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Octuplet Mom

What a Tangled Web

She Weaves

2/11/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alert Congress, because America's favorite food stamp assisted, artificially inseminated, unemployed, Jolie-lipped loon mother of fourteen, Nadya Suleman, is looking for her very own bail out too ... from you!


Octopussy has created a website where people can make donations, leave comments or send items to her and her eight biblically named rugrats via her Los Angeles publicist. Are press reps included in WIC?

Let's hope the crazy doc/womb raider who implanted Octomom with all fourteen of her kids makes a hefty donation. But, regardless, whether you donate or not, one thing's for sure: We all support her!


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Angelina Jolie must be mortified at the comparisons!

2075 days ago


The nerve of this woman is unbelieveable. First of all, the doctor who did the IVF should lose his license. Second, find out how she paid for all the IVF, I've heard it is cheap. Third, the Calif. Dept. of Child Welfare, or whatever it's called should step in and investigate this woman and the home where these children will live. I doubt she can provide a decent home for them nor all the care they will need. Find some loving people who are willing to adopt one or two of these babies and make it permanent. This woman is either a supreme con artist or is bipolar. Also, the man who provided the sperm should be forced by the court to provide some monetary support for these children. No longer should a man or woman be allowed to do this. The state of Calif. should pass tough laws governing IVF. Actually, all states should have the same, tough laws about this.,

2075 days ago


Lesson Mrs.Baker, That woman has got to get mental help maybe you should for thinking the way you do. Anyways The Duggers take very good care of there kids. They are not poor they don;t live on welfair. They can more then provide for there family. This octomom can't do any of those things for her kids. The working people of that state is going to have to do that for her. The poor kids don't even have anyone to call dad. Well what is she going to keep telling her kids. Let me guess she is going to say( Your dad is a man that only gave me his sprem.) I have 3 kids and they know how there dad is. The same man that is my husband. Anyways She could have known when to stop my husband and I did. We stopped at 3. I had my tubs tyied at 21. You should never have more kids then you can pay. No less the love these all of the kids are not going to get.. It is one thing to have a big family if you don't have all the kids 8 and under because the kids can't give the love like an adult can. Me prays are with the kids and the grandparents. They are going to need it. I hope the mother will open her eyes and let all or the kids go to homes where they can get love and care they deserve... So people insted of taking about the mother lets talk about the kids and see if we can find away to get the kids into homes where thy will have more love and care..And last but not lest lets get the mom mental help..

2074 days ago


I think there is a lot of people that have forgotten about all the dead beat dads that have fathered as many or more children then Nadya. Wheres the outrage with them as there is with Nadya?

2074 days ago


Sorry Catherine, it looks like you have come to THE WRONG WEBSITE. If your concern lies with dads, then you should post your comments on those websites. Let's just stick to the subject here, ok.
It also looks as though our Miss Suleman has become the most hated woman in America. If the shoe fits, right?

2074 days ago

Bonnie Konkus    

If I found a penny on the street I would not give it to this "nut job" If she can afford plastic surgery she does not need anyone's money. Her house is so diry, not fit for those babies or any of the other children. She totally makes me SICK!!!!

2074 days ago


comparing this woman to other people who have a lot of children like Mia Farrow (who had the resources to raise them) is like comparing an apple to an orange. It's one thing when someone wants to adopt a lot of children to give them a better life and another when someone deliberately brings 14 biological children into the world with no FATHER, no MONEY, and a totally immature and mentally unbalanced mother. I just saw her getting her nails done professionally. She's begging for money and spending money on stupid crap like that!!! Have the supporters of this woman seen the living conditions of her parents home? Does Nadya know that even poor people can be neat and clean?? I'm all for leaving this woman alone. I don't want to see her or hear from her anymore. Let her figure out what to do since she obviously wont do the right thing which is to give her babies up for adoption. The state of CA needs to intervene on the children's behalf and rescue them from this nutcase. She is an enemy of society........make no mistake about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2074 days ago

mandy moore    

i would like to know where are the christians out there.seems to me that this lady needs a lot of prayer.instead of people talking down to her,they need to look deep in their lives.we all make bad decissons.if you are here and are a christian then pray for these kids and mom and dont have to give things to help.ask yourself,could my children have had a better life with someone else?the question should be if she loves these babies.i think she does.try to put yourself in her shoes before you start judging her.which is not your place to do anyway....

2074 days ago


I feel the doctor who did the treatments should help support these babies. This mother has ripped off the state of CA, her parents, the hospital and now she wants to get money from the public. She has lied in her interviews and to her own mother. The State needs to followup on her very closely. I feel no sympathy for her, just the kids. TMZ please find the donor friend. Another question- did she have her first sperm donation from her friend :) while she was still married? Final question--where is her father? Didn't he say he was returning to Iraq to work construction?

2074 days ago


the state of CA needs to have stricter guidelines....we all wonder why we got an IOU ca state refunds its because of things like this. We can all be as outraged as we want to the end we are footing her bills. I don't buy myself manicures, I hardly buy Starbucks, but I guess I need to manage my money better...if she can scrape together money/foodstamps to do then I can too I guess haha

also just because I think its crazy..I'm a single mother of a 9 year old...I'm 29. I wanted to get my tubes tied...the dr said no, he wouldn't do it because I may regret the decision...shouldnt her qwack of a dr been overly cautious like mine? Why can she keep sticking babies in herself (without a man to help out) but I cant sterilize myself??

2074 days ago


Not surprisingly, the website is has been taken down. I can't imagine she was getting a whole lot of donations or positive comments. This woman wanted attention and she got it, but probably not the kind she imagined. I have trouble feeling sorry for her because she brought this on herself.

This woman absolutely disgusts me. Her plan was to have these babies and make millions from interviews, book and movie deals. It just proves that she isn't thinking straight. Even if she only had these eight babies, she still wouldn't be living in the same reality as most everyone else.

She doesn't have a job and receives disability, food stamps and more than likely any other form of public assistance she can get her hands on. She mooches off her parents, who bought her a house and then had to file for bankruptcy. According to her mother, she hasn't given them a dime to pay for anything. I guess she was too busy using her public dole to pay for her incredibly expensive IVF treatments and to get her nails done.

She certainly is no Mia Farrow or Angelina Jolie. They can have all the kids they want as far as I'm concerned. At least they work for a living and have the means to provide for their children. You won't hear about either one of them applying for WIC or welfare. They certainly won't be setting up websites begging for donations, either.

Too bad your foul plan isn't working, Octomom. Unfortunately, you won't be the one providing for your children. We will with our hard earned tax dollars.

2074 days ago


I don't she deserves any help or pity. There are people out there working their asses off and she's sitting on her butt and popping out future employees of Taco Bell.

2074 days ago


I think it should be mandatory that after two kids a woman should be fixed/ visa versa a guy! Too much overpopulation, especially when the mother can't even provide for the six she already has. I think the law needs to take custody of her children until she can provide for them. They deserve a better life than always knowing mommy has a website to get funding for their school clothes~

2074 days ago


Click on the Blue Area (in her Website above) and you can leave a Comment for her (I did) although she probably won't like it.

Havn't heard this mentioned yet, but when those 8 new babies get out of ICU Neo Natal Unit, they are going to be very fragile. I can't believe that the Dr's would let those babies go home to an Insane Asilym like that house where she lives.

Those new babies could not survive a serious baterial infection - and anyone that's viewed the video of her house - well it's not the home of "Mrs. Clean" to put it mildly!

2074 days ago


This women needs so much help because she has obviously lost her mind. This is such a sad situation because it shows the greed which happened as a result of the "treatment" she received . WE LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE IT IS OK TO KNOCK UP A CRAZY PERSON WITH 14 CHILDREN?


2074 days ago
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