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Octuplet Mom

What a Tangled Web

She Weaves

2/11/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alert Congress, because America's favorite food stamp assisted, artificially inseminated, unemployed, Jolie-lipped loon mother of fourteen, Nadya Suleman, is looking for her very own bail out too ... from you!


Octopussy has created a website where people can make donations, leave comments or send items to her and her eight biblically named rugrats via her Los Angeles publicist. Are press reps included in WIC?

Let's hope the crazy doc/womb raider who implanted Octomom with all fourteen of her kids makes a hefty donation. But, regardless, whether you donate or not, one thing's for sure: We all support her!


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Allens Biker Babe    


2042 days ago


Wow. I've never seen any subject of a news story get so much negative backlash. I don't think I've read a single positive comment in about 15 pages of comments. A lot of people bashed the doctor who helped her. I totally agree that if this doctor knew the woman had already many children she could not afford that he should never had agreed to help her have more. It's people like her that necessitate some law being put in place preventing something like this happening again. If people can not afford to financially support their kids, they should not have any. If they are not sensible enough to make this decision by themselves the state/country must step in to make laws preventing it. The laws China has in place to disallow any families to have more than one child is starting to sound pretty sensible to me. It's selfish for people to bring children into poverty or to use children as a way to collect a welfare check, yet many do that. People really need to pay attention to what their fellows are doing in the world. Their actions DO affect you, like it or not. When kids are brought up into poverty and are not well cared for, not only do taxpayers support them financially but then these children, products of a bad environment, often grow up to be poor undereducated people themselves. if they aren't a detriment to society by becoming some type of criminals then they likely will at least follow the same pattern as their parents and have kids on welfare as well. I have seen this all firsthand. The kids aren't the only ones that suffer. Eventually everyone is affected by this type of behaviour.

I did read elsewhere that this woman's doctor was supposedly unaware she even had other children. Maybe law should require a background check and psychological evaluation for anyone wanting to undergo fertility treatments. In that case, it would discovered if they already had other kids or were even mentally stable to raise them. I don't think this lady is.

2042 days ago


Animals have litters, not humans. She disgusts me and she should be sterilized.

2042 days ago

Marilyn Harlow    

This women is a sad mess!! But what is worse, is our government who will take our tax dollars and give it to her to do something else stupid!! Notice her fingernails done up?? When does she find the time & money to do all of this?? Just raising SIX kids SHOULD have kept her busy enough, let alone taking the time to have her lips & fingernails done!!! The government & her family are to blame for such nonsence!!! Both helped her in doing this!! She wanted all these let her do it on her own!!!! She made the statement at the beginning...that the kids really didn't cost that much,,,even tho she was on welfare...lQQks like they should cut back on what they give her!!! Orrrrr give the kids to someone that would love them, & for GODS SAKE...CUT HER CORDS!!!

2042 days ago


Hi again All,

Having left that message of mine on her site, this caught my eye from #579: "I have said this before and I will say it again: DO NOT make comments on her site. The FBI or SBI could and probably will investigate you and she could sue you. It seems like a trap. She is the type of person to do it too, for money".

At first I thought "OH NO! I'm in trouble! Then I thought "How MANY ugly things have been said about this woman on HOW MANY sites? Can/will the FBI investigate thousands of people for saying what all already know is true? We are not threatening her. Many of us advocate removing the children from her custody because we care about the welfare of those 14 INNOCENT lives. They did not ask for this!!! They need to be protected, and they are SO vulnerable. And not a single judge in his right mind will take the probably thousands of comments that have been written and allow that crazed woman to proceed with a law suit. He might just have her arrested for pursuing a "nuisance law suit". What will she do, sue CNN too?

Look at 468: "WOW - I believe I have read every comment & EVERY comment agrees with the other! I am impressed that everyone agrees with each other and that this woman IS A FRUIT JOB! WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING????? She is seriously disturbed!" Luree says more. Sue her? Hell no! Pat her on the back!

I stand by my comment (#471) I made on her site that her children should be taken away:
To Nadya and All Concerned:

I am appalled and OUTRAGED!!! HOW DARE YOU! First to have all those poor children with no means to provide for them. And now you beg for handouts when REAL families are already struggling. You SELFISH bi***!!!

You flaunt your FRENCH MANICURED nails while soothing the babies heads on TV. How impractical, and HOW expensive! I'm starting to think you bought those lips, too. Who paid for all of that?! Clearly not you.

Those children should be taken away to protective custody before you can do them any more harm. I think Child Protective Service needs to be called.

You are the POSTER CHILD for "IRRESPONSIBLE", and your criminal behavior should be met with legal process. I just wish I could spur it on.

You completely disgust me.
Zurich, Switzerlandand"

if the FBI wants to ask me about it then I am happy to chat. A fifteen minute thrill in my boring Swiss world might be nice. Which reminds me ... who will pay for her to come here and sue me? The Swiss government would deport her without a blink. They're mortified by this whole thing.

Baer from Switzerland

2042 days ago

concerned tax payer    

Why are we supporting a woman who has deliberately brought the babies into the world knowing that she cannot support them. I would not normally advocate taking children from a mother, but this woman is about as irresponsible as anyone could get. She's not a mother. She's a moocher, and she expects us to pay for her mistakes. I for one am tired of paying taxes to support people like this. That doctor should be forced to support those babies because he knew she couldn't afford them. This has become a sad world when women are allowed to have so many babies and all the while expecting the tax payers of this country to support them. And why in this economy would people take money from their own families to support her? Are you crazy?!? Make her support her kids, or give them to someone who will love and support them. She doesn't love children. She's trying to use them to keep from having to work. The citizens and government need to stop rewarding people for bad behavior, but that is exactly what you're doing when you donate to this woman. As for her mother, I hate it for her, but she's an enabler. Put this mother to work! Tell her no more welfare, no more student loans to live on, give her a job!

2042 days ago

barbadian princess    

i am from barbados............. and i am watching and reading about this crazy woman online................ i think these children should be taken from her......... so that they can be cared for properly........... isn't their a human right that says protect the rights of child....... and these children have rights to be cared for......... that doctor should be charged........ from her interviews it is evident that she wants to benefit finacially from this situation............ she mad stupid silly insensitive. this is aplot for fame money attention a box office movie, a best selling book........... she a money hound. she is broke no means of providing finacially but wants a big family please this is scam she has planned for years....... she is an angeline jolie wanna be. but she should remember angelina jolie has money 2 suupport and care for kids and she doesn't............ so u loose u idiot.............. i hope the california government doest the right thing and protects all of these kids from this crazy woman............ u need help u wacko............

2041 days ago


Does ANYONE else find it odd that this nutjob is actually getting a masters degree in COUNSELING?!?!?! My God. She beat the system....

2041 days ago


OMG!!! A manicure and Starbucks. I have two kids, husband, fulltime job and go to school. My fingernail polish is peeling off by the day. Haven't had a professional manicure in years.... Priorities ..She needs help, obvisouly it is all about her. Who's going to see her nails anyways, her 14 kids???? My god Im sooooo enraged.

2041 days ago


A website? For what ? For people to donate money so she can have more kids and cosmetic surgery? Now this sicko has been brought to light, there should be quite a few government agencies investigating her for various things, from welfare fraud to child neglect. I am sure there have been numerous calls from people to these agancies already. If you want to have 30 kids AND can support them, more power to you, but the nerve of this biatch who thinks that "her" money can go to fertility treatments and lip augmentation while WE pay for her addiction to having kids UH NO! AND any company who encourages this woman and or other psycho out there to practice this behavior by providing them with free stuff, I will glady boycott. Yes I do feel for those children because they are innocent and because of her selfishness they will have a hard life with or without her.

2041 days ago

The Skizzler    

It's a vagina, lady, not a clown car. For everyone's sake, please walk in front of the next cement truck.

2041 days ago


i want everyone to thank BUSH for the dumbing down of this country. nayda (suleman),bernie (madoff).oh well, nothing succeeds like excess.

2041 days ago


Here is what I suggest. Everyone should go to Walmart/Target/Dollar Store, etc and buy a packet of play money and mail it to Octomom. Then she can pretend to actually feed, clothe and house her children.

2041 days ago


The children are the main victims of this woman's folly.......they and only they should be protected and not, like Jokey says ,' be sold into the international smuggling ring'. The mother? definitively should be evaluated, "de-wombed" and committed.. ; the doctor that inseminated her?.... confiscate his assets to support the children and then throw him head on in jail....... Leticia

2041 days ago


I agree with you Sencho, she looks like Jeanine Garafolo (and that is NOT a good thing!), not Angelina Jolie! I feel so bad for those innocent children, yet on the other hand I think someone should knock the bitch off.

2041 days ago
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