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Letterman Falls for the Joaquin Sideshow

2/12/2009 3:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joaquin Phoenix brought his phony stony act to David Letterman last night -- and while Letterman thought he was catching the wannabe rapper in an altered/inebriated state, it's Dave who was likely hoodwinked.

Joaquin & Letterman: Click to watch
We've been on to Joaquin's scam for weeks now -- no doubt he's shooting a mockumentary with Casey Affleck ... pretending he's quitting acting to become a rap star -- even though his singing sucks -- and showing how the media will fall for it.

In Dave's defense -- he ripped the guy apart, ending the interview with "Sorry Joaquin couldn't be here tonight."

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Joaquin's character was hilarious, but he came up against the Master, Letterman, and tried to go toe to toe with him, but Dave blew him away

2078 days ago


Response to CaliKid: I, too, saw Joaquin a few times wanting to burst out laughing (especially the Unabomber remark), but trying hard to pull it and keep it together. Of course this is a hoax..the purpose and outcome is yet to be seen or heard. I can't believe all these remarks referring to him being a "heroin addict", "Joaquin's mental health and currently psychological stablity.... he looks totally unhinged" or "how could the audience laff", etc. How could the audience NOT laugh? They were seeing through the whole act just as Letterman and most of the TV audience did. It's a shame that those people couldn't see that - they missed a very clever and original interaction.

2078 days ago


I don't know that I can tell exactly what JP is up to, but I don't think he is high - on drugs anyway.

2078 days ago


you can tell by his timing its a act. Performance art.

2077 days ago


HEY POSTER # 56! If you are a screen writer then I have some bad news for you, you may wanna consider going back to school to learn how to correctly form sentences, paragraphs and simple ideas.

Because your post is A JOKE!!!!!

Welcome to the web "hh"!

2077 days ago


Personally; the transformation of Letterman and society in general since 9/11 - his quadruple (?) bypass, plus the birth of his child have put Dave into a category that is not all comedy, but information. Remember this show is recorded; if Joaquin was in desperate need of medical assistance -or his mental instability would have diminished his 'legacy' -Dave would not have put it on. I think Dave's integrity as of late, is representative of this. Remember pre 9/11 -he threw no OJ jokes. There are lines he draws. Farrah Fawcett & Madonna - those were before the drug problems of this day. Dave, with Rivers' death (and Heath's) would not have subjected this interview to the media. This 'mockumentary' won't sell, like the Borat thing - I don't believe -and maybe this being part of the setup is it's only hope. Casey was there filming that night. Would his brother in law not have taken him to the nearest hospital? Let's hope so. I don't like being duped. However, now as I put it in perspective -I see that I have been. I go back to the scene where he (JP) walks off the stage while performing in Vegas - certainly that couldn't be real either........ Curious to what this mockumentary is?

2077 days ago

catherine turley    

people think he is high or that this is an act because that's the only way average folks can make sense of uncommon behavior. maybe he's just tired of answering questions. being happy is half the game, so he ought to pursue whatever inspires him. the other half is making a difference. i hope his ultimate choice provides both.

2076 days ago


he has either gone the way of his brother who was screwed up by his parents and their f/upbizarre cult or he's doing a pathetic ego-driven Andy Kaufmann act - growup joaquin and do something original!

2076 days ago


hey dude - if he's tired of answering questions why go on a "TALK SHOW"

2076 days ago

catherine turley    

i think promoting your movie is in your contract.

2075 days ago


He is doing a film. If such behavior were the result of drugs, then Casey, as a friend, would intervene. He certainly would not be filming it. Joaquin Phoenix is a smart guy, and as Walk The Line proved, clearly has a strong feel for music. He knows how to perform a song, investing it with authenticity to connect with an audience. His hip-hop show from the club was merely silly. If Joaquin truly was serious about becoming a musician, then he would have sang those songs at least as good, but likely far better, as he sang any of the songs in Walk The Line. Think about it - why would such an intense, committed person suddenly become half-hearted where music is concerned.

And people who recognize all this as a put-on, write saying its "hilarious" and "brilliant". Really? It's a little bit amusing and hardly dazzling my mind.

So it is all for a film. I have al lot of respect for both Joaquin and Casey. But I am wondering how meaningful or even entertaining it is going to be. What will it seek to do? Hold up a mirror to the public's obsession with celebrities and the media's role in feeding it? OK, that is a rich, complex topic but more often than not, when popular culture decides to take a swing at it, ends up with a criticism that is shallow, obvious and mean-spirited.

So instead of having Hollywood psychoanalyze itself yet again, take all that talent, time energy and money and go live in a village in China, any of the many villages where the babies are all being born mentally handicapped from the toxic metal poisoning that the factory down the river is putting out, where the mothers are arrested and beaten when they try to get the government to do something, where their tax dollars never go to anything but a new Mercedes for the local official. There are lots of stories over there. If this mockumentary never gets made, I don't think they will miss it.

2075 days ago


Any nes regarding this bizarre behavior? What in the heck is he filming with Casey Afleck?

2075 days ago


i think he was not high or anything, he was just acting. if you watch the show again carefully, you can see how he tries so hard not to laugh and act like a "gone" person anytime letterman makes a funny joke. it was so obvious that he is completely aware of what's going on. i think it was all fake.

2073 days ago

canada kid    

yeah um, i just wanted to vote for the gorilla over courtney cox

2072 days ago
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