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Letterman Falls for the Joaquin Sideshow

2/12/2009 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joaquin Phoenix brought his phony stony act to David Letterman last night -- and while Letterman thought he was catching the wannabe rapper in an altered/inebriated state, it's Dave who was likely hoodwinked.

Joaquin & Letterman: Click to watch
We've been on to Joaquin's scam for weeks now -- no doubt he's shooting a mockumentary with Casey Affleck ... pretending he's quitting acting to become a rap star -- even though his singing sucks -- and showing how the media will fall for it.

In Dave's defense -- he ripped the guy apart, ending the interview with "Sorry Joaquin couldn't be here tonight."

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John of VA    

I was in the audience for this show. During breaks Dave and Joaquin Phoenix talked and laughed. Joaquin Phoenix even got up and walked around talking to staff and Dave. It is all just a hoax and he is having fun doing it. It's alsso obvious how drawn in people get to how the media plays on this kind of thing and runs with it. He's playing a game and doing a great job of it.
BTW, Letterman is not too old for this and he is still the best.

2047 days ago


maybe that weird cult he and his family were affliliated with is affecting his actions now, the children of this cult were forced to have sex with adults and each other, many of people who have grown up and left this cult have commited suicide including joaquin's brother river, many of them are also intense drug addicts, all i can do is hope this is an act and not a cry for help that people are ignoring or exploiting

2047 days ago

I love MOZ!!!!!    

I can't beleive someone would say they used to like him and now because he's being unique, you don't like him now. He's being himself and I love his dark humor.

2047 days ago

Movie Fanatic    

I used to think that this Phoenix guy was quite good looking and he was amazing with Reese in the movie about the country star.. anyways, seeing him last night... I wanted to shake him up. Or wake him up... or make him take a bath and shave! Hollywood has got to ya Phoenix....get out and stay out!

2047 days ago


LoL...gotta love Dave. There is something seriously wrong with that man. He needs to go back to living in his world of make-believe, with flowers and leprechauns and magic frogs with funny little hats

2047 days ago


So disrespectful. In a time when so many people are experience the
crunch of this resession this spoiled brat appears to be kissing his
career goodbye and laughing all the way. What a jerk! Just walk away
and stop slapping those of us who supported you by buying tickets to
your movies and purchasing your movies in the face. I will NEVER
contribute on more cent to your success. JERK!

2047 days ago


even in the movie clip he looked high.though did you catch at the very end when he had his back to the audience and took his glasses off and shook letterman's and they exchanged words,like they had just finished a skit?i don't know,what is going on? who would let him on the show that whacked?

2047 days ago


I love Joaquin.... I think he handled himself exceptionally well in that "Interview" or attack. Perhaps Trolling is Lettermans next level of humor. .... I can only say, I"m glad I wasn't sitting there. Letterman and he just have a different outlook and obviously different chemistry. It is obvious Joaquin is going through some type of change... but for Letterman to openly assert his callused wit on him, was quite embarrassing for Letterman, not Joaquin.

2047 days ago


He's an ACTOR!!!!! Get it? Now I agree the whole thing is quite pointless and stupid, even if it is for some "Mockumentary".

He's a good actor, NOT GREAT, but pretty good. His act is obvious and I guess he's pretty bored with nothing else to do with his millions of dollars.

I'm sure after his appearance on the show he had a good laugh when he got in his limo. But personally, you looked STUPID!

2047 days ago


so it was an act??? wow.... Because of the recent serious issues with other the actors and drug addictions and their stablilty, such as Heath Ledger (accidental suicide) its hard to take that type of hoax as funny, unless you know its going to be a SNL type of setup. Truthfully, if this were not a "Hoax" I would be sincerely worried about Joaquin's mental health and currently psychological stablity.... he looks totally unhinged. If that were a real interaction, Letterman would have been skating on thin ice.

2047 days ago


"In Dave's defense -- he ripped the guy apart"

Why when ancient David Letterman finds in front of him a young star totally decompensating, a star whose brother died of a drug overdose at the height of his fame, TMZ and posters think ripping him to shreds and laughing at the spectacle is admirable and funny? Y'all probably thought chasing Diana to her death was funny, too.

2047 days ago


HE IS OBVIOUSLY seeking attention because people dont talk about him. He thinks he is a big star when he wasnt and will never be. Sure he can act but we should not care what this person does. He is just acting and is on drugs everyday probably.

2047 days ago


I agree with TMZ and others when they say it's an act. I can't imagine he would be that dumb to throw everything away like that. So yeah, not sure what it will lead to, but I'm guessing it's a hoax

2047 days ago


Borat was funny and original, this tool, not so much.

2047 days ago


No matter what Phoenix's game was -- Dave was f/ing brilliant.

I really LOVE Dave and the only reason I gave up watching him (years ago) is because I find Paul Schaefer to be one of the most annoying human beings on this earth and couldn't stand to hear him blather on!! And Dave allow him to do so!

2047 days ago
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