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John McCain -- A McPain in the Rear

2/11/2009 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's one big problem with all those "John McCain For President" bumper stickers -- people are just stuck with 'em.

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Yesterday in D.C., John had no advice on what to do about the sticky situation -- and instead deflected the question like a true former candidate for prez.


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Obama won get over it. Some of us don't want to work, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to eat or have nice things. President Obama will take care of us now!

2044 days ago


#18 You don't know why you think that He's a Jerk.............

2044 days ago


Have they never heard of a razorblade and goop off? Sheesh it's not that hard to get a sticker off. Besides, it's their own damn fault for choosing McCain in the 1st place LOL!

2044 days ago


Whats gonna happen to the idiots that supported obama and stuck his stickers on their car when he shows his true self and systematically destroys everything America is? Will you be proud then? Nevermind, you morons probably would be even though you'll have nothing and life will be silmilar to that of a third world country. Way to go buffoons.

2044 days ago


This guy is a pompous ass, schoolyard "wannabe" bully with a drug addicted thieving "raid your medicine cabinet" wife, too damn old to do much of anything, political pansy, major dumbass (Palin), who wants to be in Washington no matter what!!

Obama may not have it right...just yet, but at least he's doing something. Thank the good lord, he is trying to stop the usual political b.s. in congress, namely the republican's. We don't have to agree or even like one another, but they need to put that aside and think of the American people & this country. Sure it's hard to break old habits/politics, but this isn't a game!!

2044 days ago


#25 you are brainwashed... Way to go buffoons, Way to go buffoons, Way to go buffoons, Way to go buffoons,
Thank you #26

2044 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Republican Founder Abraham Lincoln and other Republicans stated their views on the Ideology of Freedom and it lead to the Freedom of others. Democrats are the party of Jim crow, slavery , Etc (in that Era of No Freedom)
In these times the Only thing the Democrats are responsible for achieving is the hard core Quoto system in the the 1990s (the Malcom X 1990s , ‘any means necessary’) , which Resticts Freedom and basically gives prefered treatment to groups that support the DNC Party (when it comes down to it). The Democrat are also the party of 1960s socialism (lenin,etc.) and making Al-Qeada The Victims with misguied torture allegations and 911 conspiracy theories , in the 2000s

Given the New spending Bill (Ref: Socialist Mandate) that the Democrats are forcing through congress , the DEMOCRAT Party is Still the party of of NO FREEDOM or Less Freedom (ex: the democrat party is the party of slavery, jim crow , Malcom X, quoto sytem, 911 conspiracy theories , making al-qaeda the Victims, Polarizing Group Against Group, Socialism Etc.)
The statements made from Democrat senate Reed and Democrat leader from the house has reinforced that ,The DEMOCRAT PARTY is the the SOCIALIST PARTY , at least in Europe they call themselves the Socialist Party. This Bill will Nationalize health records and the idea of ' A Brave New 'Stimulas Bill' Democrat Way' as some suggest is now a Reality.

2043 days ago

Just my opinion    

and do you think Obama knows wtf he is doing? Hell no....we are in deep trouble with his stimulus pkg. 'He alotted Hollywood 246 billion dollars? Is that how he got all the dumba$$ actors & acstresses to put in a pitch for him?
You stupid people that voted for him need to wake the F up and see what's going on!

He is going to RUIN our country

2043 days ago

Just my opinion    


Hollywood-----------no stimulous money-------------------pulled in 1.04 billion in January---why the hell did Hollywood need money

2043 days ago

Just my opinion    

30. So sorry to all of you who obviously have not turned on your t.v. or read a newspaper but people have been losing jobs for the last two years and there was another guy who was just like mccain who was in office so if you have a mccain sticker you should burn it and be glad that we voted for change because unless they star opening up soup kitchens we cant do any worse than we have this last year and hell the man just took office give him a chance to start fixing some of the things Bush screwed up Mccain would have only been a repeat of Bush

Posted at 5:00PM on Feb 11th 2009 by nikki
Hey stupid,,,,,,,,,,,,most of all the "things" screwed up started with Mr Bill Clinton....check your facts first nikki.........

2043 days ago


You all need my bumper sticker:


2043 days ago


He doesn't HAVE to think about it since he didn't get elected. Besides, the whole time, both guys said "we have a plan" without ever saying what the plan was. We all should notice we ask for this no-answer until necessary.

2042 days ago
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