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Kelly Clarkson

Unbites the Hand that

Feeds Her

2/12/2009 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson is officially crawling back to people that made her who she is ... by reselling out and hitting up an "Idol" event at, of all places, Disney World.

In the greatest gathering of minds since the creation of NATO, sources say Clarkson -- who has dissed "A.I." and Clive Davis in the past -- is joining the other six winners (and a slew of losers) from the show for the debut of the "American Idol Experience" at Disney World in Orlando tonight.

The "A.I." experience is a 365-day-a-year dream-crushing extravaganza for all the wannabe singers at the park -- not including the employees forced to sing "It's A Small World" by the bathrooms at the Kilimanjaro Safari.


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I see it didnt take long for the clarkson express fanatics to get over here.The call went out.The first responces were ordinary people's view.

2051 days ago


I love how everyone is so mean to her. Seriously? You guys need to grow up. Kelly isn't crawling back to the them, because really she never crawled away. She will always be "The First American Idol," and she knows that. I really think that the only reason people think she 'left' the American Idol scene is that she blew up so much, unlike all the other winners. She likes to change things up, as you can tell from the fact the went from "A Moment Like This" to "Breakaway" to "My December" to "All I Ever Wanted." All of her albums are completely different from each other, and she even said she wants to keep changing. She doesn't like for people to pinpoint her as a certain "type." She loves creating confusion among the crowd as to what genre she really is. And for whoever said she was fat, get over it. The girl has a Texas booty. She can't help it. I love Kelly, and she will always be a legend. :)

2064 days ago

Dani G    

No one cares about Kelly Clarkson any more. Must be a slow news gossip day.

2080 days ago


First. Clarkson is played out IMHO

2080 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Ears or No ears is the ?.

2080 days ago


when is she planning on doing this. She is doing the party plane in the bahamas on friday/sat

2080 days ago

northern gypsy look and see what you've done ???
look's like corp america gave you a reality check...
that's be a clever girl...and pay your "dues" !!!
i believe you have just need to get with the program...

2080 days ago

cat b    

I guess burning those bridges hurt and her life must suck without them

2080 days ago



2080 days ago


Kelly and Carrie Underwood are joining forces.

2080 days ago


Kelly NEVER dissed Clive or Idol. Check your facts....
She usually goes back every year to perform if she's not touring!
Kelly is the most talented singer to come from AI. And probably has the best range of any singer out right now...

2080 days ago


She is fat, she is no britney even though she tries to be with her midriff showing
and she is not that attractive
she is an ok singer, how she sold so many albums is a mystery

2080 days ago


Typical TMZ reporting false information. Every Idol winner will be there BUT Kelly, as she is doing a concert for Z100 in the Bahamas this weekend. LOL I know because I won tickets. :-)

2080 days ago


When did Kelly ever "diss" AI? She's come back for guest appearances like 4 million times and never has a bad word for them in interviews. Where exactly is the "diss"? Typical TMZ though...making up crap...then coming back and editing the post with an "update". Yes, that it responsible journalism at its finest. Seems like any bonehead could work for you guys.

Kelly's going to the Bahamas for a concert this weekend....maybe she'll drop by Orlando on her way there, but somehow, I doubt it. Shoot, girl skipped the Grammy's to rehearse for this concert. Why? Because all she cares about are her FANS and her MUSIC. She doesn't give a rip about the media, publicity or tabloid websites like TMZ.

2080 days ago


What are you people talking about? Kelly Clarkson just had the fastest rising single with "My Life Would Suck Without You". She is obviously relevant to some people.

2080 days ago
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