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Paula: I Idol-Eyes You

2/11/2009 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The most ridiculous thing about Paula Abdul on "American Idol" last night wasn't that metal contraption she called a necklace -- it was when she decided to give a standing ovation to the one guy who couldn't see it.

Paula Abdul: Click to watch


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2079 days ago


First I have to say that I don't usually make comments, but something angered me so much I felt I had to. I know the industry of tmz and others have to come up with stories and make fun of people and torture them like they are not real or do not have feelings. I usually just laugh and read it with a grain of salt.

But the Paula Abdoul comments I can't believe actually made the page unless it was that she is the sweetest lady ever and loves music so much. I can't believe that people agree that this was stupid or anything because it was a reaction, she can't help it. i love seeing her dance in her seat she can barely control herself. I think ti's great she gave a standing ovation she felt his music and did it, it's not something you think about. And the guy was so happy when he found out, and said it was the best thing to happen in his life. And I agree with the person that said what should she have done, treated him differently, not bothered to smile or stand up? I think Paula gets a bad rap too often, I love her on the show even if I love the sarcastic Simon a bit more. But the women loves music and gives her everything to it, can't we give her a break when she does soemthng nice? I was actually thinking when it happened why didn't the others stand up? I think that everyone that says all those mean things about her should look at themselves and think do you really need to pick on someone that is so nice and one big mush ball? And she hasn't changed which I love she has got so much shot over the years but at least she is real and doesn't change and act the way people want, she loves music and loves encouraging these kids and I think that's great! I hope that american Idol people feel the same way and don't get her off the show. I love seeing her get all excited like a kid at the great music and i'm the same way.

The Ryan high five was a bit silly, I think he's just been doing his "stick" routine for so long that he doesn't even think about what he's doing when he did that, I'm sure he was very embarassed over it.

2079 days ago


Why is it so shocking that someone would treat a blind person as a normal person? If anything, I think it is honorable and shows true character that Paula gave him a standing ovation and Ryan tried to give him a high-five. It shows that they are comfortable around him and treat him like they would anyone else. They don't see him as "the blind guy." When people are overly cautious about what they say and do around people with disabilities - it just shows their own immaturity and inability to accept those people.

2079 days ago


she's about as smart as Seacrest.

2079 days ago


So if he makes it on the show, should the audience just sit in their chairs after he performs??? I remember watching a deaf girl dance on Miss America (and she won) and the audience clapped for 5 minutes....she couldn't hear it - so was that wrong???

Now Ryan trying to give the guy High 5 was a little too much!!

2079 days ago

Wanda W.    

AHH,come on now people,give her a break.........She was probably DRUNK when she put that atrocity on!!

2079 days ago

Lion Dioxnia    

Uh, last time I checked, blind people could hear when people clap for them and I'm sure that it was implied that someone would inform him of Paula's enthusiasm. Wtf is the big deal.

2079 days ago


They showed the part where he said he was told about what she did and that made his night. Give her a break. I am glad she did it. It helped give him encouragement.

2079 days ago

Red in Denver    

It's interesting to me that the most compassionate judge on American Idol is the one who gets all the criticism in the media.

One of the contestants on the show last night interrupted his performance to start over; then ended up giving up and just walking off the stage without finishing. PAULA ABDUL could clearly be heard saying empathetic things like: "Oh, poor guy", while the other judges said nothing empathetic.

Falls under the heading of "NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED", I guess.

2079 days ago

leave it natural    

I have to admit it, I'm alway shocked when I read about people making standig ovulations in public. Particularly when they are men.

2079 days ago


#4, great one, LMAO!! It does look like fishing gear!!! Yes, she is clueless, its the drugs!!!

2079 days ago


What's wrong with that?

2079 days ago


He heard about it, and appreciated it. So what? They should show no visible response?

2079 days ago


My husband has low vision just like this man and your comment hurt me personally! He has LOW vision, extremely low, but I am sure he could see that she was standing! I'm sorry but you guys should apologize...he deserved a standing ovation and for you to make that comment is just rude and mean. It's hurtful...

2078 days ago

Ms. X    

lol (#3) I too thought she was using a cane. Too funny.

2078 days ago
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