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Weakness in Chris Brown Case -- Prior Attacks

2/12/2009 4:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown , RihannaChris Brown may have gotten lucky because the charge he was booked on is kinda weak, law enforcement sources tell TMZ. But he's still in big trouble, and Rihanna says it's not the first time he's attacked her.

Sources say the Los Angeles County District Attorney kicked the case back to the police for further investigation because evidence that he made criminal threats against Rihanna is kind of thin. Our sources are quick to say he will, however, almost certainly be charged with felony domestic battery, a lesser offense but still serious.

Here's how it went down, according to the police report. After Chris received a text message from a woman who wrote about getting together, an argument erupted. By the way, initially, Rihanna would not tell cops what started the argument.

She did, however, tell them that during the argument, he started hitting her. According to the police report, she ordered him to drive her home and "faked a call" to someone, saying things like, "He's dropping me off. Make sure the cops are there."

Rihanna told cops the fake call enraged Brown. He said something to the effect of "You are really fu**ed up now. I'm going to kill you." This statement is the basis of the criminal threats charge.

At that point, according to the report, Brown allegedly began a violent attack with his fists. At some point, Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition and threw them outside.

And there's this. According to the police report, she told cops this was not the first time Brown hit her. She referred to it as an ongoing and escalating abusive relationship.

We're told the criminal threats charge is based on that one statement Brown allegedly made. As one law enforcement source told us, "It's kinda weak, and the D.A. is not going to prosecute a high profile case like this unless it's solid." That's why it was kicked back for further investigation.

Given the brutal nature of the attack, which the photos clearly show -- contusions on the face, swollen eyes, cut lip, bloody nose, bite marks on fingers and arm -- a felony domestic battery charge is virtually a done deal. That, however, is a less serious offense than making criminal threats.


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stop judging    

why is everybody talking bad about chris? Why didnt she tell the police what started the fight. I read some place that she started hitting him first. Why is it okay for her to hit him and not okay for him to hit her, because he doesnt have visiable marks! Check this out ladies, why I dont think that a man should put his hands on a women, I dont think a women should put her hands on a man; and if she does, like my mother used to say "you bigh enough to hit somebody then you big enough to get hit back". Women wanna get paid like men, have jobs like men, play football like men, work on cars like get my point why are you trippping when you get hit like one. She should have left the very first time he hit her, especially if she didnt suggest he go to a counselor and seek mental health treatment. She should have left, if she did suggest and he didnt go. Those are both signs of a person that is not looking for any help to control and manage his temper and/or problem. If this wasnt the first time he hit her but was the first time it was this bad what really happened? Nobodys knows. None of you here should be judging but praying, hoping and wishing that these two get their lives together regardless if she takes him back or not. They are both young and have some soul searching to do.

2013 days ago

Frankie Shane    

This Story don't sound right .....! I've been in an abusive relationship if you know that your boyfriend is going to put his hands on you why would you do something as stupid as to make a fake call acting like you gone get him locked up...after he's already hit you once! a woman thats been beat on more than once knows her place and is trying to get to a safe or public place. If she was to call someone why would he then say I'ma kill you ? He thought you just called someone that means if you don't show up then he's going to be the person everyone is looking for! Them if He's really beating you up why would you take the keys a throw them makeing it impossible for you to get away from the situation unless your on foot?So people need to take a good look at this before they jump all over chris. If he put his hands on her thats wrong on his part but it sounds like she knew what was bout happen and acted like a child to provoke the situation. so she's wrong too! So I pray she doesn't come out like miss activist for abusive relationships cause I will be on every website I can making sur people know that the provoker is abusive to. she'a no better than him.

2013 days ago

John Hedglin    

This is sad. Hope they get back together. They were a cute couple. It could have been worse.

2013 days ago

John Hedglin    

This is sad. Hope they get back together. They were a cute couple. It could have been worse.

2013 days ago

John Hedglin    

I agree with 628, she was probably acting up and maybe did a fight club thing.. quite common now days with chics who are asking for it.

2013 days ago


I love Rihanna! What chris brown did was wrong but everybody makes mistakes.......

2013 days ago


It is very heart breaking that two such young and talented people would have to go through this. I sure hope the best for both of them and that this expirience only helps them grow stronger in life. We can all have our own personal opinions about the story but only they know the real deal behind this. All we can do is try to respect this issue as it is very devastading not only for them but for the family. Can't imagine the anger and sadness parents go through been in either situation. Hope nothing but the best for both!.........

2013 days ago

John Hedglin    

She deserves to be bukkied! Every chic is a two timing hoe now days... guess us dude's had the payback coming... life's a bitch. babbabowy!babbabowy!babbabowy!

2012 days ago


Rofl. All of the idiots blaming Rihanna for getting the **** beat out of her are funny.. Making comments on how this is all unfair for Chris & that if we could hear the "whole story" it would somehow free Chris from any blame...

You know what this indicates right? They're so transparent that they are revealing a hidden truth. Their firm belief that Rihanna did something to deserve what happened to her is actually because they have been in a situation where they abused their girlfriend/wife/whatever & the only thing that gets them through life after learning that they are capable of doing that to somebody else is if their victim did something to deserve it.. If they realized that they did nothing to deserve any beating then they'd have a nervous breakdown or something due to discovering the kind of person that they really are..

I hope Chris Brown dies in a car crash.

1171 days ago


alexandria horton: Actually you can kiss my ass cos I and most others, hate you! And fyi Chris Brown IS the biggest coward, along with all the other wife beaters and pedophiles. No different from the rest and never will be. He should be in jail. Screw you who support him, you are the worst kind of s*** ever.

920 days ago
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