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Farrah Fawcett Sues Over THAT Photo

2/13/2009 9:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah FawcettIf you were alive in the 1970s, you either had or knew someone who had that iconic red swimsuit photo of Farrah Fawcett plastered on their wall. Now, that photo is at the center of a lawsuit.

Fawcett is suing Bio-Graphics inc., Pie International Inc. and author T.N. Trikilis, claiming that Trikilis "has falsely asserted to third parties that [Fawcett] does not own any rights in the photographs."

Fawcett says she "owns and possesses all the photographs and negatives of all the photographs taken at the photo shoot."

Fawcett claims Trikilis and Pie were telling people they owned exclusive rights to the photo. She says Trikilis and Pie have reproduced the photo and are selling it.

Farrah is suing for $100,000 minimum.

UPDATE -- We almost never put comments up on the site, but this one is too good: "I still have the poster on my bedroom wall & it still does the trick..."


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Thank you for the love TMZ , you/ve make my life & my day!!!

1986 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

That she DOES NOT own all get that many posters in print and to licence the camera ARTIST and so on plus her studio contract at the same time...I would say some studio owns them as they do with all mass printed posters and film rights.I hope she get her CUT and they are not allowed to runover her and that she gets some NEW work to pay for all her bills.Come on hollywood pony up and round the wagons for her.After all she is your product and if she looks bad so do you!.

1986 days ago


Ted Trikilis just died on Jan 27, 2009 of a heart attack

1986 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Hey, Chances Are, at #34:

You're just speculating... if her entertainment law lawyers filed the lawsuit, then "chances are" she actually had ended up with all the rights after the poster run was all over as a matter of the way the pertinent contract was written.

This would be so, no matter who did the marketing back in the mid-1970s.

No matter what might be customary or otherwise, if she had the contract(s) read so she retained or ended up with all the rights, she likely got and still has all those rights, especially if it's true, as alleged, that she has all the original photos & negatives. End of story.

1986 days ago

The Dude    

She probably had a 1/2 lb of coke up her left nostril when she shot this. Burt was probably behind the camera with a pile of the stuff.

1986 days ago


This is a bit "off topic," however, I think it's amusing that the sponsored links on this article thread were all about "The Best Teeth Whitening Ever," & "How to Get a Flatter Stomach." There's some serious latent semantic indexing for ya.

Honestly, guys, give her a break. She's like 62 years old now. If she weren't so hot when she was younger would you still be picking on "an old lady?" Farrah was born in 1947.

1986 days ago


I remember not having to use tape or thumbtacks to stick it to the wall..... Thanks Farrah!

1986 days ago


What a photo! She was the most beautiful blonde in the 70's. I looked a little bit like her, if you consider we both were, um... White. Unfortunately, that's where our similarities ended. (Well, fortunately for her!) I hope justice prevails ins this lawsuit. What a shame, if it's true. Farrah is battling cancer, her family troubles are well known, and to top it off... there are those trying to take financial advantage of the rights to her very own image. Damn, but I admire her courage and stamina! BTW, she is still beautiful today, and our similarities remain the same. Sigh.

1986 days ago


HA! I was alive in the 70's, LOL, and my dad had a thing for her back then, so I bought him this exact poster which hung on the back of his bedroom door for years. Hey, Shawn Cassidy hung on my door ;o) shut it, I know I'm old LOL!

1986 days ago


The image is iconic. While she may not be relevant today, that image, that picture is one that so many will recognize now and into the future. I, too, had her poster... Dare I say, on my ceiling and I believe I remember ever little subtle curve of her all natural, all beautiful body. Natural breasts, beautiful flat stomach, toned legs. That Dazzling Wide and Bright smile. And the hair, whew, the hair was stunning. Pamela Anderson did a 'remake' of this image, and while a good copy, is just not the same. Farrah is and was glowing in that iconic image. It still makes my heart skip a beat when I see it...
Truly breath-taking.

1986 days ago


I have that picture on a beanbag from back in the day . . . and it still does the trick

1986 days ago



1986 days ago


IC Nipple... sounds like a bart simpsons prank call

1985 days ago

Anonymous Coward    

I never had a copy of THAT poster, and don't see what all the fuss was about. Farrah looked a bit flat-chested and on the skinny side, definitely on the lower end of the bell curve for the ideal female. To each his own, I guess.

1985 days ago


I'm pretty sure she does have the rights. As an aside, not many people know that she had huge creative control over that image; she chose to wear the red swimsuit, whereas the poster company wanted her to wear a bikini. She co-styled the shoot with the photographer (only the two of them were present -- no retinue of stylists, make-up artists, etc), and she chose the photo that was finally used. Farrah majored in art, and her instincts were so right. She still sculpts and paints, and in Christopher Ciccone's new book, he pays tribute to Farrah's painterly skills.

1985 days ago
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