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OctoMom -- Womb Raider

2/12/2009 9:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman, mother of 14, was spotted yesterday shopping for video games.

14 Wii controllers will run you $559.96.


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I am so floored by this woman, and frankly by some of the comments. God gave her those babies? No, God didn't give her those babies - there was nothing natural about it - she is a selfish self centered and quite unstable young lady acting like a child. Like a kid who wants what they want no matter right or wrong, good or bad, because kids can't see too far beyond their noses into the consequences of their actions. I couldn't help but notice her perfectly fake nails. Those aren't cheap. Believe me, if I had the dough, I'd have tips put on my hands too, and have them filled each week. But as a hard working single mother with 2 kids (TWO KIDS), I choose not to spend my money on non-necessities. I'm busting my butt to keep the house I'm in until my kids graduate. I wake up each day hoping and praying I'll still have a job to go to (architectural firm and contractors, dah, doesn't look good). I even recall a week a few weeks back where I actually didn't grocery shop. Waited til next pay day. I'm working through this unstable economy myself, not expecting hand outs from family, and this woman just infuriates me. And that she goes on national television to 'tell her story' - OMG is she an idiot? Americans almost always help others in need, and I hate to hear myself say this, but I wouldn't help this woman if she was the last needy person on earth. Those poor little babies should be adopted to families who are positioned to raise them and not be faced with a life of fighting for time with mom, no dad, welfare, and HOW MANY BABIES IN EACH BEDROOM? Oh Lord, I will pray for those babies.

2043 days ago


Video games? The state is paying her all of this money and shes buying video games. I have cancer, can no longer work and the same state will only give me $40 a month because they think my husband who is only a temp makes too much. This same state also takes away my $40 a month PLUS they want another hundred or so because they "overpaid" me. I cannot get disability because I waited too long to ask for help. I TRIED to go back to work but physically cannot. I would not be a drain on the system while I could still physically work. I should have just been a leech myself, since that seems to get you rewarded. This woman is taking the hard working taxpayer's money to get a bad nose job and pumped up lips and invitro so she can have litters of children that will most likely be disabled in some way. And now she has the nerve to beg for donations. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Why isn't she being investigated for fraud? If I took my $40 bucks a month and bought some new shoes I'd be in jail! Now she's basically on TV every night, she's famous for being a leech and a nutjob. Something is really really wrong here.

2043 days ago

Mr x    

id hate to say it but shes kind of cute!

2043 days ago


Anyone who thinks that octomom will be able to work with 14 kids is (also) insane. Think about it this's like having Thanksgiving dinner at your house EVERY day of the year. Just the actual labor involved in cooking, feeding, shopping for food, doing laundry, bathing, homeowrk etc, for 14 fourteen children WITHOUT disabilities cannot be accomplished by one person. If CPS doesn't remove these children and place them in suitable homes, they should all be fired and replaced. Disgusting.

2043 days ago


Does anyone actually know for a fact that she was buying anything? The video game store she's in looks an awful lot like a "Gamestop" store, and I know for a fact that they let you trade in old games for cash and credit. I have done that myself, and I know a lot of people with children who only allow them to have a certain number of video games at a time to avoid clutter. If they want more, they trade in old ones or rent them from the video store. It's possible that she was trading in old, duplicate, or donated games for credit or cash to help her family.
Also, what makes this woman any worse than all of the other women out there who keep popping out kid after kid that they can't afford? Is it okay to pop out 14 kids you can't afford as long as it's one at a time? Is it okay to continually have children that wind up being burdens of the state as long as you get pregnant through sex as oposed to science, even if all your children have different fathers? Is it okay to keep having kids you don't need if you're married instead of single? What about all the women who take drugs and drink while they're pregnant, or do not get prenatal care and have really messed up kids as a result? I'm not making excuses for her, but it certainly seems like she could be doing a worse job as a mother and a human being.
As for the food stamps and SSI, if her child has a legitimate disability, then they'd be entitled to disability payments reguardless of how many other kids she has. And, I don't know too many families who aren't on food stamps right now. The economy is crap, prices keep going up, and everyone is struggling. You certainly don't need 14 kids to have trouble paying the bills.

2043 days ago


I cannot believe people are sending her money... I wish NBC, CNN, and other networks who interviewed and publicized her irrational behavior would now publicize the picture of her buying video games and getting her nails done... maybe then the public would see where exactly their donations are being spent... she's obviously not spending it on what should be her #1 priority (clothing, feeding, sheltering her kids). It made me sick to hear her try to justify receiving food stamps as not a type of welfare... just this answer should tell most (with common sense) that she isn't right in the head. No matter what, I hate it for all of her kids. They'll be the ones who ultimately suffer through it all. Hopefully, CPS will step in and place them in loving homes where their needs can be met before something tragic happens! Btw, she might deny the plastic surgery rumors, but she's definitely had some work done to resemble Angelina Jolie... the similarities are uncanny! There's no question - google the before and after pics!

2043 days ago


Her lips are just too big!! I guess it fits though shes going to suck the welfare system dry.

2043 days ago


those who live in glass houses shouldn't be throwing rocks. I am sure that you all have done something in your lives that other people may not agree with, I know I have. so please be kinder you may be next to be judged.

2042 days ago


What is wrong with you people? The miracle babies have been born. She can be crazy, lazy, whatever you want to call her, but in reality, the babies are here and they need to be taken care of. You guys judge, judge, and judge and many of you make no sense in what you write. Is it because she is not "MORMON" and don't have 17 kids and counting. You guys complaint about our tax money paying her, but in reality you guys need to see that our tax money is being used by other people who take advantage of the system. At least she pretends to go to University. Not like many 'Homeless" that vacation in the street of L.A, receiving SSI.

2042 days ago


104. I didn't know you could buy video games with food stamps.

In SC you can't but it's done all of the time.
Here is the short version on how to commit welfare fraud:
Find a friend with cash.
Take the friend shopping for groceries.
Pay for the friend's groceries with the food stamps.
The friend will hand the cash over.

This comment is for the person who thinks the babies may be blind.
The eyes are covered to block out the light. It's just the preemie size
sleep mask.

2042 days ago


The doctor responsible for this needs to be sued for malpractice and made to pay child support. I have seen that he has impregnated another woman like this too.

2042 days ago


Does any one notice the crack pipe burn on her lips?

2042 days ago


I tried fertility 5 times and they all failed but here we have a single mom that lives off wefare and our taxdollars having all these kids is this fare hell no and all the people who have done fertility treatments that were married and failed it's not fare to them and pisses me off

2042 days ago

Fools Rush In    

Interesting thta the main complaints here are "oh, that's not fair because I didn't get that." Not everything in life is fair and I wish we could wave a magic wand and make sure everyone IS taken care of and it would make it easier to pay taxes if we knew that there was equitable distribution. In quite a few industrial countries, this would not happen. There would be insurance to cover IVF so that nobody ever takes a chance at implanting so many at once in hopes of just getting one. They would know that they can go for another cycle and not have to try to desperately economize. Most of these same countries are very, very firm about how many can be implanted, so we get rid of the likes of this doctor that would subject a patient to this, no matter her wants or desires, or lack of full understanding of the ramifications. Further, if everyone is guaranteed a roof over their head, decent nutritional food on the table, enough money to cover daily needs and also medical care, you see far less of this kind of thing happening, with Ms. Suleman and with others that are having such a difficult time, in a good economy or a rough one.

2042 days ago


This woman is trash. She should be jailed for fraud and her children given to people who can take care of them legitimately. She is a good example of why our economy is in the dumps...people like her living off people who work and pay taxes.


Seriously, how can she afford plastic surgery but can't pay her student loans? Parking tickets???

Nadya Suleman, HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING YOU ARE A THIEF??? Stealing tax payer money???

No sympathy here....

2041 days ago
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