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OctoMom -- It Was a Very Goodyear

2/12/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing more painful than having eight babies cut out of you: Carrying them in your ridiculously distended belly. Ouch!

Octomom pregnant
This picture of a ready to explode Nadya Suleman was taken eight days before giving birth to the last eight of her fourteen kids. Pass the Jessica Simpson mom jeans.

Octopussy may not have to pimp out her wombmates for dollars on her website anymore, as this "Alien" photo has just landed her a new gig ... the poster mom for anti in vitro fertilization.

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No Avatar


this woman is a psycho. she needs to be put away in a nice, soft room FOREVER.

1976 days ago


She actually looks pretty good for having 14 kids. I only had two and I'm still carrying the extra weight. I l;ooked like this at the third month with my daughter. har har Congratulations Momma! Children are a gift! Enjoy them while you can, because then they turn in to teenagers! If you need help watching them call me.....I need a baby fix!

1976 days ago


Another welfare whore. Real nice. I've got more respect for a stray dog in heat.

1976 days ago


this woman is really sick. She has obviously received a nose job and serious lip injections. Then when she was on the NBC Ann Curry interview - she had a major french manicure too. I feel like she is doing it all for the publicity. She has to be sick to be getting all that plastic surgery when that money should be going to feed her 6 previous kids pre - octuplets.

1976 days ago

Cindy, eh?    

I think Cindy A should support them. (Or, at minimum, share her food stamps with them.)

1976 days ago


Did she spend all her disability money on plastic surgery when she already had the six kids?

Taxpayers shouldn't have to be burdened by this woman, but you know what. think of the kids first, not this wakko.

1976 days ago


The picture has not been photoshopped. I'm a photoshop expert and I can tell you that it's real. The woman is selfish, self-righteously smug, clueless, and demented. Did I mention selfish and clueless?

1975 days ago


This greedy, stupid, unbalanced woman's plan to get all the benefits that Kate Gosselin got/gets has backfired. No one should give this woman anything. Let her live off the State of California. The best outcome would be for the state to take all her children away from her and let them be adopted by good families. Suleman got pregnant deliberately with multiples for $$$$$. Who wants to read a book written by her or watch her on tv?

It is important to contact The Learning Channel and have them take Jon and Kate Plus 8 off the air. This program will continue to encourage unbalanced women to have litters for financial gain.

As Dr. Phil, said, "Children should not be born with a job." This is something that Suleman and Kate Gosselin do. Gosselin and her lazy illiterate husband are living off the backs of 8 little children. The burden is unfairly heavy for these kids.

1975 days ago


Good Lord this woman is large! How does a sane person do this to themselves? Not to mention the children. What will become of these poor waifs having a mother like this? Probably be farmed out on the system. What a sham and shame.

1975 days ago


How much did you pay for this pic TMZ, looks like you're part of the problem!

1975 days ago


Wow and I freaked out when I got my first 1 inch long purple sliver of a stretch mark near the end of my pregnancy. I guess one good thing has come from this freak show, now expecting moms everywhere can feel way better about what pregnancy has done to their bodies.

1975 days ago


Well, you know, I can't see any difference in this and supporting 14 other kids on welfare. Does it really make a difference in who the parents are? We are still paying the same for any child on it,, how many children are on welfare? How much do we pay over all for all the kids here in America? If you are going to pick on this one woman then you need to pick on every person who had kids on, if she had had a kid a yr for 10 yrs it would be fine cause they weren't born at the same time???

1975 days ago


Shes a nasty beast! She can only wish she look 1% of Angelina Jolie!

1975 days ago


Who's payin' the hospital bill;? Who's buying diapers + food? She is!!!! The government should not be supporting this freaky family. Perhaps they could be adopted out so they don't starve. What a sorry, sorry situation for the children.

1975 days ago



Talk about stretch marks.

And some still think this woman is sane?

1975 days ago
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