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Marc Anthony/J.Lo Avoid V-Day Massacre

2/15/2009 1:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

By not divorcing, J.Lo and Marc Anthony arguably had a better Valentine's Day than all those gangsters who were brutally murdered by Al Capone. But it's J.Lo, so ... it's debatable.

Marc Anthony, J Lo
The couple finally killed rumors of their impending Valentine's Day divorce by being pictured yesterday with their twins. The adorable dude on the right looks like he's right out of "Mad Magazine."

According to the media, J.Lo will only get divorced on holidays, so they're safe until St. Patrick's day.


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citizen kope    

man her kids are ugly. they certainly didn't get their looks from her. ugh. i feel sorry for them.

2042 days ago

citizen kope    

hey #3 you're a liar or you're blind. and #6 then maybe their parents should keep them out of the spotlight. the truth hurts, but honesty is the best policy, and its sad to say, but they are ugly.

2042 days ago



2042 days ago


You should be ashamed of yourselves for bringing up the massacre. What the hell is up with you guys lately?

2042 days ago


I'm sorry but her children are wolfhound pups.

2042 days ago


Hey people, c'mon, be real: those kids are freaking fugly

And Marc is a loser....he's never shown with his other kids. Just like Tom Cruise when Suri was born...never see him with his other kids. And to think that the are both friends......................Scientology maybe?

2042 days ago


She marries men out of spite for her ex's. She married Chris as a F you to Diddy and she married Marc as a F you to Ben. I'm sure she loves Marc as a friend but there is no way she loves him as a husband. Must be a sad existence. Without a doubt she will leave him eventually.

2042 days ago


To #20, mentalist. It's obvious that your parents were stupid in raising you. Why else would you make such a statement other than being raised by a-hole parents. Let me guess, you were raised in a trailer?

2042 days ago


So now TMZ begins to ridicule the kids of celebs, before they are even old enough to walk.

YAY TMZ!! You cretins rock!


2042 days ago


As a mother, I think it is disgusting that you are making fun of the children. That is pretty low and something I thought only Perez was capable of.

2042 days ago

citizen kope    

hey brenda #27 people are capable of anything. gee, you are naive. hopefully your kids won't be. maybe this site is too much for you. better find a G rated one. and it may be ugly to make fun of kids , but lets face it, some people, kids included are just butt-ass ugly. and these kids are just that.

2042 days ago

Mickey von Dutch    

love dont cost a thing,

I like my daily shot of celebrity gossip too, just not at the expense of the innocent. I may be anonymous out here, but I still have a conscience. How about you?

2042 days ago


Can't really see the little girl but the little boy is cute.

2042 days ago


There is NO excuse EVER for making fun of somebody's appearance. Those are babies you are making fun of. Nobody has the chance to say what they want to look like when born. You are unreal. You people are lowlives. And, it is not something to be proud of, either. You can try to be funny or justify it however you want, but you are wrong. And, you know it, too. You are just embarrassed to admit it. BTW, I was standing next to Mark Anthony once in Miami while shopping. I have never seen such a beautiful dresser. His hair is really pretty and he smelled so good. He smiled at me. He was absoultely gorgeous. TMZ sounds like kids sometimes.

2042 days ago


those kida are ugly...they look like marc :(

2042 days ago
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