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Rihanna Pics -- A FRAUD!

2/11/2009 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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This situation is so bizarre, the whole thing. It's like, there's like 15,003 stories out there and none of them add up. I'm getting sick of hearing about it already. I don't understand. What I DO know is that someone better come out with the REAL facts, or else both Rihanna AND Chris Brown will lose a freakishly large amount of fans and be forced to "hang it up".

2079 days ago


I am not defending either of the these people but the nature of this situation is so personal I couldnt not even image going through it under the ultimate media scruntiy. I was in an abusive relationship for 6 years., 5 years of which I hid succesffully. It makes me cringe to think how long this has been going on and i truly hope that this is the end of them. NOt because I dont believe they love each other becasue I do. I know they do. Love comes in so many becaustiful and horrible forms but it doesnt change how it makes you feel on this inside. I hope Rihiana has the right supposrt system around her and I hope Chris gets the helps they need. And even though I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. I hope that if they do decide to to give it another try that the media, the family, their concelers and management to step in and not let it things just pan out. Not every abusive relationship is irconnciable. They just arent without the proper help and unbiased mediation

2079 days ago


Wow.. That's dumb... Almost as dumb as the stupid who put a paraody of No Air on talkn about this whole incident. They had background noises of her gettin beat... Pathetic....

2079 days ago


So I'm watching TMZ TV in NY right now, and can someone tell me why they are only asking black celebrities about the Chris Brown/Rihanna scandal?? What the hell? Did they drive around LA going, "Look! A famous/semi-famous black person! Let's ask them about the scandal with the other famous black people!" And why are they bitching over the PC responses?? Like a famous person, who has no details or facts about alleged events, is going to say, "I wish somebody would! I would blah blah blah"...Not every black person turns into Wanda from In Living Colour...It's times like this I hate myself a lil bit for watching this

2079 days ago


How could anyone compare Chris Brown to MURDER AND CANNIBAL Jeffery Dahmer?! Also why is TMZ only asking African Americans what they think about Chris Brown and Rihanna's fight?

2079 days ago

Dr. Adams    

It's not about being put in a SITUATION....None of us knows what
really happened , except that he beat her azz, which was uncalled
for...whether she put herself in the situation is errelevent...bottom
line.....(He had no right to put his hands on her, period)!!! and for
that, if he's found guilty,...he should suffer the consequences to the
fullest extent of the law.
I just spoke to someone on the East Coast.....feelings are so ramped
up about this...CB should be watching his back when if ever he goes
on a stage again...He just might get .............a little summin,

2079 days ago


she needs a self-defense class.

2079 days ago


either way, in both pictures she still has a moustache...

2079 days ago


just heard that it was PARIS Hilton's call that set them off, if he was bangin Paris and then gave Rhianna the herpes, I want that biatch quartered and hung!!! Paris Hilton needs to be locked up forever! she is knowingly spreading the disease all over hollywood...check out the facts people! I heard it on ET that it was Paris Hiltons fault!!! ANd I believe it!!!

2079 days ago

bored with this    

theres always two sides to every story ... i am not saying she deserved this at all, because no one does. but Chris is young.. young kids trying to acting like adults with imature thinking, too much money and not enough guidance ..... i feel bad for both. Seems like a situation that got out of control....

2079 days ago

Wife Beater    

ummm....too bad Rihanna looks and has the physichal features of a man....and Chris Brown is a little school boy bitch...In my eyes, it was a fair fight. LOL

2079 days ago

abdulla al-bloshi    

she deserve that ...

2079 days ago


Why did you only ask African American celebrities about the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident? Yes he was wrong, however, he is just one of many men who do such things and deserves to work on his problem. It takes two to tango. How was he pushed? What was Rihanna's role in this? Mr. Brown seems to be a man who was dominated by an agressive woman. Why does the African American community need to take a stand? Let them condemn themselves. (Chris and Rihanna) This comes from a 48 year old woman who grew up in a home that encountered wife beating.

2079 days ago


lol @ people trying put the blame on Rihanna

2079 days ago


toofastforyou! goes from 0 to orgasm in .2 seconds. :)

2079 days ago
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