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Our Apologies to Sam, Australia

2/11/2009 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We officially apologize for poking fun at Sam, the koala rescued from the fires in the Australian wilderness. Sam was photographed drinking bottled water and we made a joke....and it was out of line.

Sam The Koala
Turns out lil' Sam suffered burned paws and was taken to the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter -- nothing funny about that. But since she's been at the shelter, Sam has drawn the attention of a male koala named Bob. The two are now said to be inseparable.

We made a joke about Sam drinking bottled water and then going to pilates and eating sushi. Bad joke, bad us.

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Thanks TMZ. You're forgiven.

2048 days ago

Shaun Wheels    

I was going to rip you a new a**e-hole, but you apologised in a timely fashion that'd make most "News papers" defecate a building block.

The piccy of 'Sam', has touched the hearts of not only my fellow Countrymen/women, but the Millions of Australians that have lived through this tragedy thinking of our fellow Victorians. But of all of those overseas that see that through this terrible, wasteful and still uninmanginable (sp?) loss of life, the one thing left in the box was 'hope'?, We also have "us".

We, as Aussies, will mourn those who are no longer with us, but we will also relish living with the brave men and women that would give their lives trying to protect others, voluntarlly.

2048 days ago


Thanks for apologizing TMZ! Sam is so cute, I hope she has a great recovery.

2048 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

So glad TMZ apologised. Poor little thingy, just breaks my heart to see her poor little fingers all hurt! I'm so glad there are people there to help all the little injured animals! My family & I love all animals & found it a nasty cruel remark yesterday. Good for you showing you have a heart! Hope Sam & all the other rescued animals are feeling better soon! How cute are the pics of her drinking water?!

2048 days ago


Wow. That's big of you and quite surprising, TMZ. I'm so used to your blase' sh**ty attitude, I didn't even bother to post a comment telling you how abominably rude you were.

But now I'll give you props for apologizing. Just hope you guys stop and think next time you post. But that's just asking WAY too much of you, TMZ.

2048 days ago


don't compare this koala with people who sign up for the spotlight

2048 days ago


I'm glad you included the photo of Sam bandaged up, it shows the reality of the original photo. Thanks for apologizing TMZ, this has obviously upset so many people in Australia as well as the US.

2048 days ago


When I read your original post poking fun at the awful situation my heart hurt for that poor animal. Thank you so much for apologizing. That was a heartfelt apology and I appreciate it. That is why I love TMZ!

2048 days ago

La Lola    

Awwww....That's why I love TMZ. Great job guys! =)

2048 days ago


Oh wow TMZ! I am not joking, you just made me cry. Thank you so much for doing the right thing. Very classy. Kudos to you all!

2048 days ago


Poor thing :( And yes, not funny TMZ . . . stick to celebrity commentary.

2048 days ago


I'm in Australia now, and this whole thing is horrible, horrible.
I knew that that koala was the one with the burnt paws, and I still found your story cute. In the grand scheme of offensive stuff, it's not at all.

2048 days ago


The fires down south have killed, not to mention hurt, both animals and humans alike. I can not for the life of me, why you would pick fun and joke about it. And second, why would it take two days for you to realize your mistake? I am afraid TMZ is getting to big for its own good..........................

2048 days ago


Cute Koala, bad TMZ!!!

2048 days ago


TMZ I am in shock. Seriously, hardly anyone ever apologises when they do lame reporting. Good for you! I hope Sam & Bob hook up and live happily ever after! :D

2048 days ago
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