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Guess Who This Baby Gal Became!

2/13/2009 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Before becoming one of the biggest stars in the world, she was just another little girl growing up in the Big Apple. Can you guess who she turned out to be?!

Who dat?


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I thought that baby looks a lot like Daniellynn Birkhead, so I was gonna guess Anna Nicole Smith.

2046 days ago


Good little Greek Girl. Greek Grandma no like when little Greek Girl no marry or have the baby. Hurry hurry greek girl, your time short. Now go before Greek Grandpa come home and spank us both. Greek Man always spank Greek girl. Greek man very bad to Greek women and even worse to non greek. You go now, greek girl, find the man, have the baby...quick.

Now goodbye.

Go to the back of any greek owned restuarant and you will learn the truth about the people that invented the western civilization. Not all, but far too many have not left the old world ways of where "man is man and woman glad of it".

Now do the dish

2046 days ago


She was a cute kid. Don't know why her mom called her ugly all the time. She's obviously not ugly. As to kids, I don't know why people thinks she even wants kids. She didn't have a great relationship with her own mom. If she had truly wanted a kid she's had ample opportunity to have one even after her divorce. It just could be that she neither wants a permanent relationship or children. Some women don't and there's nothing wrong with it. She keeps feeding the fans fantasy that she REALLY wants kids with lame comments she still makes about wanting a child. I just think she's insecure enough to think people would feel there is something wrong with her if she didn't want kids or that that was the reason her marriage broke up. She should have some guts and just admit that having kids isn't for her. To keep saying you want and kid and not have one is just plain stupid. People should just stop commenting that she doesn't have any kids; that's not a crime.

2046 days ago


When are we going to learn about the Rihanna case?

Today must be a slow news day if you're posting Jennifer Aniston's baby picture in which I've seen a million times.

2046 days ago


One of the biggest stars in the world?? LOL- NOT.

2046 days ago


omg can you imagine if brad and jennifer had children together - they would be THEcutest baby in the world no doubt about it. you can tell that shiloh is going to be a butchy lesbian when she grows up.

2046 days ago

Lord Xenu    

I will always remember her in one of her first movie roles in LEPRECHAUN. Scampering around in those skin tight floral print short shorts and hi-top shoes as she threw shoes at the Leprechaun who compulsively shined them. Ooh-la-la.

2046 days ago


the pug nose threw me. I guess that's why she had her nose redone.

2046 days ago


she looks like Shiloh.

2046 days ago


I thought Anna Nicole also, looks a lot like DanniLynn

2046 days ago

stewie griffin    

not that appealing then either. btw, did everyone know that her new flick "he's just not that into you" is jennifer aniston's biography? the story of her pathetic life isn't it?

2046 days ago


You know you're old when you baby pics are in black and white.

2046 days ago


Can't you get past calling her Brad Pitt's wife. A woman doesn't have to be someones wife to have an identity.

2046 days ago


Anna Nicole's kid

2046 days ago


And I wish she would wear her natural eyes. You can see it here. Why everyone says her eyes told them, I don't know. Black and white or not, I can still see the brown. They are prettier here. People that have big brown eyes need to stop wearing blue contacts, and this is coming from a blue eyed person. I love big brown eyes, paris hilton, same for you. BTW, I don't want kids either, i'm 29 and if that's true that Jennifer is too self conscious to admit that, that's insane. I have plenty of insecurity too but never think that it's a problem to admit that. Some people look at me funny, some say "good for you to know you don't want them". The people that look at me funny , I think they are stupid. Jennifer if you don't want kids....that's fine. No one really cares if you do or not, even though we like you we don't really care. It's your choice. And yes I know she doesn't read this. lol

2046 days ago
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