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Chris Brown Case Not Ready for D.A.

2/10/2009 5:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned the L.A. County District Attorney's office received the Chris Brown case this morning from the LAPD for its review. But there was a snag.

Chris Brown & Rihanna
The D.A.'s office wanted more info so the case was kicked back to the LAPD for further investigation.

Brown was booked on a charge of felony criminal threats. The D.A. could also file domestic violence and other charges.


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HA! Here's the best part... BOTH of them have been moving around state to state and country to country.... And the lieing JACK ASSES at TMZ cant seem to get even 1 picture of either of them... TMZ you are a bunch of sick A-HOLES and I hope when this is all over Rihanna sues you ALL and shuts your rag site and T.V. show down... Hay by the way the next time one of us women in this country is victimized... PLEASE PLEASE put out all the embarrassing photographs of what we looked like after an attack... FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE... and the same goes for your own family members... see if you creeps like it!!!

2073 days ago



2088 days ago


the story has been developing for 2 days.........hope to hear something soon!

2088 days ago


TMZ.. WE NEED PICS.. We know you can do it!

2088 days ago


The fact that women in america can take a swing at a man, and go scot free, while a man can`t lay hand on a women.. well.. i think we ALL know what`z wrong with america..
once in a while i go on youtube, looking for hot clips with hot women.. and so i found a commercial feat. heidi klum, you know, the Guitar Hero commercial, and found out it was flagged. Why of why i asked myself. Now i had to click yet another button to watch heidi klum shake her ass. the reason was; americans needed a warning sign/flag if a boob was going to get aired.. why i ask?
Well, the same reason goes for the major networks in america.. you can see a man getting shot without censorship, but if you`re going to see a boob.. cover it up..

ameriancs are run by feminists..

2088 days ago


this story is driving me insane.........yes, pics are a good idea.......something, anything??

2088 days ago

shut your foul mouths!!!!    

I love TMZZZZZZZZZZZ.... Anyways his not going to go jail but his ass gonna lose all these endorsement. Rip him apart like Mike Vick. She could sue his ass!!!!!

2088 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

They need more info to make the charges stick and win the case!! That's why they kicked it back to LAPD. Not another OJ where brown gets acquitted. At least there's no glove this time. haha.

2088 days ago


Call Nickelodeon and tell them to follow the lead of Wrigley's and Milk and revoke his nominations for the Kids Choice Awards. 212-258-7500

2088 days ago


Chris looks more beaten up than Rihanna does...they need more pics...and how come some reports say "unidentified woman" so how do they know its Rihanna??? and also i dont trust either one of them..

2088 days ago


There is always a snag when it comes to these high profile cases. I guess they want to have all the "T" crossed before they file charges.

2088 days ago


heather.. she`s just doing it so she can get more sympathy.. i mean, it`s a win win situation.. she gets the day off and some more sympathy

2088 days ago


she probably deserved it, damn skank

2088 days ago


The DA will probably drop the case because they can't prove who did it if they don't have any concrete proof. Domestic violence is hard to prove because its done behind closed doors. The state is not going to waste time and money on a case they can't prove. This is the way we treat women in the USA!

2088 days ago


tmz get some pics.;;. come on we know u can do it +2

2088 days ago
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