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Letterman Falls for the Joaquin Sideshow

2/12/2009 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joaquin Phoenix brought his phony stony act to David Letterman last night -- and while Letterman thought he was catching the wannabe rapper in an altered/inebriated state, it's Dave who was likely hoodwinked.

Joaquin & Letterman: Click to watch
We've been on to Joaquin's scam for weeks now -- no doubt he's shooting a mockumentary with Casey Affleck ... pretending he's quitting acting to become a rap star -- even though his singing sucks -- and showing how the media will fall for it.

In Dave's defense -- he ripped the guy apart, ending the interview with "Sorry Joaquin couldn't be here tonight."

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Joaquin, pick up the phone - it's Dr. Drew calling.

2043 days ago


He wants to be known as the new Crispin Glover in Dave's archives! What is he thinking if this is an act? Who would want to hire him if he wants to come across as a drugged out sad soul who can't even keep up with a few questions? He should rethink what he's doing if it's an act. If not, Casey Affleck or someone should get him into rehab fast or we'll be reading about another celebrity tragedy.

2043 days ago

Nicole A,    

Even if this was staged, why would you want to present yourself this way. Especially after your brother died on a street sidewalk of a drug overdose. You have to be a little off in the head to begin with to want to been seen in such a negative light....for a joke? I used to be a fan of his but this is too eccentric. David Letterman was as great as always in handling the situation whether he was in on it on not.

2043 days ago


I watched the show last night. I have always been a fan of Joaquin's. I thought he was always a great actor. This last night
was just too much. I don't know about anyone else,but this was very uncomfortable to watch.But look at all the publicity that
Joaquin has gotten today,but there is a better way to do it.

2043 days ago


Jaoquin is a moron!

2043 days ago


Dr. Drew is probably pissed.
This rich guy's hamming it up in a place where actors are supposed to leave the act behind and get real in front of current and would-be fans, but not ol' Joke-im. He's going to keep it going way beyond the point of vomitous annoyance, and thereby throw ridicule unto real addicts and other unfortunate wastoids. We may well be witnessing an act that actually does the guy in, a la Heath Joker! Remember what Nicholson said: "Don't let this role get into you"

2043 days ago


you people are idiots. he's not on drugs! doesn't anybody remember what happened to his brother, River, for one thing?

he's sick of hollywood. he's sick of the media and the pettiness, and the bizarre obsessions America has with celebrities. I read another interview with him recently (Newsweek) in which he stated that he used to get excited about reading a great new script, but that now all he can think of is all the hair and makeup people touching him and fussing over him for hours before he even gets to shoot any scenes, and how ultimately the directors have the say in how the film will turn out, and so many hands are involved in the making of films that they usually get butchered completely.

I understand. As a screenwriter, I find it very discouraging to write a script that so many people will say is 'great' or 'unique' or whatever....and yet all the production companies want to do with 'unique' scripts is turn them into unrecognizable, totally run of the mill bull$%#*. HOW MAY TIMES DOES HOLLYWOOD NEED TO MAKE THE SAME STORY, OVER AND OVER???? what ever happened to creativity, to true story telling? it's pretty rare in modern times. independent films are the way to go if you actually just want to tell a story!!!

I, for one, am also tired of the media's patronizing attitude with actors and other talent who appear on their shows. David Letterman was a complete d-bag to Joaquin, and i wouldn't have gone along with his stupid charade either. how insulting! who does letterman think he is? doesn't he know that he's not even FUNNY to anyone of any notable intelligence? and his cueball head creepy sidekick, paul schaffer or whatever that loser's name is...he's just as lame.

i hope he IS playing the media and general public. people need to see how stupid they look. hear the dumb crap they say. honestly? why does nobody else see this? we're a soceity run by the media, and focusing so much on celebrities is really useful in masking all the REAL PROBLEMS in society, and it's messed up that people feel better about their own lives because they get 'the dirt' on those who are famous. and so by comparison, they think they are so much better.


2043 days ago


the whole time i was just waiting for JP to slug DL in the face,davids not funny,so he just insulted JP,cause he couldnt hink of anything else to say,nice.

joaquins kindof a genius

2043 days ago


I just watched the whole interview. to me, he just looks so sad and troubled inside. he's always been a bit odd but I think this time he is just going through a really hard time. like he may even be dealing with mental issues or at the least depression.
he seems really burnt out and just tired. how many of us are sick of the same thing day in and day out. he's been acting forever, i think he's just out of juice.
if it turns out to be stunt, then i guess ive been fooled, but i really feel sorry for him

2043 days ago


It's all our fault for going to see his movies and buying DVD's, etc. This clown has way too much money and now he's acting wacky because people will still kiss his A.S.S. no matter how he acts.

Don't waste anymore money on this reject. He'll probably be dead soon like his brother.

2043 days ago


It's all our fault.....quit buying his stuff.........

2043 days ago

yvonne v    

letterman was rude from the get go... i would have acted the same way.

2043 days ago


good LORD - dodnt ANYONE watch this thing last nite - this dewd has some SERIOUS mental problems going on -
maybe just another celebrity heroin freak but it was sad to watch his fall from grace. he looked worse than some of the homeless people here in san francisco.
it HURT to watch him
how could the audience laff - UNLESS they thought it was a hoax -
i pray he gets some serious attention before he ends up like his brother -
does this man HAVE NO FRIENDS? doesnt ANYONE want to help him BEFORE hes dead
what a pathetic shame he has become

2043 days ago

Shut It    

Did anyone else who watched the interview in its entirety notice J Pho (I decided to give him his own rap name) holding back a few smiles. It was obvious he knew what was going on. I have to agree, I think J Pho (could be short for J "Phoney") is putting on a show.

2043 days ago


Man - how big losers are we to even care ???

2043 days ago
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