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Miley Apologizes -- Take Two

2/10/2009 2:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After finally realizing that her first apology wasn't much of one, Miley Cyrus is actually saying she's "sorry" for taking part in this photo that mocks Asians.

Miley Cyrus

Miley took to her fan club website to give the second mea culpa. She wrote:

"I want to thank all of my fans for their support not only this week, but always! I really wanted to stress how sorry I am if the photo of me with my friends offended anyone. I have learned a valuable lesson from this and know that sometimes my actions can be unintentionally hurtful. I know everything is a part of GOD's ultimate plan, and mistakes happen so that eventually I will become the woman he aspires me to be. Peace and love, Miles"


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Miley is such a poser..

He Bf is a What he doesn't know is that he is the laughing stock around And the whole Cyrus family is looked upon as the Beverly Hillbillies ..If the dad is a beer drinking red neck country singer what kind of daughter do you think he would raise..A red neck little girl..OF COURSE..

They are simple country folk who "struck oil"..Nothing more..The same level of intellegence they had before they got rich is even worse at this point because the whole family is ENTITLED red necks

2089 days ago

Red Bull 420    

DUDE they are stoned. a.k.a. " GOING to China" get it. NOT a big deal. lol and move on.

2089 days ago


I don't know why this no-talented loser has anytime or any kind of exposure in the papers, online OR on TV!! Good grief! She and her daddy are a waste of time! And she probably pulls stunts like this to GET attention! We need to move on to talented people!

2089 days ago


um it looks like her boy toy is holding the pizipe.

2089 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Just another product of inbreeding

2089 days ago

Mr. X    

This is just another example of how our society has become a bunch of sensitive sallies, aka being politically correct. I am amazed at what people get offended by these days. Ugh.

2089 days ago


How long before Miley is pregnant? Miley will be just like Jamie lynn Spears.

2089 days ago


Mostly importantly, did anyone ever want to comment on her sounding and looking like a man? This is what happens when ugly people get money and fame. I mean come on, her making fun of the Asians, that’s the biggest issues with this picture, how’s about her face? She looks like a doped up drag queen not to mention she is a looser that got fame on her dad’s sad excuse of a voice. You couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to trade places with this she man!

2089 days ago


It looks to me like they are all high and that's why they are making their eyes that way!. Look close, what is in the hand of the man whose lap Miley is on? Also, isn't she a minor? He looks to be at least in his mid-twenties! Shameful!!

2089 days ago

Disgusted by Miley    

What a stupid post. Perhaps the Asian man in the photo didn't realize everybody was making fun of him and he may very well be offended by their behavior. Don't assume he's not disgusted by Miley and her kkk co-horts.

2089 days ago


Thank you! Finally some comments about the fact that she is sitting on her adult boyfriend's lap, everyone but Miley appears to be an adult, and they all look loaded. Where are her parents? Partying on all the millions she brings in?

2089 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

These hicks from the sticks should pack up their double wide McMansion and head back to whatever swamp they crawled from! At least with the rest of the inbreds they can burn all the crosses they want to speak to 'god' and their neighbors won't even bat a crossed eye!

2089 days ago


Duh, they are high!!!! They are doing that with their eyes so you can't tell. They say you look "chingy" when your high. (Racist but true) Look at the real asian....he's so high!

2089 days ago


LOL "LET'S GET CHINESE EYES!" the line from the Cheech and Chong movie, "UP IN SMOKE." Chong is 1/2 Chinese.I agree, the bigger problem is the teenager with the 24 year old boyfriend..

2089 days ago

d to the izzle    

I hate it when whores talk about God.

2089 days ago
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