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A-Roid Goes to a Gym

2/10/2009 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You suck, A-Fraud.

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I'd STILL do him..YUM - que RICO!

2044 days ago


All A-Rod was doing what was "at the time" acceptable. Since the hearings, MLB has changes its tune but when this doping happened, MLB empowered its players to get people in the seats. Fans love the long ball.

2044 days ago


Anyone could have done something like what he did. I am 100% sure that many of those player do the same thing!!!! Stop putting name on him!!

2044 days ago


That was six years ago that he took that stuff. And his stats are still great even without the juice. TMZ needs to find something else to talk about. Isn't there an overweight celeb out there that you haven't ridiculed yet?

2044 days ago


A-ROID looks like just like that alien on Men In Black...when Will Smith shoots the guy's head off in the jewelery store and it grows back. All beady eyed and big ears!! LMAO. What a LOSER!!! You deserve NOTHING A-FRAUD. You were NOT MVP in 03 because you didn't accomplish it YOURSELF. You did it using drugs. Pathetic.....

2044 days ago


These juiced up players tainted the ball game..no point watchin it nemore...

2044 days ago


what ever this dude did, he got it baby. you rejects sit around your office, actually have the nerve to televise it, and
talk trash on others. what an embarrassment to your families. quit taking drugs, go to school, get an education,
make your parents proud. he took an illegal stubstance. pot is illegal. does that make it that no one does it.????
how many in ;your office are clean and sober. duh. not many. quit trashing. do unto others as you would have them
do to you. your upbringing is lacking. its obvious not only to me , but alot of others. tis a shame. moral decay.

2044 days ago


A Rod should have to pay ALL the monies back that he made, while in Texas, to the Ranger organization.

2044 days ago

cat b    

Steroids cause testicular shrinkage as well as a host of other not so nice side effects. Shame these so called roll models choose to take a short cut to hard work and fair play....ask the wives of these charming guys how it is to live with a man who has roid rage.? I know first hand the destruction it can do to a relationship a marriage and the casualties left behind.. Right now my ex who use to compete in bodybuilding is very happy all alone with his shrunken manhood shiveled body bad knee joints bad ankle joints reconstructed shoulder and ankles.oh yes and his premature baldness.. he is barelyt able to walk at 49 years old..So I guess the pay off for that beautiful perfect body was worth it to him to losse all his friends most of his family and his children to a few brief moments to bask in the spotlight of his pretty body in the mirror. A Roid lied lied and lied again...if he didnt think his actions were wrong why did he feel compelled to lie about it.?

2044 days ago


#7..you don't get it.It was the roids that put people in the seats amd made the Rnagers ( and George Bush) millions of dollars,

2044 days ago

cat b    

aww dang I spelled roll wrong suppose to have been role ....ok hope the anal rententive spell check police fixate on that and not the message

2044 days ago


I think he is a wonderful athlete who made a dumb mistake. And he is hotter than hell.

2044 days ago


He is a disgrace.

2044 days ago

Lord Xenu    

A Fraud really should wear his training bra at least until he is ready for the A cup Bro.

And I notice he is going bald too - bald she-males are not attractive - not at all.

2044 days ago


It's not such a big deal... this happen in 2003 not in 2008. Let it go people, he still going to be around, and he still going to be a Yankee player, he is a good player I really don't think by him being on steroids in 2003 has changed his numbers, if not the Yanks would of won the las 4 championships. He is human, people make mistakes, and no one is perfect, it was a bad judment on his part, haven't we all ever done somehting that has eventually caught up to us? We need to stop judging people. All players have their own skills and talents, if kids see them as role models I suggest parents speak to them about the good, the bad and the ugly things that might happen in the sports industry, so they won't go and follow the wrong footsteps.

2044 days ago
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