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8 People, 1 Bong Arrested Over Phelps Pot Pic

2/10/2009 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael PhelpsOVERKILL - noun - 1) the amount by which destruction or the capacity for destruction exceeds what is necessary. 2) excessive treatment or action; too much of something.

Eight people connected to that infamous Columbia, SC pot party where Michael Phelps was photographed taking a bong rip back in November have now been arrested by the Richland County Sheriff's Department -- seven for possession and one for dealing.

Included in Sheriff Leon Lott's arrest extravaganza: The suspected owner of the bong -- who wasn't even at the party -- but was allegedly trying to sell the bong on eBay for $100,000, according to WIS.

The bong is reportedly not responding well to Lott's questioning -- and is blaming it on a loss of short-term memory.

Don't worry -- Phelps is still a free man.

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Why doesn't he arrest Obama the next time he comes to the state for his admitted cocaine usage?

2081 days ago


Let's see...Phelps smokes, admits it, and gets all sorts of bad press. President Obama admits smoking Marijuana and is praised. Double standard?

2081 days ago


This young man has been in training all his life. He was wrong, but he was trying to be one of the gang and fit in. I understand why he did it. He brought great honor to America, so I am sorry it was him that got caught.

2081 days ago


Who cares....it's POT! F*** who doesnt smoke pot? Give it a rest...Micheal is just human -- ---- --- --- Leaglize it!

2081 days ago


That's what they get for leaking the photo.

And they'll arrest Obama when they arrest Bush, CLinton, Rush Limbrough and all of the other politicians who have admitted to using drugs in the past.

2081 days ago


Gee, I guess Phelps won't be invited to anymore pot parties. Sucks to be him.

2081 days ago


I am going on a leap here and assuming all the evidence was consumed. So what did the cops do??? Find the bong and arrest everyone for a minute amount of resin? I'm with ROORBONG on this one... If a picture justifies arrest, we have a lot of kids on myspace that are in trouble. What a waste of the police department's time and resources. I think even a dollar store attorney could represent the defense and win.

2081 days ago


I am saddened and sickened buy Kellogg;s choice to let Michel Phelps go , We say we are the greatest country on earth and yet what we really strive for is to put people high up on the highest pedestals just so we can watch them fall, or knock them off.
Its The ultimate AMERICAN SPORT!
We choose to forgive the likes of a president WHO smoked pot,admitted somewhat saying "he did not inhale " LOL , over a true hero who never did anything wrong while gathering his momentous amounts of gold to bring home to this country. Its really such a sad day.
And as PROOF that Michael Phelps Is Immature and still young and unwise, the Proof positive that he is , Is the fact that He still trust people!!! Someone he trusted knocked him off that pedestal , 100% proof positive That he was young and stupid when he held that bong.

My husband and I have 5 children of our own 7 grandchildren and we both have sat down and as a family decided to no longer buy Kellogg's products, this includes Famous Amos Cookie, Cheeze -IT, , Keebles cookie and other Keebles products, Morning star products, and many more you can find a whole list of what they sell @www.kellogs.com
What upsets me even more is That Michael Phelps DID apoligies.
And children now think an apology is no longer valid , this was hard to explain to them as well as having to explain that many many of these board members at Kellogg's most likely have or still do smoke pot, lets be serious.

I am ready to also toss my Visa out any day
If they choose to drop his as well. I been dying to get rid of this card anyway so Maybe they will give me the perfect reason.
and while my family will not hurt there empire at all I'm sure , My huge amounts of Visa usage will send a nice message I hope..
I had to spend most of my day finding out just what Kellogg's does sell so That it can be removed from our grocery list .. .. I am sure we can do business with a Company who are not such hypocrites.
I hate that this young man had to find out the hard way that money and fame are the root of all evil.. He has it everyone wants it and will stop at nothing to bring him down out of pure jelousy.
This young man was drug tested daily through out his swimming carrer and never so much and a Caffine burst showed up , On his Down time he did something really dumb, I am NOT talking about smoking pot, I am talking about trusting someone , Its almost always a fatal flaw.
I'll miss Kellogs blueberry poptarts but Walmart sells some that are just as good and with no bad taste left in my mouth after eatting them.

I have sent this exact letter to The Kellogs Company , a waste of finger strokes Im sure.

In closing I would like to say that its 2009 and time to remove your heads from your ass . Drug test your entire board room and get back to me on your findings, you might be surprised ,but I know what the outcome will be, I have Children ranging from 16 to 30 and fact is everyone tries it once, I am not , nor have I ever condoned smoking marajuna, but like everyone else in the world I did try it when i was very young ( I did INhale)just as all your kids have and everyone who sits on the Board at Kelloggs has!
I truly feel for the children of these board members, to be raised by hypocrites they will need much therapy.

2081 days ago



2081 days ago


Give me a break.... people it's just pot. My god our country is going thru economic depression and they are worried about pot. It must be elections over there for them to be making a big deal. I say boycott kelloggs!!! Those losers. Wake up people!!!

2081 days ago

Truth Hurts    

I say job well done since whoever took the pic and put it out there was being a jerk and hopefully got caught in the sting. I don't approve of drug use, but If you dont' do drugs don't hang out with druggees and and don't snitch unless someone is getting hurt.

2081 days ago


The whole problem with this...is that people were arrested because of a picture? Since obviously they weren't caught smoking pot during the picture the police have no first hand knowledge of what really happened. This is really screwy.

2081 days ago


It's good to see Sheriff Barney Fife is working overtime.

2081 days ago


I'm a Down on his luck Storm Trooper that has had hard times since the destruction of the Death Star. Michael Befriended me and told me to find my exit point. So we celebrated by taking bong hits. He took a picture of me and I took a picture of him which I sold...Whats a Storm Trooper to do? Here are the photo's...


2081 days ago


If you don't arrest all these including Phelps then you need to let everyone else off who has been arrested for this. And let's start holding poloticians for the laws they are breaking while in office the whole time too. They should have random drug testing just like any other worker.

2080 days ago
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