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Jan from "The Brady Bunch": 'Memba Her?!

2/12/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eve Plumb became famous for playing middle daughter Jan Brady on the classic '70s TV series "The Brady Bunch." Guess what she looks like now!

Eve Plumb

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No Avatar



I'm an artist too,... I draw flies! lol!

2016 days ago


Jan Jan Jan turn that frown upside down!

2016 days ago


I think they meant to say that she looked suspicious, not stupendous. It certainly wasn't a flattering photo though I doubt she was prepared for the invasion. Everybody gets old.

2016 days ago


wow shes old she must not have smiled in years marcia still loook s the same. dont even recognise her

2016 days ago


she looks like she is ready to call the cops ........not happy for beeing found.

2016 days ago


I think she looks a lot like Patty Duke does these days.

2016 days ago


I too am a artist I sit at home and draw a check

2016 days ago


she looks pissed. I doubt anyone asked to take her photo. they were probably hiding in the bushes ..waiting..

2016 days ago


have anybody heard anything about litty mike the singer

2016 days ago


Criminals thank the community ,who flash their cash !. Be careful !

2016 days ago


This is not a flattering photo.I am a year younger than she is and I don't look like that.I hear she is very bitter and if anyone stops her on the streets and mentions the Brady bunch to her she gets really mad and storms off.I think she's probably mad that she is no longer a star and nobody wants her for anything.Lindsey Lohan will most likely end up the same way, looking old and mean and blaming the whole world for her miserable existance.

1974 days ago


WOW!!! I know we all get old but this is shocking!!! I remember watching the Brady Bunch as a little girl and all I can say is that getting 'older' definately isn't your friend...not in the looks department anyway!!!

1974 days ago


"Posted at 5:27PM on Feb 12th 2009 by Dave" 10. I want to know why the person or persons who write articles for TMZ feel the need to use bad grammer in the headlines?

Hey Dave, it's GRAMMAR NOT GRAMMER. ROFLMAO. Typical those first to condemn are no better themselves. get a life, pal.

1974 days ago


Do not mess with Kate/Capt. Janeway of the Star Trek Voyager. She still looks good! And I bet she can still play a great female leader role. She was superb as Capt. Janeway! Compassionate but never backed down from an enemy or a good fight...not even with the tough and lovely, 7 of 9/Borg. I loved both their characters! 7 was bad! The entire cast was just awesome and challenging for the Captain. And I must buy those series. It was superb, brilliant how Capt. Janeway got her crew finally back home overcoming the Borg Queen and defeating it for good. Excellent writing on that episode as with the entire show. I truly enjoyed Kate and her beauty as a strong female Captain. Kate you're still PRETTY. God bless you! I hope to see you in more roles. I will buy all those DVD's. Kate was a very good choice for the Captain Janeway.

1974 days ago

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