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Weakness in Chris Brown Case -- Prior Attacks

2/12/2009 4:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown , RihannaChris Brown may have gotten lucky because the charge he was booked on is kinda weak, law enforcement sources tell TMZ. But he's still in big trouble, and Rihanna says it's not the first time he's attacked her.

Sources say the Los Angeles County District Attorney kicked the case back to the police for further investigation because evidence that he made criminal threats against Rihanna is kind of thin. Our sources are quick to say he will, however, almost certainly be charged with felony domestic battery, a lesser offense but still serious.

Here's how it went down, according to the police report. After Chris received a text message from a woman who wrote about getting together, an argument erupted. By the way, initially, Rihanna would not tell cops what started the argument.

She did, however, tell them that during the argument, he started hitting her. According to the police report, she ordered him to drive her home and "faked a call" to someone, saying things like, "He's dropping me off. Make sure the cops are there."

Rihanna told cops the fake call enraged Brown. He said something to the effect of "You are really fu**ed up now. I'm going to kill you." This statement is the basis of the criminal threats charge.

At that point, according to the report, Brown allegedly began a violent attack with his fists. At some point, Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition and threw them outside.

And there's this. According to the police report, she told cops this was not the first time Brown hit her. She referred to it as an ongoing and escalating abusive relationship.

We're told the criminal threats charge is based on that one statement Brown allegedly made. As one law enforcement source told us, "It's kinda weak, and the D.A. is not going to prosecute a high profile case like this unless it's solid." That's why it was kicked back for further investigation.

Given the brutal nature of the attack, which the photos clearly show -- contusions on the face, swollen eyes, cut lip, bloody nose, bite marks on fingers and arm -- a felony domestic battery charge is virtually a done deal. That, however, is a less serious offense than making criminal threats.


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Ethel Pooty    

I hope he gets what he deserves and I pray that she doesn's just forgive him and resume this obviously violent relationship, like so many women do.

2036 days ago


Ummm,has anyone else read that this "angel" rhianna has given chris brown multiple STD's including HERPES which is also part of the reason he snapped? he messed up hittinher,don't get me wrong,but rhianna aint no innocent victim. just a slutty one...

2036 days ago


I am sooo devastated with each bit of info I get. I have been in an abusive relationship, and no would even think that he was capable of it. I would get so hurt and pissed off that my feelings would not even be embraced... not even by my parents, but their relationship was no different. Physical, mental, sexual abuse is measure to the victim equal to the other. I feel for Rhianna and only wish she had gotten out sooner. But, love, fear make you blind. I hope that women who are currently in this maddness will use this to strengthen them and run for your life. SERIOUSLY! I feel for them both. Chris Brown needs to get help. He is sick and needs to understand that is what it is. A SICKNESS!

2036 days ago


Looks like Chris has been listening to too much "Rap" music. He was just acting out what he hears......

2036 days ago

maria c    

regardless whether rihanna did or did not ignite an argument, Chric Brown should have never hit her. He should have walked away, and sorry to say this, but his behavior will not change for a long time. It's impossible to remove that sort of behavior. Not when Rihanna has that type personality. I hope they've learned their lesson and are able to find their separate paths. I hope he does not get away with it. And I hope the best for them.

2036 days ago


Someone needs to cutt off his Di** and feed it to Mike Vicks Dogs! Then beat his A** to a Pulp!!

2036 days ago


She is lying all yall haters is it because she is from barbedos she is not telling the truth she did that to herself bet money. and chris won't be somebody's bitch his x is the BITCH!!!

2036 days ago

Ms Diva    

I agree with the comments in #11 and #15. Something's just not adding up. It is ashamed that people can be so cruel. Yes they are celebrities and they are young. When I first heard that they were dating I was disappointed because I felt that Chris was making a big mistake. Once again I was right. While people are dissing Chris' music, why not stop playing hers. I am a female and have never been in an abusive relationship and would never tolerate it. Women can be so vindictive and outraged. Although I have never been in an abusive relationship, I have gotten mad and struck first, which I must say was wrong. I am not saying by no means that what he did was right, but let's give him a chance to speak. On another note, would you stay inside a car and throw away keys if you were getting beaten? It sounds like he was not trying to contain her, if so she would not have been able to remove the keys especially since she had to reach over and pull them out, that's like walking into a fist. She is being told what to lie and say so it can make a good case and if it was not the first time he hit you, why was she still in the relationship, clearly he wasn't threatening her, and if so, why hadn't she told her dad and Jayz? All of those people that want to beat the hell out of Chris, what make you think the people that care about him is going to stand back and let it happen. This is why we have black on black crime. If you males were real men then you would be trying to help a brother (Chris). Everyone came from different backgrounds, and according to what he witnessed with his mom as he grew up, I think he has done a good job of trying to not be an abusive man. Let us try to stop being so violent and help him. All of you celebrities keep talking about our black president and change, why don't you all change and help those young people or stay off the television talking because clearly you don't understand lilfe, you all are just trying to make yourself look good.

I listen to Tom Joyner every morning and I must say I was very disappointed in him saying that he wish Chris would not continue with his music. There are people out there that have done worse, but you are entitled to your opinion. Thank you Sybil for speaking up stating that he could help others.

2036 days ago


Just how is beating a woman black and blue a "less serious offense" than making threats against her?? Seems the greater offense should constitute the crime that was actually committed against her...ass backwards, our legal system at work.

2036 days ago


Theres always three sides to the story..his hers and the truth...everyone is talking about if he was a real man no matter what she did to him he wouldnt hit her back..i think thats total is human and can only take so much before they snap back...everyone is so quick to jump on her side because she is a defensless woman and didnt ask for this.. Most women in an abusive relationship tend to kiss a** to ensure that they dont get beat up..they dont tend to try to start fights and push the abuser over the edge..that being said i think she had a lot more involvement with her gettin beat up than she lets on...y would she fake a call to the police if she wasnt looking to start a fight? y would she try to start a fight if she knew he would beat her? y would she throw the keys out of the car if she knew it would p*ss him off?? some women like drama and she may be one of them.. i wonder if the bite marks were checked to make sure they werent hers.. ive known women to actually beat themselves senseless after a man leaves them and blame it on them to get back at them whos to say that didnt happen after all he was long gone before the police arrived??... or that she didnt throw the first punch why he was driving and he was defending himself...bottom line is none of us were there at the time or during their relationship and knows what really went on behind closed doors..whether she was controlling or he was one knows and her family didnt even suspect it neither did his so for all we know this could be an isolated incident that happen in the heat of the moment after a long night of partying...

2036 days ago


One more thing...She's an idiot if this wasn't the first time. Not saying she deserves it, but a man hits me once...See Ya!

2036 days ago



2036 days ago

misselliegee 10    

i would never of thought that chris brown would do that to rihanna but he did he never seemed like a coward but he obviously is he would never do that to a man so why rihanna? there music career might get put off for a bit then i would expect. i just cant belive that chris would do that. rihanna stay strong and keep being brave im your biggest fan and i know that your music comes from the heart so keep to it bye xx

2036 days ago


Take the picture down, lets respect Rihanna at this time of need!

2036 days ago


All I know is I'm glad Robyn isn't my sister because I sure would be going to jail for beating his ass for doing that to my little sister! Chris has major problems and he best get professional help and he should go to jail for like 30 days to truly teach him a lesson!

2036 days ago
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