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Not Phased by Tase Snub

2/12/2009 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a good thing Jeffrey Wright hasn't been waiting by the phone -- because seven months after he was brutally tased and pepper sprayed by cops in Shreveport, he says he still hasn't gotten an apology.

Jeffrey Wright: Click to watch
Wright and co-star Josh Brolin were arrested and charged with interfering with a cop during a bar brawl last July. But under the terms of a plea deal, as long as they don't have run-ins with the law from now 'til March 11, all charges will be dropped.


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2049 days ago

JJ was a bar fight; you're lucky to leave there with your fat ass in tact.
What do you expect the cops to do in a bar fight....STOP & serve tea.
Ass Wipe!

2049 days ago


Um I don't know who this guy is..LOL

2049 days ago


waaaaaaait a minute.... is that Peoples Hernandez?!?

2049 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

He's drinking in a bar in Shreveport (yuck!) late at night when a bar fight breaks out. Most people get the hell out, but no, not this brain trust, he gets in the face of the cops. What an idiot. Shreveport is NOT Hollyweird. These are real cops who could care less that you are a movie actor. Hope you enjoyed your bite of reality sandwich.

2049 days ago


Actually, #6.

The fight involved members of the filming crew for the film "W". When Brolin tried to explain the situation to the police he got maced in the face. When Wright tried to explain they weren't in the brawl, that it involved members of their crew - he got maced in the face too. The two then, began to lean on eachother when the police decided to arrest both - and then they took Wright aside for a "special" round of excessive tasering.

So actually, shouldn't this be the OTHER way around? Shouldn't the cops in this case be suspended pending any future mishaps on their behalf? I'm not giving excuses for Hollywood cats, but in this case they weren't being asses, they were actually trying to help diffuse the situation. Just another example of cops going WAY TOO FAR.

2049 days ago


best, best, best actor out there. doesn't matter what the role, he's amazing!

2049 days ago

M in Maryland    

Jeffrey Wright is a gifted actor! I loved your part in Cadallac Records, as well as other works. Glad you're alright.

2049 days ago


I'm amazed that he actually thinks a cop would apologize. Dream on, Jeffrey!

2049 days ago

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