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Our Apologies to Sam, Australia

2/11/2009 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We officially apologize for poking fun at Sam, the koala rescued from the fires in the Australian wilderness. Sam was photographed drinking bottled water and we made a joke....and it was out of line.

Sam The Koala
Turns out lil' Sam suffered burned paws and was taken to the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter -- nothing funny about that. But since she's been at the shelter, Sam has drawn the attention of a male koala named Bob. The two are now said to be inseparable.

We made a joke about Sam drinking bottled water and then going to pilates and eating sushi. Bad joke, bad us.

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are you retards at tmz enjoying the publicity your recieving for your disgusting jokes?? use the profit to send that fat bastard to a fat camp, and the rest of your tmz staff to a zoo (insult to animals i know), since there are no donations to the people/animals you have mocked.

to the others affected by this complain to AOL, join the facebook group, inform news resources.. let tmz get recognised as the heartless pricks they are.

2043 days ago

a proud aussie    

mr american in oz , you've done enough damage . shut up for gods sake . as many of the other posts have said it is not a go at you as an individual american or the american people , but this organisation that appears to represent america .
grow some balls and as chopper read says ,' harden the f.. up ' . don't be so thin skinned or as a great option .... log off .
this chick , and others have had enough of you !!

2043 days ago


A written apology - big deal. 200 people dead, over a million animals lost their lives, and countless more have/will require medical treatment, and need to be re housed. The devastion of these fires shouldnt be laughed at or have stupid comments made. How about showing how embarrased you really are and donate some money to the RSPCA here in Victoria so other animals can be saved. Show your human side and put your money where your mouth is. It isnt humour to laugh at something so destructive, it was a cute picture, showing humanity and you ruined it.

2043 days ago

a proud aussie    

American ( yank ) in Oz ............ have you been owned or what . serves u right .

2043 days ago


in reply to 1053.

YEP! exactly.I posted to this site about the fat one and wrote to TMZ.My post about the obese one was removed
He's revolting to look at-obese pig that he is.Funny would be a 8x10 of this animal backing out of the shower LOL

2043 days ago

Adrian from Australia    

American in OZ

I have on numerous occasions stuck up for you, but I now realise that you are a turd, you throw your 2 lousy cents in and stir everyone up. If you want to live in Australia I suggest that you get over the fact that people are going to have a shot at your country and by God they have every right to do so considering that the pure greed of your countrymen have caused the rest of the world into a deep recession. America caused the last one through their protectionism isolation policies and it looks as though it could happen again.

If I was you, I would pull my head in and shut up because like it or lump it, there are a lot of very smart ITpeople here and some of them might just decide to take it upon themselves to pull your name and address off the webb and then post it on this site. This being the case, I would not like to be in your shoes.

So as you work from home, get off the this site and just shut up. We are sick to death of you, you piss people off, they think you are a ahole, they curse your balls and now they are now cursing all Americans, so shut the f up y gdmf.

2042 days ago


TMZ this was not neccasary for this silly comment.
We Australian are dealing with a bad situation here
lifes are lost home are lost and more animals hurt and killed
please keep your sill comment as we dont need to hear this
glad to see your own faults do get reconized
thanks from AUSTRALIA

2042 days ago

American in Oz    

1060 - Are you actually insinuating that I should be afraid for my safety?

2042 days ago

a proud aussie    

mr american in oz . are you really that stupid ? you have been told time and time again to shut up and mind your own business . you have grossly insulted a few suffering people here that appear to be genuine . well get this into you , you
self centered little prick .
my best friends brother and his family lived in kinglake , they lost everything in the blink of an eye and are lucky to have survived . they battled for years to get something for themselves - gone now .

google ; luke vandenberk , have a read and then shut up you poor fool .

sticks and stones may brake my bones , but words will never hurt me . move on you stupid , racist pig .
you and others like you make not only australians sick , but the rest of the world .

god , you are a creep .

2042 days ago

American in Oz    

I haven't insulted anyone who wasn't insulting to begin with. And I certainly haven't said anything offensive to those who have lost anything to the fires. I feel terribly for the people from Kingslake and Marysville and I've certainly never said anything to the contrary. I've made a donation to the red cross. I'll probably go up to the Yarra Valley and help some of the businesses there. Why don't you google "straw man" and stop making me the abstract focus of your frustration.

2042 days ago

Adrian from Australia    

To Phillippa from AUS

Re American in OZ

Go get him girlfriend, I saw a movie once titled, Yankee Doodle and I think that this best describes this boy, too much Yankee Doodle.

Marian AZ

2042 days ago


1034. how about everyone take a breath and calm down . the people of victoria are the ones suffering the most , not the ones that slag on each other here with a few meaningless words.
TruthStrangerThanFiction. Calling people retarded is not necessary , but if you must as least spell it right.

Posted at 6:45PM on Feb 16th 2009 by over it in nsw

It's called a "typo" jackass. Get over it and move on.

2042 days ago

Disgusted from Geelong    

TMZ...your mouths and my balls had an appointment, and your mouths were late...thats poor form...Now get your act together balls are waiting....

You people really are low...pathetic...

2042 days ago

Disgusted from Geelong    

Amanda, stick to spanish...your english is pathetic...just as you are a pathetic excuse for a human being....

2042 days ago


Why are so many posters so quick to generalise about the entire american population over this? Yes TMZ made a tacky, insensitive joke at a sensitive time for our nation. TMZ itself is tacky and insensitive. But condemming all americans is just stupid. Inciting hatred on groups that have wronged us makes us no better than they are! Similarly for american posters claiming the majority of australians are predjudice against american, you are simply wrong, this is not fact. Yes many posters on this site have exhibited prejudice and hatred towards your country but only a fool would believe they represent the majority of the country. Wake up. I would never wish bushfires on anyone else and thank other nations for their support at this time. Donate to the red cross, TMZ!

2042 days ago
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