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Asians Want $4 Billion From Miley Cyrus

2/12/2009 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Los Angeles woman has filed a class action suit against Miley Cyrus, claiming she mocked Asians in a recent photo by slanting her eyes. Price tag: $4 billion.

miley cyrus sued

Lucie J. Kim claims to represent more than 1 million Asian Pacific Islanders who live in L.A. County. Kim claims when Cyrus posed for the photo, she "knew or should have known that her image would be publicly disseminated via the media, which Cyrus knew focused on her private life, specifically TMZ."

Kim says in the suit, filed Wednesday in L.A. County Superior Court, that each Asian Pacific Islander is entitled to the minimum damages for a civil rights violation -- $4,000. Add it up -- $4 billion!

Kim says Miley's "just a kid" defense doesn't fly. She says it's like Paris Hilton claiming to be just a kid. Ouch.

Miley's peeps could not immediately be reached for comment.


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the guy in the red shirt is screwed too. native americans, asians, and rabbit farmers will all want a piece.

2058 days ago


too me they were mocking ..... dont think that maile bitch needs to pay money but she needs to check her mindset .

2058 days ago


get a life asians. why in the hell are they only going after her ?????

2058 days ago


She was stupid but, as much as I think she's way to full of herself, she is still only 16 and 16 year olds are going to do stupid stuff like that... right or wrong. But in this day and age of everyone trying to make money without working for it it is sadly no surprise that so far at least one person is trying to sue her over this.

Heaven help me, I have to side with Miley on this one.

2058 days ago


heeyyy...China gurl, i remember you. i got the crabs and a drip last time i paid you for sex, and i'm suin!

2058 days ago


YOU people are NUTS! No wonder people make fun of you!!! What kind of an attorney woudl represent this? Oh yea, probably one in the same!! I mean this makes a mockery of the legal system!!! Freedom of making your eyes whatever shape you want to! Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2058 days ago


I worked for a Korean man once and he used to eat these little dried fish, they were like, whole fish.. he STUNK.

2058 days ago


If I was the judge I would make this lady pay a fine for wasting the courts time!

2058 days ago


She doesn't even have 4 billion dollars.

2058 days ago


FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS are what ruined the judicial system people. GET OVER IT LADY! I still say they were stoned and making "Chinese eyes" like the Cheech and Chong movie "Up in Smoke." and Miley just won't admit to smoking weed.

2058 days ago


WTF, No wonder people think asians are sue happy, oh wait they might try to sue me for that one--retract, retract! If that is the case can blacks sue when non blacks wear dreads, or braids or when they get a little more junk in the trunk? Can dark skinned people sue when white people tan or speak hood slang? Can white people sue, oh what the hell, white people don't have to sue but they often do? Retract, Retract! I don't hate anyone, but this broad is pushing it. Miley is a kid and what about the asian guy in the picture, he does not seem to have a problem with it. Maybe she is giving asians props and wants to get an eye job like the millions of asians who have gotten their eyelids done to appear more caucasian (Oh, wait, Miley can sue asians for that)! Glamaris1

2058 days ago


Are you really kidding me? I'm Irish and if I sued all the people that have made fun of me I would be a very rich woman. Why does it always come down to money. If her feelings were hurt, the woman should ask for I'M SORRY IN EVER MANAGE NEWPAPER...but 4 million!

That's not fair, we can't be all bad!

2058 days ago


Can everyone just leave the girl alone already?! How many stand-up comics do this crap everyday and does anyone sue them? She's a kid...and even if she was an adult....she hasn't done anything wrong. Maybe I'll sue the asians for obviously mocking me every time I go in to get my nails done. I'd love to know what they are really saying about us white girls.

2058 days ago


I want my 4 grand!!! The Asian is trying to make round eyes!!! I see it, I want my money too!!! Come on you freakin' morons. Why haven't we heard from the Asian in the photo? Has he severed his ties with this group of kids? Was he offended? What abouyt the others in the picture? Have we heard from them?

2058 days ago


They might have a case If they can prove that some sort of racial attack was provoked or encouraged by the picture. They would not win, but a good lawyer would surely find something among the many asians in the county. Miley should probably settle out of court. Perhaps create a scholarship fund or a pen1s enlarging clinic, but she would be better off settling. Going to court for this would be something only a stupid redneck would do.

2058 days ago
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