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Miley's Sue-She Night Out

2/13/2009 10:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So Miley Cyrus: You get sued for $4 billion after that whole slant-eye photo thing and you're just coy about it ... and Koi about it -- as in West Hollywood Japanese restaurant.

Miley Cyrus: Click to watch


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tmz hires hot chicks    

there is a complete difference between race related and racist. it would be racist if she pulled back her eyelids while holding a sign that says slanty eye'd folk are dumb. it is only race related to pull back your eyes in a manner to appear chinese. it was in poor taste out of context. maybe that asian kid said "hey lets all take a chinese picture, pull back your eyes guys!" out of context there are no victims. even rihanna could have deserved it. (ok, i'll admit, that was a bad joke)

2086 days ago


Everyone in the world should just sue everyone. that makes more sense to me.

2086 days ago


isn't this like the third time she was had inappropriate pictures?
all she keeps doing is saying how "sorry" she is.
she must not be that sorry of she keeps doing it.
I think miley should pay up

2086 days ago


Confucius say, "Ignorant bitch attract lawsuit like flies to a steamy turd in winter."

2086 days ago

Peter L    

More power to Miley. Looks like she just wanted to be slant eyed to fit in with her firends there...Anyways, akways getting in my way on the road and in the store running into me with their carts..

2086 days ago


16yr old girl on a twentysomething yr old mans lap, i guess thats alrite with everybody. she sems to be acting her age, whats his excuse

2085 days ago


Hope they nail her good, the little bitch, who thinks shes everything

2085 days ago


has anyone ever watched Margaret Cho comedy?
couldnt find much funny in it and she was putting it on all races>
grow up she is ment to be a comedian(get a sense of humour)
if she can sue for 1 pic think of all the races that should sue her for her skits,all coulours and most much should she be sued for?

2085 days ago


If Miley Cyrus is being sued, why arnt the other two guys who are clearly doing the same thing as her getting sued? I'm not a Myley fan but this is stupid.

2085 days ago


i dont get why she's the only one that's being sued! there are others in the picture doing it! plus 4 billion is ridiculous!

2085 days ago


i just watched the night's TMZ. and it was mentioned that Michael Phelps deserves forgivness for his bong pic. please, that was worse than this!! this is NOTHING!! Miley! you have NOTHING to apologize for, i can only imagine the financial hole these Asian groups MUST be in to make this such a big deal. but hey, guess what, A LOT OF US ARE THERE TOO, DEAL WITH IT WITHOUT SCREWING WITH OTHER PEOPLE, esspecially a 16 year old girl!
so good for you Miley, for not making a public apology, defend yourself for being yourself!
and if supporting Miley and thinking this is all just bulls*** makes me racist, then well im racist!
she is 16 people, chill the f*** out!!!!

2085 days ago


Ummmm I remember doing this as a kid- she's a kid.....! People find any reason to sue and thats just dumb. Go sue all the kids that do this- looks like her Asian friends dont mind so much

2085 days ago


You guys obviously don't get it. It's not about the $4Billion dollars. It never was. It's a matter of principal. It is always the case that it is perceived to be okay to make fun of asians. Nobody says anything about it because it's common. Asians generally let stuff fly by. We're taught to ignore racism and not address the issue by our parents. But there comes a point when society in general need to know that it's not okay to do stuff like because it's offensive.
For example, white people are so scared to even say the word "black" in front of anybody in fear of them being called a racist person when they're around a black person, but won't even think twice of mocking an asian. Case in point "Miley's picture with the asian guy." You cannot obviously say she was unaware of her surrounding. And don't even say white people aren't scare of black folks. Check yourself next time you say "black" around a black person. Guarantee you'll think twice before you even say it. Even if you had good intentions.
It may not be offensive to you white folks because you guys have never been met with any criticism for making fun of asians. You guys were'nt raised to know any better.

2085 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

To Miley Cyrus , please understand that the group ,oca, that is demonizing you and Now extorting money from you represents a very,very small amout of asians. I am Asian and I believe you have Great Integrity and a Great Person.

2085 days ago


4 Billion for a picture of Miley Cyrus and her friends making a face a lot of people make in funny pictures. It's like honestly there's thousands of photo's like this around the internet and those people don't get suited :P. I swear some people take things to far when it comes to celebirty's but it's not like the celeb's need slack doing something illegal or offensive.

2085 days ago
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