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Octuplet Mom

She Asked For It

She Got It

2/13/2009 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So you wonder who's gonna pay for Octomom's bushel of kiddies? Well this pic may foretell the future.

Nadya Suleman got the Denver boot two years ago for not paying parking tickets. The pic was taken in the parking lot of the Cal State Fullerton Children's Center. The future Octomom was attending school there when she came out to her Toyota Sienna to find she got the boot. Two of her kids -- #2 and #3 -- were in the front seat.

We did some digging and at the time the minivan was booted she had 3 delinquent parking tickets -- all issued on campus at Cal State Fullerton.

Octuplet Mom

We're told the silhouette in the back seat is Nadya feeding another member of the soon-to-be-ever-growing brood.


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K -Fed-Up    

Has anybody else noticed her nails??? They prove the point of how selfish and vain she is. You don't spend your welfare money on those kind of nails nor do you take care of babies with those kind of nails!!!!!!! Rediculous. Proves she is selfish and it's all about her. She could hurt those babies with those nails!

2076 days ago


Leave her alone I love her -LOL

2076 days ago


True BAMPZSKV will come together and support her. She looks like our beautiful Ang and she is only doing what we all wish we could do. She has become Ang. Don't hate, appreciate. -LOL

2076 days ago


Do tax payers have to pay for her tummy tuck too????

2076 days ago

who cares    

Ok..i have a question....How is she allowed to collect ANY government assistance when she claims the father has no financial ties to these kids? When applying you HAVE to name the father or fathers so they can go after him for repayment or child support. How is she allowed to be exempt? Its not fair. She also said the father was pissed she had more kids, HELLO STUPID ASS, you better get 3 more jobs because she may say you dont have to pay but the government does. I cant even afford to take care of my own family now and we have to "donate" to her, SCREW THAT...

2076 days ago


@Brother Harold, S.J.: Nadya Daoud Suleman is not Saudi. Her father is an Iraqi Christian married to an American woman. So that makes Nadya a Saudi? Weird logic you have. Learn your geography, please! people like you make the world thinks we Americans know nothing.

2076 days ago

CSUF alum    

please don't tell me she went to my school....

2076 days ago


Besides being a mentally ill welfare queen, she is one FUGLY/UGLY, MISH/MASH FACE and those wobbly rubber lips don't help one bit.

2076 days ago


Would you PLEASE remove this picture?! It's beginning to give me nightmares!

2076 days ago


Well at least she did it at the right time. The dems are in control now. They are all about taking tax money from the common worker and giving it to the lazy baby poopers of society. She is a smart women!

2076 days ago


Hey Octopus Mom !

I rather give money to your mother (for her retirement savings)since she did most of the babysitting and gave all she could as a grandma and she begged you not to have more kids but you did'nt listen to your mom! Plus she went bankrupt so she could help you and did all she could. Look at her tired face and sadden to see you have 8 more babies. Boy you are very selfish person ! What a sad world we live in !!

2076 days ago


Please for the love of God, stop showing this photo of her belly.
Please Harvey, I will even buy you a new cup to put your "juice" in.

2076 days ago


Is there anything to the rumor that she , in some way is trying to be , act, look like Angelin Jolie????? Has she tricked her own mind to look like her and copy her family ideas with many KIDS????

2076 days ago


maybe it was a Private Investigator trying to prove she wasn't eligible for Disability...taking photos of her walking around? i only wish the state of california had done that before paying out $160k to this wackjob

2076 days ago


i feel so sorry for all the kids...
the older kids said that "they didn't want any more brothers or sisters"
that gave me a tear.
its so sad.
i have two kids - my husband and i work FT. We work hard long hours. We provide for our family.
Do i want more kids? SURE!
Can i AFFORD more kids? HELL NO! Are we having more?

6 kids wasn't enough? Why not!

I feel sorry that these kids have no choice but to live with this crazy lady.
And whats worse, is the money she DOES receive, doesn't go to the kids =(

2076 days ago
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