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Rihanna's Injuries -- "Horrific"

2/10/2009 2:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna & Chris BrownLaw enforcement sources have now gotten specific with us... police took pictures of Rihanna's injuries and they are "horrific."

As we reported, the photos show major contusions on both sides of the singer's face -- there is serious swelling and bruising. Her lip is split and her nose bloody. We have now confirmed there are bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers.

And we now know this... Rihanna claims Brown struck her with his fists and that's what did the damage. There was no object used in the alleged attack.

Rihanna refused treatment at the scene, but before she left cops took photos. We're told the photos alone are "devastating proof of abuse."

And we've learned it was not Rihanna who called 911. Someone in the area heard her screams and called.


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YOu people are all awful! She has said ANYTHING! You are excusing HER of PROVOKING him!! She provoked him into beating her so badly, the pictures show "devastating proof of abuse."! Are you kidding me?!? "devastating proof of abuse.". You don't just provoke that, and if he had any marks on him, that issue would have been leaked as well. Just the fact that anyone would stick up for this little boy who thinks he is so tough he can beat up on a girl... Its just sad! I hope he ends up in prison... The worst part is, she didn't call the police, someone else did, God only knows how many times this has happened before.

2021 days ago

Learn to spell.    


If you want to prove a point it is best if you start out by looking intelligent. Changing doesn't to dsn't and using supposively instead of supposedly doesn't really give you the appearance of being intelligent.

2021 days ago


it saddens me that mr. brown is this type of man. he has such a bright future ahead of him. i hope this is not a case of jealousy because her star shines brighter than his. i really hope rhianna is smart enough to leave him in her dust. keep your head up girl and DONT look back. thats when they suck you in.

2021 days ago

She sure is gorgeous!    

@ tats: I guess your mom, sister, aunt, or grandmother would deserve it too, huh? You really need to grow up.

2021 days ago


Ditto to comment 33 you're prob. right

2021 days ago


"clearly she hit him back" if someone was beating the hell out of you would you just sit there? Hell no you would fight back don't even play,

2021 days ago


a picture is worth a thousand words.

neither side has spoken, and it doesn't matter whether this was self-defense or not. Bottom line is a man beat a woman, and that's wrong.

His career is over.

2021 days ago


no one deserves to be hit. why do you people believe he didnt do this? theres no reason for her to lie why would she? people he may be cute and famous but famos people are not perfect. she has more talent than he does. i hope he goes to jail and the inmates will give him what he did to her, she probably was getting abuse way before this she just didnt say anything about it, just like the other women in the world that are getting abuse. so forget about the fame and him being cute. he messed up. hope fully he'll get some help and his ass kicked......maybe they will putting him the same jail cell with DMX, and we can see what happens...

2021 days ago


There have been other reports which say they saw Chris flirting with other women at the party, or that they were on the way to another party to which Chris had been invited by other women. Chris and Rihanna seem to have sex with lots of other people besides each other. There is another report that they were broken up but were fronting for publicity. I've know people that lose their minds and refuse to believe a relationship is over and behave in obsessive ways.

2021 days ago


superninja and Stephanie... I agree with you.

It is sad how some people are such hypocrites, and yet they can't even see it.

"Oh, Poor Rihanna and Chris Brown needs to rot in jail"

Um, yeah. They all know the truth. I am apparently just stupid because when someone has bruises....that must equal them to be the "VICTIM". Oh, I get it. My fault. Bruises = Victim How f'n stupid can you really be ?????

So, even if I am defending myself, if I leave bruises, then I am an "offender" too????????

f'n idiots. I am done with this nonsense babble. Can't wait for more to develop. The rest of you should seriously do some research on domestic dispute. SERIOUSLY! It comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, and colors. Yes, really!

2021 days ago


the sad thing is that he'll get charred with more but it will be pleaded down and he'll only get probation.

2021 days ago



2021 days ago


28. Herpes can be caught from sharing make-up. And she would have make-up artists at her almost every day. It only takes one lipgloss. If it is herpes, it doesn't mean anything.

ummm, let me guess, YOU have oral herpes?
also makeup artist (at least professional ones) use sanitized applicators and products so if she has it, its very unlikely she got it from "sharing makeup"

2021 days ago



If you want to prove a point it is best if you start out by looking intelligent. Changing doesn't to dsn't and using supposively instead of supposedly doesn't really give you the appearance of being intelligent.

Posted at 11:10PM on Feb 9th 2009 by Learn to spell.

Um, honey, we are on a gossip url that talks about famous people getting beat down, showing t&a, and getting you REALLY think people care if I spell everything correctly? Honestly?

2021 days ago

She sure is gorgeous!    

One law enforcement officer compared Rihanna's injuries to "an MMA figher or something… [It] looked like she was growing devil's horns."

And even further proof is that the boy fled the scene. If I were innocent or defending myself I wouldn't wait 9 hours later to turn myself in or ran from the car, I would have waited right there for the police and given my statement then. Chris didnt do that, he ran from the scene and left her parked there in the car battered and injured. I ope Rihanna gets better soon and gains strength from her supporters and even more strength overcoming all the negative jealous comments being given about her.

2021 days ago
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