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Rihanna's Dad to Chris -- Who Are You?

2/15/2009 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna's Dad, Chris BrownRihanna's dad had some choice words about Chris Brown: "You think you know somebody, but you really don't."

Ronald Fenty told People his daughter is healing in Barbados and gives her this gentle caution -- "If it were me, I'd move on."

And famous last words: Fenty said, "They seemed pretty happy."

As we first reported, Brown allegedly struck Rihanna with his fists, bruising her forehead, cheeks, busting her lip, bloodying her nose and biting her fingers and arm. He was arrested for making criminal threats ("I will kill you") but we're told that case is weak. It's more likely he'll be prosecuted for felony domestic violence.


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this is funny to me,everyone commenting bout their situation! fact#1 it aint ur life,so why u trippin
i really do think the media should stop all the wrong information..well actually bloggers.cuz if u look at other sites talkin bout rihanna and chris browns inicdent..there are rumors that she gave him AIDS and wat not! i was trippin out..its retarded that people like to spread rumors and think they got the facts straight! oh and chris brown is wrong for putting his hands on a woman!! mmm not a good idea! and there are some women in this damn world who provoke men! trust me there are women who dont even see that they are! so u cant say anything unless you dont kno both sides to the story.which we all gonna have to wait for! i kno i cant wait to see wat provoked him to do that! i guess we'll just have to wait and see what rihanna's side of the story is.

2079 days ago


rihanna is not perfect and instead of blaming chris for what happened why not blame both of them not just one

2074 days ago


There is a time and place for every thing in life. No, a male should not place his hands on a woman. Especially, being that males are twice as strong as females. If the rumor, Rihanna spreading a STD, is true, I feel that she deserved what she had coming. Chris was wrong for both, hitting a female and placing his hands on her in public. I believe he did it out of anger and should have held his cool until they were behind close doors. Then again, the more appropriate thing to do would have been to just walk away and leave her alone. If someone gave me a STD, I probally would have done worse and make that person stuck with me for life. It's a good thing that Chris gets counseling for his temper and I pray that they will be able to solve this matter in a more sensible way. Getting the public and media invovled with celebs matters is something I'm against, but that was Chris fault. Rihanna and Chris keep your heads up and do what ever is in your hearts and not what others want.

2074 days ago


Good luck with that jail time, Chris. I hope Rihanna finds a a GOOD man and not one who abuses her. She's young, she'll learn.

2085 days ago

The fact    

Tmz I wont read u anymore your news is to didturbing .I am from Barbados and u are Have to many lies only someone with no job would listen to u.Start printing the facts.We spook to rihanna dad shes leaves 2 doors from me and he said only minor bruises u blow this thing out control.Chris did best rihanna they fight as a couple thats why shes not talking take from a own people.U will be sued soon

2085 days ago


Let's keep it real. There are some women who like it rough and some who don't. Rihanna clung to Chris Brown despite escalating violence in their relationship. All you women out there know why you stick like krazy glue to abusive men and why you also kick some ass once in a while. Holla to all bitches and punk bitches who throw punches and are ready for the consequences!!!!

2085 days ago


The fact that Rihanna didn't press charges is a weak case. Why Rihanna is silent? If she has been abused then why not press charges?? Something is fishy... Anyway Chris Brown music sucks. The dude knows how to dance, but the music sucks. Glad his music is off the radio. This is Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston reloaded...

2085 days ago


The Fact:

Please read your posts before sending them in. You really sound drunk. I am glad however to hear that Rihanna has only minor bruises. I wish her a speedy recovery. Both physically and emotionally.

2085 days ago


first off "the fact" anyone can claim they know rihannas "mothers sisters brothers second cousin twice removed and lives next door to them.. " its obvious you are just there to provide blogging damage control as a chris brown fan .. i doubt if he would be welcome in barbados and if its all hunky dory why all the drama rama and police evidence not to mention riri fleeing back to her country to heel?..not to mention all the back tracking all the hip hop stars are doing now over the whole issue. its not the first time this has happened but this time its in full public view... there is no hiding behind press releases and pr flunkies telling blantant lies... its out there.. deal with it.. full stop. perhaps you would like to explain rihannas dads comment about chris brown not knowning people ?. you dont say that over a light tap on the cheek..

2085 days ago

fire nina    

i think it's funny how the more people from rihannas "side" talk, the more stupid she sounds. i think the video from project runway christian sums it up. she is a diva. and she provoked him.

she's not pressing charges because she knows deep down what happened and the truth will eventually come out about her part in this. and i still stand by the fact that she wasn't in danger. the ONLY reason the cops showed up is because someone ELSE called them. she fake called them, not for safety, but to antagonize chris brown. steals his phone.... i bet people would fight for their phone. throws his keys out of the car when he pulls over and she can leave and go somewhere safe. and thats only what we've heard from her happened.

her father is stupid for talking. HE doesn't even make it seem like a big deal. her camp first reported she got in an accident. her friends imply this was ongoing and they always fought. always a new story.

i don't believe in beating someone for fun. but i'll be damn sure that if someone was grabbing my stuff and hitting me while im driving and then i pull over and they throw my keys out the car and i ask and/or tell them to help me find them and they fake a call and threaten me with the cops i would whoop them too regardless of whether they have a penis or a vagina. she is ignorant. she put her hands on him. she had no right.

but no, she's a female so boo hoo rihanna. no thanks.

2085 days ago

vile comments    

i predict riri and chris are NOT over....

2085 days ago

ut oh    

# 3 Oh so glad the injuries were in your words "only minor bruises" so I guess you feel that any bruises put on a woman"s face by a man"s hand if "minor" is saying that this is ok? what because he didn't rip her face off?. Any mark on a woman made by a mans in THIS COUNTRY THE USA is battery. and vice versa... Plan and simple. Maybe you people there think treating woman like punching bags is just par for the course. It;s not here. So stay where you are. We won't miss you.

2085 days ago


Chris Brown is an abuser, and the only thing thats sadder, is that she will probably want him back. This is a full-blown cycle of dysfunction at its best. If Rihanna was serious about putting this punk-ass-abuser behind bars, she would not be in hiding. This tells me she doesnt want "him" to look bad.

2085 days ago



2085 days ago


This is a no-brainer. It's classic girl freaks out on boy cuz he was caught red-handed. Here's what probably happened...
Rhianna found a text on Chris' phone and totally went ballistic. She was probably freaking out and while holding him and not letting go (or not letting go of his phone, or not letting go of the stearing get what i'm saying), he bit her. She probably had all those marks (bruises, etc.) from her own freak-out and of Chris trying to get her the hell off of him.

2085 days ago
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