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Why The Dave Matthews Band Doesn't Rate

2/10/2009 11:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dave MatthewsOn the food chain of death, the late saxophonist LeRoi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band is kinda like plankton, according to The Recording Academy.

The Academy is finally saying why LeRoi didn't make the cut in its "Encore" segment of the Grammy show:

"Nearly 250 members of our music community have passed in the last year, and all of them have been listed in the program book for the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards, including LeRoi Moore. For the "Encore" segment of our annual GRAMMY Awards telecast, unfortunately we are unable to include all of the talented and wonderful people within the allotted timeframe. The Academy recognizes Moore's contributions to music and music education, and we are deeply saddened by his premature passing."

They're tellin' the story. You buyin' it?


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bsb fan    

Mr. Dave Matthews wrote on his Twitter: "I don't care much for anything about the Grammies."

2083 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

The most important thing about this whole affair seems to be the fact that #2 corrected the spelling of "buyin'".

2083 days ago

Johnny's Torch    

"Leroi boy, you're my friend.
You say how & I say when"

The only song ever devoted to the name Leroi. Thanx, Todd.

2083 days ago

lesbians rock    

If the DMB did anything remotely worth listening to, then maybe he would have been mentioned in the ENCORE.

2083 days ago


the grammys should not really matter anyways. its just an awards. what exactly do awards mean anyways? music is a part of everything and has always been.

2083 days ago

Mickey Messina    

Lame. They NEED TO APOLOGIZE. LeRoi was the BEST out of all of those "more than 250 members of our music community who have passed in the last year." The Academy is full of a bunch of cowards who are reluctant to actually humble themselves to an ACTUAL apology. I am beyond sickened.

2083 days ago


While watching the 2009 Grammy Awards, I was shocked and disheartened to see that LeRoi Moore, founding member and incredible musician/sax player for the Dave Matthews Band was left out of the Memorial Tribute. I actually re winded the telecast to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me.

Mr. Moore was an accomplished musician, a 12 time Grammy Nominee and 1 time winner. The Community of Dave Matthews Band Fans is outraged, hurt, and in awe that you forgot to include this incredible man in your tribute. Not only did you hurt his fans, but you hurt his family, friends and band-mates who adored and admired this very special man; who's life was cut short by a horrible accident.

When are the Grammy's going to start noticing the accomplishments of real musicians? The Dave Matthews Band is the biggest touring band of the last 15 years. Their shows sell out, they jam on stage - they pre form, not lip sync and for true music lovers and musicians that is what it is truly all about. They have had numerous number one albums, and are profoundly influential to other artists, and people alike. They have done so much for the music community and other non-profit organizations around the world.

I hope that they do something else to rectify this situation, and give recognition to this man's family. Losing someone is hard enough and then to be slapped in the face months later, while millions turn into see this man memorialized. If us fans are this upset about it, imagine how hurt and upset LeRoi's family, friends and band-mates are feeling.

2083 days ago


A bit player? Please. Roi was a hige part of an incredibly sucessful band. He was nominated 12 times! They sell out tours and consistently rank in the top grossing tours every summer even when they have nothing new to promote. Their albums always debut at #1. LeRoi had to have been the most sucessful guy on the list and he couldn't get a damn picture put up while a f'ing nobody photographer did and god know who else? Pathetic and inexcusable. Thank you for covering it TMZ.

2083 days ago

Fanny Pack    

Neil Portnow should be embarrassed and ashamed, as well as and John Mayer. I was backstage at the 51st Grammy's last night so I was not able to see the regular tribute to artists that passed in 2008. When I got home a friend texted me that saxophonist LeRoi Moore was not honored by the Recording Academy. As a founding member of DMB, Moore has received 12 Grammy nominations and is also a Grammy winner.

The Dave Matthews Band played two free concerts for Obama last year, contributes to countless charities across the globe and sold more concert tickets than any other live act last year. How could the Recording Academy make this oversight? Where was DMB's publicist Ambrosia Healy? Picking out Coldplay's jackets??

Both and John Mayer's careers have benefited from their association with DMB. Where are they? And how about T Bone Burnett?

Could Mr. Portnow not be bothered to do an ounce of research about who has donated the most time, money and efforts to relieving those who struggle? He sure did talk a lot about how he has helped so many people. Really?

Ask ANYONE worth their space on this planet in the music industry who the nicest guy in rock-n-roll is and they will answer Dave Matthews. I would bet my life on it. I've been working in this stinking industry for over 16 years as a journalist and he is the nicest guy I have ever met. Trust me, David will not say one unkind thing about anyone, including the ass clowns at the Grammy's.

For the record, my calls to the Recording Academy and Dave's publicist went unamswered. Go figure. It just breaks my heart for LeRoi's friends and family, who was a very kind and quiet man I had the pleasure to know. Perhaps we should find the silver lining as I would have never taken the time to write** this if this incident had not occured. So, maybe it was a good thing since we're sharing our thoughts on LeRoi and David.

**not that I expect anyone to honestly care what my opinion is

2083 days ago

enough already    

politics - grammy's are as bad as washington. Its not about talent, its about politics.

2083 days ago

K Deezy    

I remember during the grammys i looked especially for Leroi Moore and was pissed to not see him honored....

2083 days ago



Yes if you were on graveyard shift back then, Eddy kept a lot of folks company...and I do remember well the Loop guys, particularly Matthews making fun of him with his beatles parodies like "strawberry pancackes forever"...

they have spent the past week all apologizing basically---I think his death freaked them out...he was a good guy..they were funny, but Ed was real and cared deeply for people and kept many of us company late into the nights.

2083 days ago


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2083 days ago

Shelly Gabore    

I have ALWAYS enjoyed watching your show faithfully........BUT,.....tonight (February 11, 2009)..... I was ANGERED!!!! at the way you were making fun of my country, CANADA & CANADIANS VIA (OUR Canadian geese)........YES........It is a MIRACLE!! that the plane crash resulted in NO Person being killed. I was one (A PROUD CANADIAN) applauding the heroic efforts of the American pilot who saved everyone. No people were killed (Thank God for that!!!!!!)..........BUTyou still had no right to make fun of us Canadians and our birds!...........and by the way.......there were deaths on that day.....CANADIAN BIRDS..................Happy now???.

2083 days ago


I think this just shows how out of touch the Grammys are really. DMB has WON a Grammy ... and they couldn't fit LeRoi in? Their reply to a mistake was just so damn, uh, hmmm, CORPORATE!
Speaking of mistakes - I think there was an even bigger one: It's been 50 years since the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Big Bopper and Richie Valens...seems to me that that would have made for a great tribute section of the evening. Instead of seeing the embarrassing SWonder/Jonas Bros fiasco! (I did like JT with Al Green tho - fantastic!)

2083 days ago
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