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Asians Want $4 Billion From Miley Cyrus

2/12/2009 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Los Angeles woman has filed a class action suit against Miley Cyrus, claiming she mocked Asians in a recent photo by slanting her eyes. Price tag: $4 billion.

miley cyrus sued

Lucie J. Kim claims to represent more than 1 million Asian Pacific Islanders who live in L.A. County. Kim claims when Cyrus posed for the photo, she "knew or should have known that her image would be publicly disseminated via the media, which Cyrus knew focused on her private life, specifically TMZ."

Kim says in the suit, filed Wednesday in L.A. County Superior Court, that each Asian Pacific Islander is entitled to the minimum damages for a civil rights violation -- $4,000. Add it up -- $4 billion!

Kim says Miley's "just a kid" defense doesn't fly. She says it's like Paris Hilton claiming to be just a kid. Ouch.

Miley's peeps could not immediately be reached for comment.


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This is stupid! There are so many people who have done this before! I'm guilty of making asian eyes, but am I racist? Not at all! Can't a girl just have fun without trying to be so political. This is ridiculous, Miley has nothing to worry about, this is over the top.

2025 days ago

A Mexican    

I AM SO OFFENDED - As a stoner, I find this very insulting!

2025 days ago


ok, so how many of us have made this same gesture growing up??? i would say majority of us. and how many of us got sued for doing so? probably none. this is just some bs way of getting money in the economy we have. more than likely, theres a story behind this picture, heck maybe the guy was ok with them making those gestures. And how many other people in this picture are being sued along with miley?? probably none. just because they arent celebs means they should get charged with the same thing right? well, i really hope this gets dismissed in court, because if it gets passed, i would be very ashamed of the government in cali. and seriously, not ONLY people from l.a. saw this picture, so honestly, couldnt i fight for some money as well because it has "offended" me?? (im not of asain descent, but im just saying). we cannot be the judge because we do not know the whole story behind this picture. obviously the guy in the picture wouldve known they were making these gestures. and i honestly think that in no way shape or form is this a racist picture. like i said before, ive done this with my eyes, my friends have, and i know half of america has, we never got sued. i wish people would gain some common sense of what they take to court. this is just nonsense

2025 days ago


what about the guy doing it right beside the Asian guy. does he owe 4 billion dollars too? i mean cmon this ridiculous.

2025 days ago


Filing a frivolous lawsuit against some ignorant people instead of taking a moment to educate them is more offensive than the original offense. Suck it up and give a little of yourself.

2025 days ago


Finally Asians are sticking up for themselves!

2025 days ago


Hummm I think they are all making those faces so no one can tell that they just got done smokin' a big fat joint. They all looked stoned outta their minds.

2025 days ago

i'd be proud too    

i used to make slanted eyes when i was little not because i was mocking asians but because i liked the shape of their eyes

and yea theres an asian guy in the pic with her, if what she did was sooooooo mean HE should be suing her, actually he should be defending her, where is he??

2025 days ago


This is absolutely retarded. I don't think she meant to be racist and I don't think she was putting anyone down. I don't even see how she's mocking them - I do not see anything derogatory about what she did. I also never comment but this is just ridiculous now. It was ridiculous to begin with - that it even got any attention but FOUR BILLION?!??!? FOR WHAT? What is she being sued for? Emotional damage? Are you kidding me???

I'm sorry, this isn't racism and she didn't mean anything by it - no I don't know her personally, but I know she didn't mean anything by it. There are blatant acts of racism in this world and this is just NOT one of them. Get over yourself.

One last thing - why is she suing Miley? Why isn't she suing everyone else in the picture too - including the Asian kid who allowed himself to be captured with 'racists' like that? Give me a break!

2025 days ago

Offended Asian    

I find this offensive. Sure all teenagers do these kinds of poses, but Miley Cyrus is a celebrity. She should know the fact that photos of her public or private go around the internet like all other celebrities. And don't try to defend the Cyrus such as quote by DS on FEB 11 8:35, "In that case, the Asian guy in the photo should be sued by the Cyrus family for obviously luring her into a sense of security in which she felt comfortable enough to make a derogatory face." No they shouldn't , again the guy did not lure her into making that offensive pose. It was her decision and she should have made that choice before she did it. Yes, this amount on the lawsuit is way way too much. It should be just around 1,000,000 or even less. Think of future generations that look up to this artist. Do you want them to make derogatory terms like that? No you won't.

2025 days ago


I thought she was trying to imitate Michael Phelps???

2025 days ago


Lucie J Kim is just a dumb bitch with too much time on her hands. Anyone who wants to clog up our court system with these ridiculos lawsuits should have to put up a bond of say 10 percent ($400 million in this case) of the amount they are suing for before anything is done. If they loose then they forfeit their bond. Go away Lucie

2025 days ago


I thought she was trying to imitate Michael Phelps??

2025 days ago


This is quite RIDICULOUS.

I'm an "Asian-Pacific Islander," and I will come to Miley's defense over this. That batty woman is just trying to squeeze money from someone who has it in these tough economic times.

Instead of preying on a 16-year-old's hard earned bank account, try earning a living for yourself like everyone else, asian or not.

2025 days ago


Get over yourself people. Politically correct just became politically ridiculus. Whatever sympathy this may have generated for you just went down the toilet. If Asians are going to act like clowns, they may as well be treated like clowns.

2025 days ago
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