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Toby Keith Opens Can of Whoopass -- On Tape!

2/12/2009 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We now have incredible video of Toby Keith going after a fan at a Kentucky concert this weekend -- have you ever seen a country star grab someone by the face and the hair at the same time?!

Click to view!
After the concert-goer allegedly tossed a beer on stage and flipped Toby off -- the 6'4," 250 lb singer jumped into the crowd, busted through security and fans, violently wrangled the dude into a death grip and then began screaming at him.

We're not sure what Toby said, but we think these words: &*$#, *&^%$ and @!#$&$%^$&# were used.

Ironic part: Toby was right in the middle of singing "A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action."


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Oh so just because your famous you should take to bs? aint no different than out on the streets ,most anyone would go after the punk..can tell most posting are head bangers dont even know who toby really is... Sure as heck most wouln NOT be able to take him on. TOBY is famous and does not hold that image, that is cool he is his own person. if you dont like it too dang bad, GO TOBY YOU are someone others should look up to. Dont take others crap!

2081 days ago


So Forum Lurker since you're scared of a bunch of hens - bet you would be petrified of Toby! Go out and buy you some gumption and post so we will know who you are!

2081 days ago


He was right to confront him for throwing a can of beer at him! Incidently, I moved overseas over a decade ago and I can't believe how FAT Americans have gotten. It seems like EVERYONE is grossly overweight. What the hell happened?

2081 days ago


I would bet money this moron was paid by TMZ or some other pap to provoke Toby, and this is how you used to deal with a holes without having to worry about them sueing you. Thats all this moron wanted probably is a little money for nothing. Hey thats what Obama promised you! I say we all should start beating the crap out of morons then we would not be so worried about the country going to crap.

2081 days ago


TK is a douche nozzle.

2081 days ago


Deb~didn't you know? We all got fat because you left the country!! Damn you for leaving all of us here to get fat!!(moron)

2081 days ago


This was staged!!! He was sining "A little less talk and alot more action". It JUST so happens that this fight occurred during this song.

2080 days ago


70. Want some real entertainment?! You should read the comments the hens are posting on the Toby Keith Fan Club forum about this. I joined the fan club to get good tickets cause the guy does put on a great show but I get tons of entertainment reading the crap that is posted on the message board. Those die hard fans, or Warriors, as they call themselves are all a twitter! There's even one who seems to be bragging that she flipped Toby off and thinks the whole Pikeville thing is a good place to let the hens know that she's a tough broad. Dumb Ass! What kind of a fan joins the freaking fan club and then brags about flipping off Toby? that one along and so many others need to get a life and realize that if they really want to be "famous" for flipping off Toby Keith, they need to do it the way this guy did. And what a thing to be famous for. Cluck Cluck little hens.

Posted at 9:15PM on Feb 12th 2009 by Forum Lurker

I'm going to say the same thing to you here that I did there because I don't hide from you or anyone else.

Doesn't take to many balls to do something under and assumed name. That's called hiding !!!!! At least with my statement I had the guts to use my REAL name.
Rather be a HEN any day of the week than a COWARD !!!! At least a HEN will even fight for what it cares about !!!!

And as for Toby , he was a class act coming to the defense of a woman being abused by a druken jerk. Maybe someday it might be you in the same place as she was and there won't be a Toby there to defend your butt !!! I guess maybe you would feel differently then .
Yeah , you are right about Toby , we defend him becasue he is one of the few artist out there who is true and loyal to his fan. And we don't exactly care if people like it or not.

My REAL name,

2080 days ago


More power to Toby, If you are going to act like a jackass at a concert you should be treated like one. Why spend the money to go to the concert and be an ass! Toby should have cleaned his clock. Toby made something like $48 million in 2007 and some jackass treats him like that. I agree with Toby F*&% You buddy.

2080 days ago


Cluck Cluck! The feathers are ruffled!

I love Toby, his music, his attitude, his voice and his looks but laugh at so many of the fan club members...yeah right...I'll jump right up and expose myself to you so you hens can do to me what I have seen the fan club members do to new posters on the board...dumb ass mob mentality...keep cackling in your little sorority...I'll talk to people who don't make posters of their meet & greet pictures or curse the universe cause they haven't gotten to meet Toby yet...there really IS more out there ya know?

I don't hear Toby say anything about the guy hitting a woman...where did THAT come from? I never said Toby was wrong for what he did...THAT is why you hens are so much fun to read...everything said gets twisted and exploded and expounded upon...y'all are a crazy hormonal bunch!

and poster #90...Toby can be MY nozzle anytime!

Rock it out and stay strong Toby!! This is GREAT entertainment...and entertainment Big Dog Daddy style.

2080 days ago


Toby, you are awesome! And thank you for not allowing a drunk to think he got away with bad behavior. It will Likely be his only claim to fame in his sorry life. I LOVE ;YOU..

2080 days ago


TMZ, that's coincidental, not need better editors

2080 days ago

Frankie Lynn    

WTG Toby!!!! That guy got what he deserved!I bet he will never do that again.And I would have done the same!Toby rocks:)

2080 days ago


As someone who has played in a band and had drinks thrown on me or spit on, I can tell you , when you can identify and catch one, this is appropriate behavior. I caught one of the patrons who spit on me once, I can assure you after the parting gift I gave him, he won't do it again. Anyone who feels the guy in the crowd has done no wrong, give me the address of your work, so I can come by and throw sh*t at you while you do your job

2080 days ago

honest t    

What a red neck, he probably has roid rage and that kind of acting tough with thousands of fans and a tons of security is spineless.
That man was obviously not right up stairs at the time.
It's easy to act tough when you're in that situation but he is an idiot.
That kind of action can insight violence and that could have spread and seriously injured a lot people but he had to be the tough guy and even kept the song going so people would pay close attention.

I bet he practiced that lame act with a hair brush in the mirror but if that would have been a real biker dude he would have probably had about twenty biker dudes with him and he wouldn’t have even tought about it.

2080 days ago
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