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Chris Brown Will No Longer 'Do a Body Good'

2/10/2009 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is officially being stripped of his milk mustache.

Chris Brown

In the wake of his arrest -- and the allegations he beat up Rihanna -- the "Got Milk" people have fired off the following statement:

"The Milk Mustache campaign is taking the allegations against Chris Brown very seriously. We are very proud and protective of the image of the Milk Mustache campaign and the responsible message it sends to teens. Mr. Brown's ad was launched last fall and is scheduled to end this week."


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Wait! Let's hear Chris' side of the story. Innocent until proven guilty.

2049 days ago


"You seez... In da black culture we incourages men to take care of there bitches. dem ho's ain't going to smack themselves!!!"

1st of all you are not black and if u are, u must be an idiot do not bring down an entire race b/c of ur stupidity, now grab urself a glass of shut the heck up...

2049 days ago

Dr. Adams    

The hobbit world wouldn't accept your lame azz......Jeffy-boy!!! go back to playing with yourself, because we all know that you don't have a woman to do it for you or to you....reason're gay...falala,la,la (Jeff skips off to fairy land)

2049 days ago


UHHhhh... I'm married with kids. Wow. An internet idiot who calls himself bilbo, calling someone a fairy... Something wrong with this picture.

2049 days ago


This is a sad situation I cant believe it especially how cute they always look. May God Bless the Both Of Them

2049 days ago


Sady his career will take a major hit but, even sadder he slapped up on a woman ...... Chris, you know better than that and now you have to suffer the repurcussions. I don't care how angry you were or get in the future, there is never any reason to put you hands on anyone and your a grown adult. She really should sue you in addition to everything else ....... talk about young and dumb .......

2049 days ago

Kemi at Impaired Stars Canada    

This TMZ is my mom's fave site. She's a Publicist and was at the Grammys. Grown ups, we need new role models. Mine is the Undertaker in WWE!! I'm famous and my mom has "branded" me. When I become REAL famous, I'm definitely not gonna hit a woman!

2049 days ago


What a terrible shame for this to happen. If this is true, I hope Rhianna has enough sense to never take him back. It's fine to forgive him but don't give him a second chance once he has proven himself violent. I feel terrible for Rhianna to not only be a victim of assault but also to have to deal with all the negative publicity. I can only imagine some of the comments made by ignorant people.

2049 days ago


Who knows if this is true about Chris Brown. We haven't heard his side of the situation. Why do people always assume that the man is the guilty party in a domestic disturbance? Women can be as aggressive as men!

2049 days ago


The fact that women in america can take a swing at a man, and go scot free, while a man can`t lay hand on a women.. well.. i think we ALL know what`z wrong with america..
once in a while i go on youtube, looking for hot clips with hot women.. and so i found a commercial feat. heidi klum, you know, the Guitar Hero commercial, and found out it was flagged. Why of why i asked myself. Now i had to click yet another button to watch heidi klum shake her ass. the reason was; americans needed a warning sign/flag if a boob was going to get aired.. why i ask?
Well, the same reason goes for the major networks in america.. you can see a man getting shot without censorship, but if you`re going to see a boob.. cover it up..

ameriancs are run by feminists..

2049 days ago

Kemi at Impaired Stars Canada    

The Undertaker beats all these crazy so call ROLE MODELS. I believed in Michael Phelps and now we have been let down! Please visit my site and vote in the poll before you come back to TMZ

2049 days ago


If he did this he needs to lose endorsements.

And it is "losing endorsements", not "loosing"

2049 days ago


I don't support him hitting her. But if the rumors are true that Rihanna gave Chris STDs and possibly the HIV virus. I would be pretty upset that someone I thought was faithful just infected my health for the rest of my life. And no one really knows what happen in the car and what she may have done to provoke Chris.

2049 days ago


Here we go again. A woman is beaten up and suddenly she must have done something to deserve it because no man would ever just assault a woman without a dam good reason, oh nooo. That never happens. Apparently some people would have us believe that they attended a party or some other event, he waited until they were on their way home and suddenly said, " hey baby, been meaning to tell you, you gave me an std." Bam!
I agree wholeheartedly that we don't know the facts but I didn't hear anything about him being in the ER with injuries. I am not surprised to hear the usual BS about how women are just so terribly violent and they get away with it, not true. Women can and do get charged with assault every day. BTW, just to correct one ignorant poster, the police or District Attorney decides whether to press charges when it comes to assault, thank goodness it is no longer up to the victim. Those days are over.

2049 days ago


That's what you get for hitting a woman. Dumb@ss thug.

2049 days ago
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