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Octuplet Mom

What a Tangled Web

She Weaves

2/11/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alert Congress, because America's favorite food stamp assisted, artificially inseminated, unemployed, Jolie-lipped loon mother of fourteen, Nadya Suleman, is looking for her very own bail out too ... from you!


Octopussy has created a website where people can make donations, leave comments or send items to her and her eight biblically named rugrats via her Los Angeles publicist. Are press reps included in WIC?

Let's hope the crazy doc/womb raider who implanted Octomom with all fourteen of her kids makes a hefty donation. But, regardless, whether you donate or not, one thing's for sure: We all support her!


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She has this planned out.It's all about money, and it's sad to say but she will probaly get her wish.There will be some that will see to it she becomes wealthy.After all not even all dogs can do what she did, have a liter of eight.

2078 days ago



2078 days ago


Any one out there a lawyer? Let's file a class action lawsuit against the woman,from the taxpayers of california, put a lien on her 'donations' before she can spend it all on more surgery...You know that is what she's planning...she already thinks she's a 'star' and planing on having a tv show....grrrrrrr.

2078 days ago


Do we get to claim the kids on our taxes or are they part of the stimulus package? Who wants to bet that the sperm donor for all the kids looks like Brad Pitt? LOL He has come forward saying he knew about some of the kids and she tricked him. She says it's the same donor but he didn't realize how many were his and he is still gripping that. She said she hopes he gets to know the kids in the future but doesn't need him to. He hasn't seen any of them she said. He is asking for a paternity test of the 8 just born. All of the kids have his last name on their birth certificates. He is listed as the father on the first 4 born but not on the twins the last of the six before the 8 just born. How do you put a donors name on the certificate unless it wasn't donated? Doesn't that make him resposible for support? Also on the twins her name is listed as Natalie. But 1-4 and 7-14 it says Nadya. These kids are going to wonder why they have a sperm donors last name. He will be on the Good Morning America show on monday. All will come out then. Who wants to bet he looks like Brad Pitt? LMAO if he does. She is probably obsessed with him and in love.. Bet he goes in and takes custody and puts her in a institution and the grandparents will help. She needs to pay their mortgage with some of this money if not all of whats owed so they own it. Jerry Springer here they come.

2077 days ago


She paid for all 14 babies with money she is getting for being on disability. She drives around with a handicap sticker in her car because her poor back is hurt too badly to walk from a normal parking spot, yet she is able to carry and give birth to 4 single children, one set of twins, and then eight at once! If this was anyone else the government would stop her disability and make her pay it back! If she can't work because of a bad back she shouldn't be able to carry children!

2075 days ago


What's wrong with helping someone in need? If people want to help...they will help if they don't, they won't. It is their decision. Surely Nadya, isn't the only woman in America with a lot of children seeking assistance? Maybe,she might decide to support herself and kids someday in the future?
I wonder what people would be saying, if she decided to abort all 8. ???

2075 days ago


To answer the question from #670 about aborting the pregnancy when she learned there were eight: "What would have been the better solution?? Terminate the pregnancy once she realized there were 8??" The answer is: with six kids already (three of them handicapped), a bad back and a mortgage eight months already delinquent, DON'T GET FREAKIN' PREGNANT AGAIN!!! Good LORD!!!!!! Any other lame-ass idiot could have figured that one out!

And for the God-Squad who keep saying to leave her alone, that the children are blessings: You are both right AND wrong. All life is precious. But assuming that all eight will be healthy (prognosis not so good), will those children feel blessed when they are old enough to understand their situation, living on welfare in God knows what conditions, their friends getting vacations to Disney and all kinds of fun things for birthdays and holidays and all THEY have is an endless amount of want. Will they go hungry when the lady at the nail salon needs to get paid or Nadya decides to have more children (more kids = bigger welfare money). How UNFORTUNATE will they feel when they actually see how disadvantaged they are. These children will suffer, and their greedy demented mother is the one they can thank.

2074 days ago

gary in MN    

Here in Saint Paul, we are not allowed to have more than THREE cats or THREE dogs in a household.
Animals have more protection!

2073 days ago


The lady admitted to using student loans to support her "hobby" while not working or
going to school! This is fraud and takes what little money there is in this program from
real students who want to get an education and contribute to society; Can anyone
say federal prosecution? She should be ashamed. We are going to pay for her children
instead of our own. Attorney General are you listening?


2073 days ago


The comments section is closed off and will be published in a book coming in early 2010 when she finalyl fades from all memory...At least thats what I would do, you know there is a lot of stuff being said both ways.

I like how she exploits the reglious nuts

2073 days ago


sorry already unwillingly donated my money!

2073 days ago


WOW busterhymen!!! I do not thing anyone on here has put it so simply and with such a punch! Kudos.

2073 days ago


I think the doctor should pay...otherwise taxpayers will! I'm glad to be Canadian...that way My taxes won't go to her! Pray for the babies but don't donate $$$!!

2072 days ago

Fath Hope Destiny    

I hope you station is helping the Octomom too! Seems she is giving all the news sations and shows who have her story on good reveiws. And it's time you all pay her back for your good fortun. Start by paying off the mothers house , and get Nadya and the kids away from her Mothers house and give them a chance to beath more the then hate.
God bless her.

2071 days ago


You all give her the 5 minutes of fame your talking about. She has 14 kids, she says over and over she didn't INTEND to have that many. They are premie for the fact there was so many, but there doing good now and as long as there healthy, it's no ones business how she lives her life. SO what our taxes are paying for her kids. As long as your helping HEATHLY babies, who cares whose babies they are? She can't get her stuff right because everyone is always on her back. She can't take back her mistake, so leave her alone. Your scared that your taxes are helping her kids, but your not mad about obama passing that medicaid PAYS for abortion, your taxes goes there? yea, ok!! There are PLENTY of people who have MORE than 14 kids. Get over it! I'm sure you people have more things to do than worry about other people!

2066 days ago
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