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OctoMom -- It Was a Very Goodyear

2/12/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing more painful than having eight babies cut out of you: Carrying them in your ridiculously distended belly. Ouch!

Octomom pregnant
This picture of a ready to explode Nadya Suleman was taken eight days before giving birth to the last eight of her fourteen kids. Pass the Jessica Simpson mom jeans.

Octopussy may not have to pimp out her wombmates for dollars on her website anymore, as this "Alien" photo has just landed her a new gig ... the poster mom for anti in vitro fertilization.

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You are completely psycho! No home for the kids, a pathetic website begging for money for your irresponsible behavior, knowing you in no way could physically take care of and financially support this extremely large litter of kids. I support 3 kids and now you want me to financially support yours with my tax dollars. You are a criminal and belong in jail. The kids deserve a better Mother and life. You are pathetic and I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. I just feel sorry for the kids. You can't support them, you don't deserve to have them. They need to go to a good home far away from you. The pathetic baby kissing on camera doesn't fool me at all. You suck!!!

2036 days ago


Gross. My tax dollars are paying for this? She is sick in the head. And for the people that don't have a problem with this they are probably the ones that are sitting on their fat asses sucking our tax dollars too!

2036 days ago


Ummm ...Celeste, I am not perfect, but if you are on assistance, how is it you have enough money for a computer and an ISP?? Should you be saving some of the money you spend on electricity and paying the ISP co? You and your husband prob could use that money for your new child. My co worker was pregnant and didn't require her husband to attend a weekly obstetrician app't w/ her!! He went to very few as a matter of fact. They are a very happy couple. She was capable of relaying the updates of her condition to him when he came home. I guess I don't understand why it was NECESSARY(not "neccisary") for your hubby to attend weekly appointments w/ you.I don't know how large your husband's old company was, but do you realize that his abscence, even one day a week, was causing someone else to carry his load?
I am happy for your family that your husband has found another job. The economy is NOT the reason you are not eligible for disability. There are certain medical conditions one must meet in order to qualify. It is not easy or always fair to achieve government disability, so I empathize with you in that regard. I just hope, unlike the Octomom, YOU will be responsible in your birth control methods until your family is on more suitable financial footing.

2035 days ago


effinevil. .......Yes you are !! Labia will , as you so dullwittedly , have pointed out : " will be getting judged for every little thing she do" real Judges. ! Her 14 babies did not 'just happen '. They were planned premeditatively by Labia. IVF, does not just happen. If you have any children,they did not just happen, either.........your legs were spread. You may 'feel' all that you wish. What you won't feel is a brain.

2034 days ago


to Poster EffinEvil How much are you leaching the taxpayer ?? You would appear to have the welfare mentality. Well experienced are you.? No doubt voted for Obama. him, you will overcome, & live on easy street. Yo jus sat yo ass down.. I am here to nourish you......turn yo one fish int 300, yo watah into wine...........or do yo prefer money. ?

2034 days ago


Celest, I am sorry but you story has holes in it.

2034 days ago


I just threw up a little.

1975 days ago

yari medina    

this lady needs some serious help how can she think shes doing something good she a nut job who can't provide for her kids now she's using them to her benifit no one should help her and let her do things for her self because she wanted them now deal with it on your own stopp trying to scam and beegge n just get a job n try 2 support your kids

2034 days ago


Poster Celeste Your back is so bad that you cannot stand or sit for more than a little while. As per medical directive, you cannnot lift more than 10 pounds. You do not qualify for disability. You became pregnant. Why? This is 2009, not 1604. Birth control, Your husband wa laid off for accompanying to pregnancy appointments. Really ? How long have you been on assistance, You would have it that your back is so bad, but yet, you don't qualify for disability.. Intercourse, is is definitely not a problem for you. and you carried the weight. Painful, you say. That is a relative term. Use contraception. Don't try to fool the public. We are not all stupid. I hope that your husband does not lose any job that he has because he chooses to take time off, Your excuses are frail & Obvious.

2034 days ago


Alley, Is that where you originate ? You must be Octomoron's unknown sister. How many children do you have. Do you collect foodstamps & beg for money, too. My life is well in order. I don't feed off the state. How is your I.Q. ? Minimal ? That is my assessment having read your post.

2034 days ago


Alley, Then you must be talking about yourself. Your post reads: I am talking about everyone who thinks that if they do not like something or someone, they can bad mouth them. How clever you are to know just who on this post is living off the State. And for how long, You have access to our I.Q as well. Have you been out on pass for the week-end ? Naughty girl, Not taking yor medication. You don't like public opinion, You are badmouthing.

2034 days ago


Turst me, she is going to use all the money she is pilfering from the public for a tummy tuck and well as other additional plastic surgery. Bet your LIFE on it!

2032 days ago



Nadya Suleman is so anrgry at all the negative posting about her , so she decided to defend herself on different website with phony name. If you read any articles in her favor, then you will know that is Miss Suleman defending herself. The comments about not to blame her kids and help her out finanically or ones that is positive toward her. COme out Nadya. You make the choice to do this and why should tax payor have to help you out. You already have 6, why you went for 8 more............ Stop scamming us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are telling to many lies that can be comfirm. You sicko.........

2032 days ago


Gross , disgusting and insane. I think she did all of this to spite her mother using emotional blackmail to help her. Nadya should be made to prove she has means to provide for them and care for them without putting her own mother in the grave trying to help her, or take all of the kids away . It's the worst abuse of the purpose of motherhood I have ever seen.

2032 days ago


This woman would not , have had all of these children , if she had to take care of them. The system paid for invetro, and the parents kept up the kids, she already had. No need to bother someone will always fix my problem

how did the system pay for the ivf? how do you get into that queue? from what i understand she worked a lot of double shifts and then used that money and a compensation payout to pay for ivf and living.

she claimed to have used student loans. she was studying. she was passing her exams. student loans are to help a student live while they are studying. it doesn't say you cannot have a family.

why would her mother say she should give the kids up for adoption? my mother would do everything to help me keep my family together. nadya had said her family was disfunctional. i think her mother is a case.

2031 days ago
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