baby she is carrying?Is she pregnant?

2037 days ago


Chris Brown need to be taught a lesson.Maybe next time he will keep his hands to himself.He still is cute though.but not cute enough to hit a lady.

2037 days ago


well If you ask me Did Rihanna have it coming?

2037 days ago


How did we start talking about drugs I thought that we were talking about jail and Chris Brown?

2037 days ago


now he can rap about that

2061 days ago

C Braddy    

Good! First post!!!!

Nine years! Woo hoo~!!!

2061 days ago

Lil Momma    

This is absolutley shocking! First I can not see Chris Brown as being the wife beater type. There's no excuse for domestic violence but something must have triggered this IF he did it. Second, Rhianna shines as a beautiful classy woman and I dont see her putting up with this type of behavior. This couldn't have happened before. I hope not because shame on her enabling the abuse. Hopefully all this is a BIG misunderstanding of some sort because they are such a high profile couple maybe the public and the media made it the media has the tendancy to do.

2061 days ago


Yea..His going to prison..Sorry ,I don't see that..This was in LA, right..Hellooo

2061 days ago

ut oh    

She will drop the charges. and #3 guess your weren't #! afterall.....lmao

2061 days ago

oh brother    

oh puuulease...we all know celebrities don't do "real'' time. They get free passes for drunk driving homocide, murdering ordinary people, stealing, assault, domestic violence etc....They have to do something really big like kill a head of state or something like that in order to do time.

2061 days ago


i dont think chris brown really did that

2061 days ago


Why is it more jail time to threaten someone than it is to actually hit them?

2061 days ago
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