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"Project Runway" Winner: Rihanna Had it Coming

2/15/2009 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Siriano -- the dude who won "Project Runway" -- apparently subscribes to the OJ Simpson school of domestic violence, because he thinks Rihanna must have done something to provoke it.

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LMAO!!! I think that is sooo funny. I agree with him, You never know what she may be doing behind the scenes to him. Plenty of men are abused by their wives even when they are twice the women's size.

2054 days ago


How dumb are you people? Provokation knows no size. Allow me to be very clear all forms of violence should not be tolerated. In my opinion it was one dumb decision followed by another dumb decision.

Rihanna should not have tossed the keys out the window stranding her and a very angry Chris Brown together in the heat of an argument. That's like locking yourself in a cage with a fierce lion. All she did was cause things to rise to such violent levels.This does not change how I feel about Chris Brown I liked him before and I continue to like him.

Anyway, that is my opinion and I am entitled to one like everyone else.

2054 days ago


WTF!! I could not believe my eyes when I read this. I liked this Christian. Didn't think he was that ignorant. Its sad that this BS still goes on ignorance and physical abuse. As a former abused wife, I must say WTF is wrong with you. One more thing Chris's I'm sorry speech is soooo blah blah, ever notice when some one messes up really bad they bring GOD into it, when I hear that I think okay, like whens the last time you were praying??? Personally I am a God fearing woman and that man should be praying cause his career is..............out

2054 days ago

old news    

That's not what he said at all. We all want to know what prevoked this! He did not say it was OK for Chris to hit Rihana. I am much much older now, but when I was their age, and u threw alcohol into the mix I became a BITCH! Never knew when to shut up! That does not make their actions OK, but I know how it really played out. I was not the sweet innocent sitting at home and my drunk old man came home and beat me! I had something to do with every fight I had. Until I saw, admitted and ACCEPTED what role I was playing, it would not stop. It been 20 years since I had a drink and 20 yrs since anyone has hit me or I hit anyone. They bopth need counseling or it will just keep repeating itself. Same people, just different faces.

2054 days ago


Ignorant LOSER!!! Christian, someone should beat the crap out of you for provoking us with that weird hairdo!!!

2054 days ago


#71 oh well
Next time he makes a "mistake", I guess you won't mind if he takes it out on you.

2054 days ago


Christian who? It lessens your stance in the media TMZ when you ask insignificant people questions like this. You guys are at the top of your game. Why do you care what this absolute nobody thinks? This type of answer shows he/she has nothing but a white trash mentality and low IQ. You can do better! Just a thought.......

2054 days ago


I hope we are not sending the wrong message to our teens out there that this is a one sided problem. If Rihanna hit Chris whilst driving to the point he had to stop the car then this abuse seems to be coming from both parties. If Chris hit back this isn't domestic abuse this is self defense thats why its of no suprise this case was sent back for more investigation. If I was Rihanna and I Loved Chris I wouldn't break up with him because of public and family opinion I would seek joint counselling and be willing to help him. For heaven's sake the two of them were friends for much longer than they were lovers, she should be the one to make a decision without feeling the need to satisfy women adovate groups and rights. Rihanna follow your heart, we "ISLANDERS" were taught in prayer to forgive not to chastise even if its going our seperate ways from here.

2054 days ago


did you see some of the looks that black woman with him was shooting his way? i thought she might tell him to shut up at a couple points..

2054 days ago


Chritian, i agree with everything you said.

2054 days ago

the truth    

I think he is right also hey he said u should never hit a women but i bet she is one SPOILED CRAZY BITCH BIG THIGHS TOO...U guys been noticing that about her

2054 days ago


Is there a reason why we care with it says? I mean....he says?

2054 days ago


Yeah she must have deserved it; maybe she was talking. Or breathing.
Meanwhile he probably thinks it's her responsibility to "stand up" to him; even though doing that would probably killed.
This man (CS) is obviously at war with his "feminine" side.

2054 days ago

brown recluse    

Ok!Well maybe he needs his SWEET ASS tossed up a lil bit>Fashion Fruit topping!!!!

2054 days ago

leave it natural    

Was Christian Siriano, when talking about provocation, really that far away from reality?

Reading all the comments (*) actually shows that a lot of people are prone to violence. A wrong word - or wrongly understood words - can easily lead to beating and worse

* someone needs to whip is ass
* someone should beat the crap out of you
* my five year old could kick his ass!
* someone should go beat him down so he knows
* may the AIDS virus find it's way to his anus
* I think someone needs to bite him and hit him around and see how he likes it
* Whoa ! What is he or she? Creepy
* What a f*ckin a$$! How about I punch you and say you don't like Rihanna!
* I really hope this "dude" loses some business for popping off his mouth!
* I hope this loser gets the crap kicked out of him...
* ladies should boycott this freakshow
* This little fruit should have his ass kicked by Rihanna
* Someone oughta smack them specks offa his ass.
* Someone take the lead boots off this fairy and let her float off into space
* I hope his next lover beats the crap out of him.
* You're a f**; how about I beat you down
* he needs to be bitch slapped
* Someone needs to take him behind the shed and beat him.

2054 days ago
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